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UW System Campus Climate Study

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Scope of the Work

All phases of the project are conducted in collaboration with the Climate Study Working Group (CSWG). The CSWG will provide background information to the contractor to ensure the contractor’s acquaintance with an understanding of the UW System and respective institutions (e.g., mission, goals, and objectives), will assist in the creation of the survey template, and will work closely with the contractor during the project. 

Phase I.   Fact-Finding Groups

  • Delineate and conduct fact-finding groups
    • The fact-finding groups will include members from the Women’s Studies Consortium, OADD, M&D Coordinators, Affirmative Action Officers, the Equity Scorecard Team, Faculty Representatives, Staff Representatives, Student Representatives, United Council, the Inclusivity Initiative for LGBTQ People, ADA Coordinators, Disability Service Coordinators, the President’s Council on Disabilities, & the Status of Women Initiative. Additional groups may be added.
  • Develop protocol for fact-finding groups and individual interviews
    • Protocol will be developed and shared with the CSWG for approval.
    • Fact-finding groups peer facilitators will be selected and trained by the consultant. 

Phase II   Assessment Tool Development, Communication Plan, IRB Proposal, & Survey Implementation

  • Development of assessment tool
    • Development of paper-and-pencil and/or web-based survey instruments in collaboration with the CSWG.
  • Develop communication plan for the assessment
    • Coordination with the CSWG and OADD on the marketing and communication plan strategy (e.g., letter of invitation, talking points to be shared among the constituent groups).
  • IRB proposal
    • Development of proposal in collaboration with institutional contacts
  • Survey administration (design, methods, sampling) and monitoring
    • Consultation with the CSWG on the strategy for administration that will yield the highest response rates
    • Creation of Diversity Leadership Committee on each campus. The consultant strongly recommends that each campus create a campus-based Diversity Leadership Committee to assist with the survey process. 

Phase III   Data Analysis

  • Data coding and database management
  • Data analysis (descriptive statistics, frequency tables) as deemed appropriate by Rankin & Associates 

Phase IV   Development and Presentation of Report

  • Development of institutional reports (executive summary, data presentation, and report findings)
  • Presentation of institutional reports by respective Diversity Leadership Committees or by S. Rankin
  • Development of aggregate report