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Expanding the Graduate Seminar through Compressed Video: Linking Students and Scholars
Article by Jennifer Smith

Much talk about educational technology has focused on its uses in revamping undergraduate courses and in asynchronous distance education. What role can it play in advanced courses for on-site graduate students, particularly in the social sciences and humanities? With UW-Madison professors Rudy Koshar (History) and Leigh Payne (Political Science) as examples, this article explores how limited use of technology can do much to broaden the research circle of graduate students pursuing specialized topics.

Professor Angela Burger
Department of Political Science, UW Center-Marathon County

ABSTRACT (no feature article available)
Professor Burger uses a computer data analysis package (with bar graphs, cross-tabs, scatterplots, mapping, with Chi-square and Pearson's R) and computer simulations provided by HarperCollins for political analysis in her classes. Her students use email to turn in assignments and to facilitate communication on group projects. Burger also uses the Web in her classes; course syllabi, study test questions and writing assignments are posted on the Web, and students use the Web to explore intelligence sites and participate in Barry's interactive simulation (ecological and international). Check out the political science home page at    You can reach Professor Burger at

Professor Tracey Gladstone-Sovell
Department of Political Science, UW-River Falls

ABSTRACT (no feature article available)
Professor Gladstone-Sovell has been using electronic communication, particularly class newsgroups, in her classes for the past three years and intends to integrate more Web material into courses next year. Her department is currently working on a project to integrate multimedia elements into their introductory American Politics course, which is part of the General Education program on campus. She has also set up a Web site for her department at      You can reach Professor Gladstone-Sovell at

Professor John Kozlowicz
Department of Political Science, UW-Whitewater

ABSTRACT (no feature article available)
Professor Kozlowicz uses presentation software in his classes. These presentations are placed on either Astound or Bravo. He also uses email and electronic discussion lists to distribute materials to students and encourage out-of-class discussion. You can reach Professor Kozlowicz at

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