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Vol. 7, No. 10: June 22, 2001

TTT's Transitions:  A Message from the Editor

by Jennifer Smith

This issue of Teaching with Technology Today marks the end of the 2000-2001 academic year for us, as well as my last issue as editor.  I began editing TTT in the fall of 1999, and this position has given me a wonderful opportunity to get to know--whether in person or "virtually"--many faculty and staff members throughout the UW System who are working with innovative ways to incorporate technology into their activities.  And, what's more, these faculty and staff have taken time out of their busy schedules to write about what they're doing or be interviewed for an article.  For this, they have my sincere appreciation, for the activities and first-hand experiences of UW faculty and staff are the backbone of TTT.

As I look back on the two years of TTT issues I have overseen as well as the previous volumes edited by my predecessors, Kevin McManamy and Renata Wilk Hoeckel, I am encouraged by the breadth of activities taking place that incorporate technology.  Clearly, technology is not just the province of fields that have traditionally had a strong affiliation with it.  Faculty from dance to English to art history are weaving technology into their teaching.  With creativity and the initiative of faculty, staff, and students, technology will continue to expand opportunities for teaching, research, and creative expression.

TTT will resume publishing in September.  The new editor is yet to be determined, but you can rest assured that he or she will endeavor to make TTT even better and more representative of the UW System as a whole.  Regarding my own plans, I have accepted a new position with Wisconsin Public Television as project assistant for Portal Wisconsin, an arts and humanities web project with a Wisconsin focus that will be launched in 2002.  Portal Wisconsin is a joint venture of Public Television, UW-Extension, Wisconsin Public Radio, the Wisconsin Humanities Council, the Wisconsin Historical Society, the Wisconsin Arts Board, and the Wisconsin Academy of Sciences, Arts and Letters.

As TTT makes its transition into the next academic year, I encourage you to send any comments or questions you might have about the publication to Hal Schlais at the Office of Learning and Information Technology at UW System.  I also encourage you to think about what you might contribute to TTT to help its pages reflect what's going on at your campus or your own particular interests in technology.  Do you have an article to submit, a review of a recent publication, or a story lead TTT should follow up on?  As always, we'd love to hear from you.  You can help make the 2001-2002 year of Teaching with Technology Today even better.

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