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Electronic Resources, Academic Libraries, and Scholarly Publishing: Who's Affected and How?
by Jennifer Smith, TTT Editor

Given the boom in electronic resources and new alternatives in electronic, low-cost scholarly publishing, what is the state of academic libraries today? What has changed for librarians, students, scholars publishing their work, and the publishing industry? This article introduces key issues explored elsewhere in this issue of TTT. Don't miss the resource section including links to new e-publishing ventures and a list of background reading on the changed terrain of academic libraries and the dissemination of scholarship. (Sept. 2000)

Increasing Access and Managing Challenges: UW-Madison Librarians Discuss Academic Libraries Today
by Jennifer Smith, TTT Editor

Lou Pitschmann, Assoc. Dir. of Collection Development for UW-Madison Libraries, Jean Gilbertson, Dir. of Steenbock Library, and Tom Murray, Dir. of Wendt Library, recently met with TTT to discuss critical issues facing academic libraries. Today's librarians must be tech-savvy risk-takers, using new technologies to expand and manage services in a world on the verge of information overload. Read about round-the-clock service via electronic access, personalized portal websites for users, new trends in scholarly publishing, and the development and publishing environment librarians now work in. (Sept. 2000)

Educating Librarians for the New Academic Library
by Louise Robbins, Director, School of Library and Information Studies, UW-Madison

It is a certainty that the technology explosion of the last few decades has changed the academic library environment significantly, and, with it, the duties and skills of librarians. How do library schools keep up with the pace of innovation? Louise Robbins provides one answer to this question with a vision for her school's future. (Sept. 2000)

Anticipate or Accommodate: Library Assistive Technology
by Lelah Lugo, Electronic Resource Access/Reference Librarian, Library Learning Center, UW-Stout

Equal access to education for persons with disabilities is a top concern facing colleges and universities today. But what special concerns are raised in the area of library services? Lelah Lugo answers, emphasizing the need for libraries to not merely provide assistive facilities, but back them up with effective outreach and training. Don't miss Lugo's resource section on accessibility and libraries! (Sept. 2000)

Developing Library Services for the Distance Education Student
by Cleo J. Powers, Circulation and Center for Reserve and Instructional Media Center Librarian,
and Jill S. Markgraf, Distance Education and Reference Librarian, UW Eau Claire

DE students, like all students, depend on library resources to complete their educations. But how can libraries deliver services to students who may never be able to physically visit them? Powers and Markgraf discuss how to provide high-quality resources to off-site students. (Sept. 2000)

Incorporating Technology into Academic Libraries: New Developments on the Madison Campus
by Nolan Pope, Associate Director for Technology,
General Library System, UW-Madison

Nolan Pope highlights some of the recent technological developments at UW-Madison campus libraries. Read about new scholarly websites developed by professors and library staff, greater cooperation among academic libraries, and some of the technical issues that arise in providing services. (Sept. 2000)

Web-based and Traditional Instruction:
A Systematic Study of Student and Instructor Perceptions from a Graduate MLIS Program

by Elizabeth Buchanan, Malore Brown, Jean Casanova, Dietmar Wolfram, and Hong Xie, School of Library and Information Science, UW-Milwaukee

Are there significant differences in the outcomes of graduate courses taught in the classroom and online? Buchanan and her colleagues at UW-Milwaukee provide a summary of their recent research in this area, funded by a UW System Curricular Redesign Grant. (Sept. 2000)

UW Librarians Design Web-Based Research Tutorial
Debbie Cardinal, Wisconsin Library Services (WiLS), and Betsy Richmond, UW-Eau Claire

On-campus university students have long had access to bibliographic instruction, generally in the form of training sessions run by librarians to orient students to their library system's resources. Now, with the growing popularity of distance education, how can librarians reach students who may never physically come to campus? UW System librarians have already responded to this need with the creation of a Web-based research tutorial to help new and returning university students who have chosen distance education build their information-gathering skills. (May 2000)

Virtual Collection Development
Jane Pearlmutter
UW-Madison School of Library & Information Studies

Electronic resources are becoming increasingly important to all types of libraries. How does this impact traditional library collections, and how do librarians keep up with the changes? In an on-line continuing education course, Jane Pearlmutter, faculty associate in UW-Madison's School of Library & Information Studies, has been teaching librarians around the country -- and the world -- to select and evaluate these resources, develop policies, and consider methods of delivering electronic resources to library users. She originally developed the course, Virtual Collection Development, with the assistance of a grant from UW-Extension.

The Teaching with Technology Today project consists of a web-based NEWSLETTER and WISLRNTEC, a companion listserv where members discuss technology, pedagogy, and student learning. TTT was instigated by the UW Learning Technology Development Council; it receives significant support from UW-Extension's Division of Continuing Education.