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Teaching Scholars Forum is an online, pre-publication site that provides UW System faculty and staff with the opportunity to exchange ideas on their scholarly papers and current research in educational technology. The editor of TTT, in consultation with UW System staff, selects articles that may be intended for publication in professional, refereed journals. Pre-publication articles remain entirely the copyrighted property of the author(s).


Women's Studies Online: An Oxymoron?
by Pamela Whitehouse,
Harvard Graduate School of Education and the
University of Massachusetts-Dartmouth


Faculty Development and Learning Object Technology: Bridging the Gap
by Patricia Ploetz, UW-Stevens Point

100 Pounds of Potatoes in a 25-Pound Sack:
Stress, Frustration, and Learning in the Virtual Classroom

Robin Mello, UW-Whitewater

Lessons Learned from the Hybrid Course Project
Alan Aycock, Carla Garnham, and Robert Kaleta, UW-Milwaukee

Development and Evaluation of the Virtual Oncology Patient
Jill M. Kolesar and Michael E. Pitterle, School of Pharmacy, UW-Madison

Web-based and Traditional Instruction:
A Systematic Study of Student and Instructor Perceptions from a Graduate MLIS Program
Elizabeth Buchanan, Malore Brown, Jean Casanova, Dietmar Wolfram, and Hong Xie,
School of Library and Information Science, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

Computer-Mediated Communication (CMC) and the Traditional Classroom
April T. Reed, Ed.D.

First Contact: The Use of Schemas by Students Taking Their First Online Course
AnnMarie Paulukonis, PhD

Faculty Ownership and Control of Digital Course Materials
Glenda Morgan
Learning Technology Specialist, UW System Administration

Integrating Technology into a Problem-Solving Curriculum
Jeffrey Morin, MA, MFA

Exploring an Effective and Efficient Online Course Management Model
Xiaoxing Han, PhD

Online Weather Studies:
 A Unique Introductory Course in Atmospheric Science Delivered via the World Wide Web

James A. Brey, PhD
Joseph M. Moran, PhD

Creating New Pedogogies for the Millennium:
  The Common Experiences of University of Wisconsin-Madison
Teachers Using Distance Education Technologies

Nancy Diekelmann, PhD, RN, FAAN
Robert Schuster, MA
Catherine Nosek, MS, RN

Submissions to Teaching Scholars Forum may be sent to 
Tammy Kempfert, Editor, Teaching with Technology Today


The Teaching with Technology Today project consists of a web-based NEWSLETTER and WISLRNTEC, a companion listserv where members discuss technology, pedagogy, and student learning. TTT was instigated by the UW Learning Technology Development Council; it receives significant support from UW-Extension's Division of Continuing Education.