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Projected Timeline

(revised 7-9-07)

Fall 2007

Semester start:
Colleges, LaCrosse, Milwaukee, Stevens Point (Sept 4); Oshkosh (Sept 5)

Semester end:
Colleges, LaCrosse, Milwaukee, Stevens Point (Dec 21); Oshkosh (Jan 25)

September 2007

Phase I.   Fact-finding groups / Review of Salient Data & Information as provided by the Climate Study Working Group (CSWG)

September 27th-28th – Fact-finding groups – in Madison, 90 minutes each (Wislines available)
September 27th – Climate Study Working Group, 9:00 a.m. - 1:30 p.m.

September-November 2007

Phase II.   Development of Assessment Tool

Creation of Diversity Leadership Committees on each campus. The consultant visits campuses to meet with the Diversity Leadership Committee in the early phases of the project. Campus visits in October - November.

November/December 2007

Phase II.   Development of Communication & Marketing Plan

Phase II.   IRB Proposal Development

Spring 2008

Semester start:
LaCrosse, Milwaukee, Stevens Point (Jan 22); Colleges (Jan 28); Oshkosh (Feb 4)

Spring break:
Colleges (March 17-21); LaCrosse (March 13-24); Milwaukee (March 16-23); Oshkosh (March 23-30); Stevens Point (March 15-23)

Semester end:
Colleges (May 25); LaCrosse (May 23); Milwaukee (May 17); Oshkosh (June 6); Stevens Point (May 16)

January 2008

Phase II.   IRB Proposal Approval

February-April 2008

Phase II.   Survey Administration

Each campus determines the optimal time for the survey administration

May-June 2008

Phase III.   Data Analysis

July-August 2008

Phase IV.   Development of Institutional Reports

Fall 2008

October-November 2008

Phase IV.   Presentation of Institutional Reports

S. Rankin is available to present the reports at each campus at the campus’s expense.

December 2008

Phase IV.   Development of Aggregate Report (based on the first five institutional analyses)