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Diversity in Admissions

Diversity in Admissions

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Who: The UW System

UW System Admissions Advisory Group

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The Admissions Advisory Group was formed in April 2005 and was charged to review the UW System undergraduate admissions process and recommend guidelines and models to assist UW institutions in ensuring that their race-conscious admissions practices are consistent with the law and sound educational policy as they seek to enroll a qualified, diverse student body. Specifically, the advisory group was asked to address the following questions:

  • What are the components of a holistic review, what applicant information would support such a review, and how should that information be utilized?
  • What changes may need to be made in our admissions application that would assist institutions in conducting a holistic review that incorporates diversity, and other qualitative factors, into the admissions equation? (For example, one change to be considered will be how students identify their race/ethnicity on the admissions application.)
  • How should any changes in our admissions process be best communicated with relevant internal and external constituencies?