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Diversity in Admissions

Diversity in Admissions

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How: Principles and How to Begin

UW Principle Statements

The following principles and guidelines were endorsed by the Advisory Group and guided its efforts and recommendations:

  1. In preparing students for an increasingly diverse state, country, and world, in meeting future state workforce needs, and in serving the educational needs of an increasingly diverse state population, the UW System should admit students who will contribute to a diverse educational experience.
  2. Educational benefits flow from a diverse student body and campus environment.
  3. Diversity should be defined broadly to include personal characteristics and talents as well as social, and cultural differences including, but not limited to, race and ethnicity.
  4. U.S. Supreme Court cases endorse the use of race as a factor that can be used to achieve diversity goals and benefits of a diverse student body.
  5. Case law suggests that if race is used as a factor in admissions, the admissions process should include an individualized non-mechanical review of eligible applicants.
  6. Information focused on diversity should be collected on the UW System undergraduate application and used to inform the admissions decision.