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UW-Stevens Point Student Government Association:

March 8, 2011

Subject: Governor Walker's Budget Proposal

We, the 9,500 students of the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point (UWSP), are very concerned by Governor Walker’s proposed budget regarding the University of Wisconsin System. The proposed cuts will lead to increased tuition in a time when families and students are already struggling to afford the costs of tuition. These cuts are a threat not only to UWSP, but the entire UW System and economic future of the state.    

UWSP has been through very difficult budget years in the past, with personnel and institutional budget cuts. Over the last decade, tuition has more than doubled. We’re worried that last week’s budget address marked the beginning of the destruction of one of the world’s greatest state university systems.

UWSP is part of the solution, both academically and economically. UWSP plays a large role in Central Wisconsin; our university contributes almost half a billion dollars annually to the region. Governor Walker and our local legislators have heard from many campus supporters over the last few months urging them to support the UW System’s modest growth agenda. The governor’s plan is not cutting “fat” off the budget, it is rather a direct assault on education itself. Investment in education is vital for the future of Wisconsin; our future does not lay in the recently proposed $140 billion dollar tax breaks given to the private sector.

In order to maintain its vital economic advantage, Wisconsin needs to keep its university system strong. Wisconsin’s state motto is “Forward,” yet Governor Walker’s budget proposal for the UW System will inevitably be a step backward for both our students and the long-term economic interests and workforce needs for the great state of Wisconsin.

The 9,500 students of the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point urge the Legislature, in the strongest of terms, to reject the budget proposal of Governor Walker.