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NEWSLETTER: VOL II, # 9, April 20, 1998

    Teacher and K-12 Student Opportunties
at the Space Science and Engineering Center

    Professor Sanjay Limaye and Rosalyn Pertzborn
    Department of Space Science and Engineering Center, UW-Madison

 Dr. Sanjay Limaye, Planetary Scientist and Rosalyn Pertzborn, Outreach Specialist at the UW-Madison Space Science and Engineering Center have been working with local and regional schools and teachers to develop classroom programs which incorporate technology, science, and math using the themes of space science and space exploration.  Our efforts promote and develop programs which utilize a hands-on, interdisciplinary, inquiry based approach to learning and technology usage.  These activities include the Red Rover, Red Rover program that models the Mars Pathfinder mission and allows students to design their own remotely operated rover; and EarthKAM, which allows students to take high resolution images of the earth's surface by sending computer commands to a CCD camera on board the space shuttle.  The website will have a link to the EarthKam site which will include all of the images.  Space Projects And Research by Kids (SPARK) is a web based journal of student reports and investigations on Space Science related subjects.   Additional information regarding these programs and other opportunities for teachers and students is available at   Dr. Limaye and Ms. Pertzborn can be contacted at and