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Diversity in Admissions

Diversity in Admissions

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Educational benefits

Supporting Research, 1999-2003

Links to the testimony and evidence provided during the Grutter v. Bollinger presentations to the Supreme Court.

Other Research Links, constantly updated

Additional research regarding the educational benefits of diversity, maintained by the University of Michigan.

American Association of Colleges & Universities (AAC&U) Diversity Resources, constantly updated

A national leader on the issue of diversity in higher education since 1971, AAC&U brings together here their diversity-related initiatives, publications, institutes and more, including DiversityWeb, a compendium of campus practices and resources about diversity in higher education.

Sigal Alon and Marta Tienda's article, "Diversity, Opportunity, and the Shifting Meritocracy in Higher Education", August 2007 American Sociological Review (Volume 72, pages 487-511).

A research-based analysis that demonstrates that "the apparent tension between merit and diversity exists only when merit is narrowly defined by test scores."

"The Measure of Meritocracy," January/February 2006, Dollars and Sense, interview with Lani Guinier by Rebecca Parrish. Posted on AlterNet March 23, 2006.

Lani Guinier speaks about her soon-to-be-published book Meritocracy Inc. which counters the standard assumptions of what incoming credentials are best predictors of success in school and after. The interview sites studies at Harvard and University of Michigan Law Schools regarding which of their students succeeded based on criteria such as doing well financially, having a satisfying career, mentoring younger attorneys, doing pro-bono work, and sitting on community boards, among others. The variables that most predicted achieving these criteria were low LSAT scores and a blue-collar background.

The Impact of Demographic Changes on Higher Education: Summary of Conference Discussions (.pdf/138K) July 2005

Summary from a College Board-sponsored meeting of demographers and enrollment management experts.

Dropping Affirmative Action Would Harm Black and Hispanic Applicants but Help Asian Applicants, Study Finds. June 2005, The Chronicle of Higher Education. Subscription required.

Is More Better? The Impact of Postsecondary Education on the Economic and Social Well-Being of American Society, May 2005, by Adriane Williams & Watson Scott Swail

A report released by the Educational Policy Institute suggests that higher education can best serve the nation by targeting low-income and other historically-underrepresented groups.

Diversity Works: The Emerging Picture of How Students Benefit, 1997, by Daryl G. Smith (AAC&U Publication)

Summarizes and analyzes research on the effects of campus diversity on students from 300 separate studies on diversity in higher education. The evidence documented makes a strong case for the success and importance of diversity initiatives in supporting educational excellence throughout the campus.

Race and Pedagogy Project, undated resource

This interactive site presents diverse scholarship regarding race and pedagogy. The site is an academic resource intended to provide teachers, students, researchers and the interested public with on-site research summaries and citations as well as bibliographies of research and teaching materials.