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Diversity in Admissions

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Legal Analyses & Cases

The Supreme Court and Affirmative Action: Historical Notes and the Future from a National Perspective. College and University Journal, College and University Journal. Winter 2005, Vol. 80:no. 3, pp. 15-22.

Admissions and Diversity After Michigan: The Next Generation of Legal and Policy Issues (.pdf/713kb) 2006
By Arthur L. Coleman, Scott R. Palmer, Holland & Knight LLP

A College Board publication, it provides a legal framework to help colleges and universities to understand and know which features of race-conscious admissions models will likely withstand legal scrutiny, how to align policy and practice, how to assess "critical mass" in a given context, and how to evaluate race-neutral alternatives.

Diversity in Higher Education: A Strategic Planning and Policy Manual Regarding Federal Law in Admissions, Financial Aid, and Outreach by Art Coleman and Scott Palmer (.pdf/476k) 2004
Second Edition: Updated following the U.S. Supreme Court decisions in the University of Michigan cases. By Arthur L. Coleman, Scott R. Palmer, Holland & Knight LLP

A manual to assist institutions that employ race-conscious policies as part of their diversity-related efforts to understand Federal Law and the expectations for regular review to ensure that any use of race is limited to advancing their compelling educational goals.

Implications of the U.S. Supreme Court Decisions in the University of Michigan Cases: Summary of the Proceedings (.pdf/467k) 2003

A summary of a series of conferences and seminars conducted immediately following the Supreme Court decisions about the use of race in University of Michigan admissions processes.

The Supreme Court Decisions in Grutter v Bollinger and Gratz v Bollinger (.pdf/170K) July 2003

A white paper commissioned by the College Board Association. It includes a summary of aspects of the decisions, addresses selected questions that college and university admissions officers may have about the cases, and suggests further questions institutions might ask about their own policies in light of the Michigan decisions.

Case Analysis and Lessons Learned Regarding the Use of Race by Colleges and Universities (.pdf/56K) by Arthur Coleman and Scott Palmer (Nixon Peabody LLP) June 2003

Lessons from the University of Michigan Decisions: Diversity Counts and Context Matters (.ppt/112K) by Arthur Coleman and Scott Palmer (Nixon Peabody LLP). Requires Microsoft PowerPoint Viewer (Windows/Macintosh) August 2003

Powerpoint presentation based on the publication listed previously.

Relevant Court Cases:

Supreme Court cases can be searched at:

Timeline of Affirmative Action Milestones

A listing of relevant cases and legislative actions from 1961 to the present.