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Diversity in Admissions

Diversity in Admissions

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Summary of the
UW-Whitewater Application Review Process*

February 27, 2006
*This plan is not yet implemented pending final faculty review and approval. More complete details of the plan, as well as the UW-Whitewater Undergraduate Admissions Philosophy, is available in the resources section of this website.

The mission of the Admissions Office is to identify, recruit, admit and enroll talented and prepared undergraduate students to the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater. These initiatives are achieved by evaluating the potential fit of every student with the core values and mission of the university. The Admissions Office is further committed to making admit decisions using a holistic, fair and timely review of every applicant's credentials. Specifically, the Admissions Office seeks students who share these university core values:

  1. Commitment to the pursuit of knowledge and understanding;
  2. Commitment to personal development;
  3. Commitment to personal and professional integrity;
  4. Commitment to serve;
  5. Commitment to develop a sense of community, respect for diversity, and global perspectives.

When is a new freshman application evaluated?
Applications are not reviewed until they are complete. A complete application consists of an application for admission, the requisite application fee or a suitable waiver, official copies of any/all secondary coursework, a list of current courses in progress through the projected graduation date (typically provided either on a transcript or within the application itself). Official copies of standardized exam results (either ACT or SAT) are required if the high school transcript does not include a formal academic rank. Letters of recommendation are not required presently, but if submitted, these documents are evaluated as part of the complete application used for a decision.

Who evaluates an application?
An admission committee is responsible for all admission decisions made at UW-Whitewater. The committee is chaired by the Director of Admissions and is comprised of all traveling members of the admission staff and a few senior employees in the Admission Office.

How are applications evaluated?
Every application file is evaluated through a complete file review, including a thorough read of every document provided in support of a candidate for admission. No decision should be made without a thorough review of all the supporting material and no automatic criteria shall be established to pre-determine an applicant's outcome. Instead, every applicant is evaluated in terms of how well that candidate fits within the established UW-Whitewater educational community, as measured by the existing five core values. Evaluators are trained to seek out examples of all five core values during the thorough read of an application. An assessment is made as to how well these examples support the core values of the institution. It is the responsibility of the evaluator to assess each applicant's overall fit with the campus core values and reach an admissions decision of: admit, defer to a colleague for a second review, defer a decision in search of more information, or deny (if the member was the second, or subsequent, reviewer). In the case of a decision to deny, applications will always receive a second complete file review by another member of the admission committee. The second reviewer has the authority to ultimately deny admission if both reviewers agree the student should not be admitted. In the event the second reviewer believes the applicant should be admitted, that reviewer can offer admission or discuss any uncertainties with the initial evaluator. Conversation and dialog between committee members related to the admission status of an applicant is common, intentional and encouraged.