David Wirth

Meet David Wirth,
Project Manager
University of Wisconsin System

This month, TTT caught up with David Wirth of UW System.

TTT: Please describe your work for UW System.
Currently I am a project manager for UW System Administration. I am managing the implementation of Desire2Learn, the new course management system, for the UW System.

TTT: How long have you been in your current position?
DW: I have been in this position for 1 year in April 2004.

TTT: What do you enjoy most about your job?
DW: During this past year I have visited each of the UW System campuses and really have enjoyed working with a variety of people in this project. I have to work very closely with representatives from each of the UW System institutions as well as my implementation team. This has been very rewarding as I have learned a great deal from many of the intelligent, hardworking people of UW System.

TTT: What's the most memorable thing that has happened to you at this job?
DW: I would have to say the travel and the fact that I have met and worked with so many new people has been memorable. I have been asked to speak about the UWS's experience of implementing Desire2Learn to others from different higher education institutions and have had to travel to different places to speak. This has been very exciting.

TTT: What do you enjoy doing in your free time? Any hidden talents you'd care to tell our readers about?
DW: I played in a rock band back in college and like to continue to play guitar. I enjoy hiking, camping and backpacking. My background is in education, and I was a teacher for seven years in the Madison School District. In fact, I once was the "Feature Teacher" and had a 30-minute television program done about my classroom. I really enjoyed those years as a teacher and still use my teaching skills in parenting my three children and coaching both my daughter's and son's basketball teams. For a couple years, I have coach my son's Destination Imagination team.

Thanks, David!