Next Election is
Feb. 19, 2013

Polling hours 7am-8pm

If you would like more information about the next scheduled election in your area, please visit  Here you can view your next election through your voter information screen or by searching for your address. 

Important deadlines for registration & voting

Voter ID

Photo identification is not currently required to vote in Wisconsin more >>

For more information, see the G.A.B.'s website

Proof of Identification for Voter ID

There are two important recent changes to Wisconsin Voting law that are still in effect

  1. 28 Day Residency Rule
  2. Proof of Residence

Under the new law which is currently undergoing judicial review, voters would have been required to provide proof of identification before receiving a ballot.* Please note that documents that qualify as proof of identification for voting are not necessarily the same as documents that qualify as proof of residence for registering to vote. You can find more information on proof of identification below or in the following links.

Many UW students likely have a Wisconsin Driver’s License or ID Card. The students who have an acceptable license or ID card could use it as proof of identification. If you have a current U.S. Passport or U.S. Military ID, you can also use that document as proof of identification. All of the documents mentioned in this paragraph can be used if they have not yet expired or they expired after the date of the most recent general election. The most recent general election was November 2, 2010. The G.A.B. provides a full list of all types of acceptable proof of identification, including those documents not described on this page, with explanations of what is or is not considered acceptable for each type in the links above. A current address is not required on your proof of identification, so the address it contains does not need to match the address on the proof of residence you used to register to vote.

However, if another acceptable proof of identification is unavailable or inconvenient to obtain, you may use a voter ID compliant student ID card together with an Enrollment Verification issued by your UW institution as proof of identification.

*The only exceptions are for indefinitely confined, confidential, military, or overseas voters.