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Professor Anthony Galt
Department of Anthropology, UW-Green Bay

Varieties of World Culture 101 Through a Website


Professor Anthony Galt at the UW--Green Bay uses web sites extensively in all his courses. The most developed of these is the site for Anthropology 100 -- Varieties of World Culture (, which includes detailed lecture topic outlines, copies of all overhead projections presented during lectures, study hints, web links to other anthropology web sites, and an interactive "quiz engine" which allows students to take trial run multiple choice exams as they study course materials. In the course of taking these quizzes students are provided with detailed explanations of correct and incorrect answers and sent to appropriate lecture material on the site for review. (This is part of a broader project on campus to provide such exercises for a variety of lower level lecture courses.) On the Anthropology 320 -- Myth, Ritual and Religion web site ( students, working in teams, develop their own web sites about specific religious belief systems. On the Social Change and Development 333 -- Social Change and Development in a Selected Area: Italy ( website, students post biographies of famous Italians. Professor Galt feels that students think more seriously about the quality of their writing when they realize that it will be read by other students, or, indeed, by anyone with access to the Internet, and not just the professor. Already students who have had pieces posted on these websites have received responses and comments even from outside the United States. For instance, a term project on the Italian architect Pier Luigi Nervi on the Italy website elicited a favorable response from that famous person's granddaughter e-mailing from Rome.