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Fact-finding Groups

Rankin & Associates will conduct focus group sessions with fact-finding groups made up of various systemwide constituencies including M/D Coordinators, the Equity Scorecard Team, Affirmative Action Officers, OADD, the Women’s Studies Consortium, ADA Coordinators, Disability Service Coordinators, the President’s Advisory Council on Disabilities, the Inclusivity Initiative for LGBTQ People, Faculty Reps, the Status of Women Initiative, Academic Staff Reps, Student Reps, and United Council. These sessions are the initial steps in providing a picture of the climate and will inform the questions utilized in the survey tool.

For the purposes of the systemwide fact-finding groups, R&A would like each group to have broad representation from ALL of the campuses, so that the research tool could potentially serve any campus.  Each group will meet for approximately 90 minutes, and all of the information collected during these sessions is confidential. The meetings will be held in Madison and via teleconference on Thursday and Friday, September 27th and 28th, and a schedule of those meetings will be forthcoming.  The groups can be as small as 8 or as large as 15.  Group coordinators may invite or encourage participation by any individual who they think can speak to climate issues.  Participation is important, so efforts will be made to accommodate large groups.