Cause codes: Other people-related

These sections cover physical altercations, unsafe acts, horseplay, and other causes not otherwise covered under any other cause code.

Cause code explanations
Use code... ...if this is the cause Examples include these... ...but not these
0500 series Encounter with person  An encounter with a person(s) that results in an injury where there is no vehicle involved or is otherwise covered in other cause codes  
0510 Struck By Other Person(s)     
0520 Struck with object or weapon wielded by other person (except gunshot)   Gunshot (see 0550 below)
0530  Pushed or pulled by another person(s)    
0540  Crushed, pinned or caught within a crowd    
0550  Gunshot Bullet wound Loss of hearing (see 0930 Noise)
0560  Verbal abuse     
0570  Pursuit of suspect    
1900 Unsafe act Failure to follow specified safe work practices results in injury or illness. Includes failure to wear required PPE, rushing a job, intentional disregard for safety, etc.  
2000 Horseplay  Recreational activity where the activity is known to management and condoned (or nothing is done to stop the activity), management provides the equipment, the activity takes place on paid or even unpaid breaks and takes place on the premises. Can also include practical jokes, using work tools in a manner in which it was not intended, bumping an employee, or gunplay.  
2100 Other / Unidentifiable occurrence Includes other causes or an occurrence that can’t be appropriately identified under any other cause codes.  

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