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Using Distance Education Technology and the Web to Teach Music 103
Lawrence Leviton, Associate Professor of Music
UW-Stevens Point

With the help of a UW-Stevens Point technology grant, Lawrence Leviton has enhanced his course webpages for his "Music in Film" class.  Using the WONDER distance education network, Leviton taught the class to UW-Stout last year and has offered it again this year to UW-La Crosse; at La Crosse, however, students now have the added opportunity to access music and view corresponding video via the course webpage.

Digital Music Clips for Teaching
Professor Art Bumgardner
Department of Music at UW-Superior

ABSTRACT (no feature article available)
Professor Bumgardner uses a software program called the clip creator to create excerpts from recorded music on either compact discs or videodiscs for presentation in class. Using digital media in class is much more efficient than playing examples recorded on tape or records; with digital media, he can immediately access any section of music at any time for purposes of illustration. Professor Bumgardner is also in the process of putting all of the written assignments for his music theory course on the computer using Finale so students can do their assignments electronically and hear the assignments played back. You can reach Professor Bumgardner at

It Takes More than Two to Tango in Music Technology
Professor Charles Rochester Young
Department of Music, UW-Stevens Point

Dr. Charles Rochester Young is the Coordinator of Music Theory and Composition and Director of the Computer Music Center at UW-Stevens Point. He wrote a presentation article with Daniel Goulet (Director of Academic Computing Services), Patricia Ploetz (Multimedia Technologist), and Randall Peelan (Faculty Software Applications Training) titled, "It Takes More Than Two to Tango: A 'Team Building' Model for Educational Technology," which was accepted for the SYLLABUS 97 convention.

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