What Makes a HIP a HIP?

There are a number of intellectually engaging practices defined as high-impact, including;

  • first-year seminars and experiences,
  • common intellectual experiences,
  • learning communities,
  • writing-intensive courses,
  • collaborative assignments and projects, undergraduate research,
  • diversity/global learning,
  • service and community-based learning,
  • internships, and
  • capstone courses and projects.

HIPs might take place exclusively in the classroom, or they might take place beyond traditional classroom walls—in the residence hall, in the student organizations, in the community beyond the campus, or abroad—in the world!

As a set of purposeful learning experiences, HIPs have the potential to lead students to the knowledge, skills, abilities, and habits of mind that we want all UW students to graduate with.

More detailed descriptions of common HIPs from the AAC&U.