Wisconsin Idea Partnership


UW-Superior Faculty Senate Resolution:

Wisconsin Idea Partnership Resolution

WHEREAS UW-Superior faculty have benefited from and collaborated with other System Institutions’ programs and faculty since 1971 when the University of Wisconsin merged with the Wisconsin State Universities to create the University of Wisconsin System (System); and

WHEREAS UW-Superior, like all the System Institutions, needs significant budgetary flexibilities to better serve the people of Northwest Wisconsin; and

WHEREAS UW-Superior faculty have voiced concerns that the separating of individual Institutions from the System could negatively affect current governance rights and structures, access for Wisconsin residents, tuition rates, and academic freedom in teaching and research; and

WHEREAS fragmentation of the System will increase administrative costs (such as the HR System, D2L, and the University Catalog) and possibly lead to fewer shared resources and duplication of administrative and academic structures; and

WHEREAS  fragmentation of the System will hinder research and teaching collaborations among Institutions (such as the Library Reserves) and will possibly lead to inefficient and unnecessary competition among Institutions; and

WHEREAS fragmentation of the System will deconstruct an already established set of policies and procedures that make it easier for information and research to be disseminated and for partnerships to take hold,

BE IT THEREFORE RESOLVED that the UW-Superior faculty strongly reject the separation of UW-Madison from the System; and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the UW-Superior faculty strongly endorse the maintenance of the System within the Board of Regents’ and System’s current governance and statutory framework; and

BE IT FINALLY RESOLVED  that the UW-Superior faculty call for stable State funding and appropriate compensation for faculty and staff to maintain and strengthen public education in the State of Wisconsin.