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Climate Study Working Group

First Meeting: September 27th 9:00 a.m. – 1:30 p.m.
Union South, UW-Madison Campus

UW Colleges
Lisa Seale, Interim Associate Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs for the Colleges
Nilhan Gunasekera, Assistant Professor, Chemistry, UW-Rock County

UW-La Crosse
Beth Hartung, Coordinator of Campus Climate
Barbara Stewart, Director of Multicultural Student Services

*Ed Burgess, Professor of Dance, UWM, Co-Chair of CSWG
Michael Powell, Associate Vice Chancellor for Diversity and Climate

Norlisha Crawford, Assistant Professor, Head of African American Studies Program
Petra Roter, Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs Officer

UW-Stevens Point
Anne Abbott, Professor, Health Promotion & Human Development
Mai Vang, Director, Equity & Affirmative Action

UW System Administration
Lisa Beckstrand, Director of the Inclusivity Initiative, ACSS, UWSA, Coordinator
David Blough, OPAR, UWSA
Sal Carranza, Senior Institutional Planner, Coordinator of ADA groups, UWSA
Helen Klebesadel, Director of the Women's Studies Consortium, ACSS, UWSA
*Vicki Washington, Interim Assistant Vice President, OADD, UWSA, Co-Chair
Sharon Wilhelm, Interim Associate Vice President, OPAR, UWSA, Co-Investigator

* Indicates Co-Chairs of the Climate Study Working Group

Two students (from 2 of the 5 campuses) will be added through the UWS official student selection process.