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Diversity in Admissions

Diversity in Admissions

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Admissions Process

Admissions and Diversity After Michigan: The Next Generation of Legal and Policy Issues (.pdf/713kb) 2006. By Arthur L. Coleman, Scott R. Palmer, Holland & Knight LLP

A College Board publication, it provides a legal framework to help colleges and universities to understand and know which features of race-conscious admissions models will likely withstand legal scrutiny, how to align policy and practice, how to assess "critical mass" in a given context, and how to evaluate race-neutral alternatives.

University of Michigan Application, Guidelines and Process for Undergraduate Admissions

This page, maintained by the University, explains changes to the admission procedures following the 2003 Supreme Court decisions. It also includes a clear delineation of the evaluation categories reviewers may use and of the evaluation process.

Race-Neutral Alternatives in Postsecondary Education: Innovative Approaches to Diversity. March 2003. Report of the Department of Education, Office of Civil Rights.

Among the approaches identified are developmental approaches (such as expansion of Advanced Placement courses, partnerships between colleges and low-performing schools, and Gear Up and TRIO programs) and admissions approaches (such as socioeconomic and class rank approaches).

Admissions Decision-Making Models: How U. S. Institutions of Higher Education Select Undergraduate Students (.pdf/240 kb) 2003
Best Practices in Admissions Decisions (.pdf/132 kb) 2002
Toward a Taxonomy of the Admissions Decision-Making Process (.pdf/674 kb) 1999

The above three reports were the result of the College Board Admissions Models Project from 1999-2003. These reports were completed prior to the Supreme Court decisions on University of Michigan admission practices. However, they provide a useful resource to compare philosophies and decision-making processes at many institutions representing all levels of selectivity.

Preserving Diversity in Higher Education: A Manual on Admissions Policies and Procedures After the University of Michigan Decisions (.pdf/3,240 kb)

This manual is published by the Equal Justice Society. It includes chapters on Basic principles and terms, developing and defending admissions policies, hiring, recruitment, financial aid and others. The document is available as a pdf for the entire manual, or by individual chapters at
Articles About Institutions That Have Revised Admission Procedures: