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April 2003 -- Vol. 9 No. 7
UW Selects Desire2Learn as its New e-Learning System by Tammy Kempfert, TTT Editor
UW-Parkside's ACCESS Project by Frances M. Kavenik and James D. Robinson, UW-Parkside
The Experience Designer: Learning, Networks and the Cybersphere, Brian Alger, Tucson: Fenestra Books, 2002. Book reviewed by M. Kayt Sunwood, UW-Superior
February 2003 -- Vol. 9 No. 6
Digital Education for a Global Village by Douglas Savage, UW System Institute for Global Studies
Like Catching Waves Upon the Sand: The Challenges
of Designing for the Web
by Pamela O'Donnell, UW-Madison
On the Road: Bringing the Maya World to UW Students by Brett Greider, UW-Eau Claire
Learning Objects in a Constructivist Curriculum by William Washabaugh, UW-Milwaukee
TTT's Global Studies Sampler by Tammy Kempfert, TTT Editor
January 2003 -- Vol. 9 No. 5
Reading Images on the World Wide Web by Marguerite Helmers, UW Oshkosh
Faculty Development at a Distance: The Ways of Knowing and Ways of Practice Experience by Tammy Kempfert, TTT Editor
Saving Dollars and Making Sense of Common Systems by Tammy Kempfert, TTT Editor
December 2002 -- Vol. 9 No. 4
A View from the Summit: William Massy Addresses UW Administrators by Tammy Kempfert, TTT Editor
Using Database Software for "Do-It-Yourself" Online Homework Assignments by Thomas Holme, UW-Milwaukee
UW-Eau Claire's Counseling Website Reaches Out to the World by Tammy Kempfert, TTT Editor
November 2002 -- Vol. 9 No. 3
Hi-Tech Presentations: Are They Powerful or Pointless? by Christy Carello, UW-Eau Claire
Expanding Our IDEAS by John Fischer, IDEAS Project Director
Web Portals and Higher Education: Technologies to Make IT Personal, Book Review by Ann-Marie Johnson, UW Oshkosh
October 2002 -- Vol. 9 No. 2
Preparing for Change: UW and the Quest for a New e-Learning System by Tammy Kempfert, TTT Editor
Cool, Convenient and Connected: Using Streamed Media in the Basic Speech Course by Judy Rene Sims, UW-Eau Claire
The Natural Approach: Technology in the Second Language Classroom by Terrence Mannetter, UW-River Falls
September 2002 -- Vol. 9 No. 1
FOREIGN LANGUAGES The Sights and Sounds of Learning: Designing a CD-rom to Enhance your Online Course by Susan Brantly, UW-Madison
A University of Wisconsin First: UW-Stout Becomes a Laptop Campus by Tammy Kempfert, TTT Editor
Book Review: The Digital University by Patricia Ploetz, UW-Stevens Point
June 2002 -- Vol. 8 No. 9
The College Algebra e-Tutor by Robert Hoar, UW-La Crosse
100 Pounds of Potatoes in a 25-pound Sack:
Stress, Frustration, and Learning in the Virtual Classroom
by Robin Mello, UW-Whitewater
May 2002 -- Vol. 8, No. 8
The DoIT Information Technology Acadamy: Bridging the Digital Divide by Erica Rosch, ITA Program Coordinator
Go West, Young Scholar: An Update on Internet2 in Wisconsin by Tammy Kempfert, TTT Editor
Marathon Trainer Ron Carda Runs His Course -- Online by Tammy Kempfert, TTT Editor
April 2002 - Vol. 8, No. 7
Technology and Learning: Lessons from the Field
by Jude A. Rathburn, UW-Milwaukee
Language Instruction: A System Approach to Distance Delivery by Lauren Rosen Yeazel, Collaborative Language Program, UW System
Book Review: The Social Life of Information by Glenda Morgan, Office of Learning & Information Technology
March 2002 - Vol. 8, No. 6
Introduction to Hybrid Courses by Carla Garnham and Robert Kaleta, UW-Milwaukee
  Reflections on Teaching a Large Enrollment Course
Using a Hybrid Format
by John (Jack) Johnson,
  Inside Outside, Upside Downside: Strategies for Connecting Online and Face-to-Face Instruction in Hybrid Courses by Peter Sands, UW-Milwaukee
  Approximately "Real World" Learning with the Hybrid Model by Rachel Spilka, UW-Milwaukee
  Lessons Learned from the Hybrid Course Project
by Alan Aycock, Carla Garnham, and Robert Kaleta, UW-Milwaukee
February 2002 - Vol. 8, No. 5

Web-Based Learning and Teacher Preparation:
Stumbling Blocks and Stepping Stones
by Patricia E. Ragan, Arthur P. Lacey, and Robert A. Nagy,
University of Wisconsin-Green Bay

Heavenly Concoctions: Developing Technology Recipes for Instructional Success by Hal Schlais, UW System
Portal Wisconsin: Culture, Humanities, Arts, and History on One Convenient Website by Tammy Kempfert, TTT Editor
January 2002 - Vol. 8, No. 4

Development and Evaluation of the Virtual Oncology Patient by Jill M. Kolesar and Michael E. Pitterle,
School of Pharmacy, UW-Madison

Promoting Multicultural Dispositions in Teacher Education Candidates by Joseph Guenther, Rea Kirk, Tom Loguidice, and John Nkemnji, University of Wisconsin-Platteville
SPECIAL TOPICS Beating eCheating: Strategies for Discouraging Internet Plagiarism by Tammy Kempfert, TTT Editor
December 2001 - Vol. 8, No. 3
SPECIAL TOPICS What Constitutes an LTDC? by Kathy Finder and Donna Raleigh, University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire
SPECIAL TOPICS Teaching Dogs to Talk: Bill Cerbin on Technology and Student Learning by Bill Cerbin, UW-La Crosse
DISABILITY ACCESS Involving the Deaf Community in Distance Learning
Using Blended Technologies and Learning Objects
by Rosemary Lehman, UW-Extension, and Simone Conceição, UW-Milwaukee
October 2001 - Vol. 8, No. 2

Telling the Story: How UW Schools of Education Prepare Students to Use Technology by Hal Schlais, University of Wisconsin System Administration
Preparing Tomorrow's Teachers to use Technology: The UW-River Falls Model Program by So-young Zeon et al., UW-River Falls
Drop of Life: Integrated Technology Education through Studies of Wisconsin Waters by Mary Gruhl and Janie Besharse, UW-Milwaukee Center for Science Education
University of Wisconsin School Library Education Consortium by Eileen E. Schroeder, UW-Whitewater; E. Anne Zarinnia, UW-Whitewater; Gyneth Slygh, UW-Eau Claire; Dianne McAfee Hopkins, UW-Madison; Louise Robbins, UW-Madison; Ella Cross, UW-Superior; and Penny Garcia, UW-Oshkosh.
September 2001 - Vol. 8, No. 1


What Are the Essential Characteristics of the Successful Online Teacher and Learner? A discussion led by Jane Kircher,, UW System
"Virtual" Issues of Relationship and Community A discussion led by Kayt Sunwood, UW-Superior
How Can We Appeal to All Learning Styles in One Online Course? A discussion
led by AnnMarie Johnson, UW-Oshkosh
June 2001 - Vol. 7, No. 10
ENGLISH The Hatching of an OWL: The Development of the UW-Colleges Online Writing Lab, by Sara Moellendorf and Greg Ahrenhoerster, UW-Waukesha
SPECIAL TOPICS Journal Costs and Electronic Resources: Perspectives on the Future, by Hal Schlais, University of Wisconsin System Administration
TTT's Transitions: A Message from the Editor, by Jennifer Smith, TTT Editor
May 2001 - Vol. 7, No. 9
BIOLOGY Case It!: Enhancing case-based learning in biology education through computer simulation and Internet conferencing, by Mark Bergland, et al., UW-River Falls
ENGINEERING UW-Madison Engineering Class Studies Functionality of Palm Pilot for Student Users, by Jennifer Smith, TTT Editor
CHEMISTRY Designing Chemistry Applications for the Palm Pilot, by Jeffrey Rosenthal, Dept. of Chemistry, UW-River Falls
April 2001 - Vol. 7, No. 8
SPECIAL TOPICS eWEEK Magazine Judges Web Learning Tools at UW-Madison, by Jennifer Smith, TTT Editor
EDUCATION The IDEAS Website:  A New Portal for Wisconsin's PK-12 Teachers, by John Fischer, UW-Extension
ENGLISH E-learning is Work(ing), by Dr. Linda H. Straubel, UW-Rock County
March 2001 - Vol. 7, No. 7
BIOLOGY BioLEARN: Wisconsin's Science Teachers Share Curriculum Ideas and Professional Development, by Jennifer Smith, TTT Editor

Using Ground Penetrating Radar in Archaeological Digs: A Faculty Profile of Dr. Harry Jol, by Jennifer Smith, TTT Editor

MATHEMATICS The Chaos Game: Stimulating Math Curiosity with Interactive Software, by Professor Richard O'Malley, UW-Milwaukee
February 2001 - Vol. 7, No. 6
GEOGRAPHY Integrating Geographic Information Systems (GIS) into Wisconsin Public Schools, by Jim Brey, UW-Fox Valley, and Diane Pillard, UW Colleges
INSTRUCTIONAL DESIGN General Principles and Good Practices for Distance Education, by Rosemary Lehman, UW-Extension
INSTRUCTIONAL DESIGN Why ID? The Benefits of Instructional Design Models,
by Nadeen Thompson, UW-Extension
January 2001 - Vol. 7, No. 5

Master of Engineering in Professional Practice Reaches Working Engineers at a Distance, by Jennifer Smith, TTT Editor


Support for Distance Learning Programs: Is Technology Really Enough?, by Karen Al-Ashkar, , UW-Madison (Note: This link takes readers to the American Society of Engineering Education's site.)

December 2000 - Vol. 7, No. 4
EDUCATION / ANTHROPOLOGY From a Country School to Cyberspace: An Educator's Journey and Reflections on Pedagogy, by William Washabaugh, Anthropology, UW-Milwaukee
GEOSCIENCES Geology on the Web and in the Classroom: Designing a Curriculum for Non-Science Majors, by Alan J. Scott, Physics, UW-Stout
COMMUNICATIONS Incorporating Technology in Communication Instruction: A Faculty Profile of Dr. Jack Johnson, by Jennifer Smith, TTT Editor
November 2000 - Vol. 7, No. 3
EDUCATION Providing Role Models for Emergency-Licensed Teachers Through Streaming Video: A Faculty Profile of Lisa Dieker by Jennifer Smith, TTT Editor
INSTRUCTIONAL DESIGN Web Lessons in a Nutshell: Findings of the Faculty/TA Collaborative Web Project by Alan Aycock, UW-Milwaukee
INSTRUCTIONAL DESIGN Keys to Facilitating Successful Online Discussions,
by Donna Raleigh, UW-Eau Claire
October 2000 - Vol. 7, No. 2
SPECIAL TOPICS UW System to Provide Educational and Career Support to Migrant Workers and their Families by Jennifer Smith, TTT Editor
SPECIAL TOPICS Making Sense of Alphabet Soup: On Current Efforts for Sharing Instructional Resources by Hal Schlais, UW System
ENGLISH Computing, Composing, Communicating: A Conversation with Peter Sands by Jennifer Smith, TTT Editor
September 2000 - Vol. 7, No. 1




Electronic Resources, Academic Libraries, and Scholarly Publishing: Who's Affected and How? by Jennifer Smith, TTT Editor
Increasing Access and Managing Challenges: UW-Madison Librarians Discuss Academic Libraries Today by Jennifer Smith, TTT Editor
Educating Librarians for the New Academic Library
by Louise Robbins, UW-Madison
Anticipate or Accommodate: Library Assistive Technology by Lelah Lugo, UW-Stout
Developing Library Services for the Distance Education Student by Cleo Powers & Jill Markgraf, UW-Eau Claire
Incorporating Technology into Academic Libraries: New Developments on the Madison Campus by Nolan Pope, UW-Madison
Web-based and Traditional Instruction: A Systematic Study of Student and Instructor Perceptions from a Graduate MLIS Program by Elizabeth Buchanan, et al., UW-Milwaukee
VOLUME 6 - SUMMER 2000 (June 15, 2000)

Broadening the Dialogue: UW-Stout's Diversity Connections Program Uses Technology to Expand Students' Experiences by Jennifer Smith, TTT Editor


Melding Dance and Technology with Exciting Results: A Faculty Profile of Prof. Joan Karlen by Jennifer Smith, TTT Editor


Technology and Dance Bring New Avenues for Artistic Discovery by Joan Karlen, UW-Stevens Point


Lessons from Corporations Past: Madison History Professor Develops Database of 19th-C. Corporate Charters by Jennifer Smith, TTT Editor

May 2000 - Vol. 5, No. 8
SPECIAL TOPICS Unlocking the Potential of Advanced Distributed Learning through Standards: Where Does the UW System Fit In? by Judy Brown & Ed Meachen,UW System
SPECIAL TOPICS Universities, Napster, and the Challenge of MP3's by Glenda Morgan, UW System


Review of Building Learning Communities in Cyberspace: Effective Strategies for the Online Classroom (1999) by Palloff and Pratt -- review by M. Kayt Sunwood and Jane Henderson
LIBRARY & INFORMATION SCIENCE UW Librarians Design Web-Based Research Tutorial by Debbie Cardinal and Betsy Richmond
April 2000 - Vol. 5, No. 7 - Disability Access



Captioning and Visual Description for Video: Considerations for Campus Accessibility by Bob Christiaansen, UW-Madison
Project IMPACT and Introductory Design Tips for Increasing the Accessibility of Web-based Courses by Todd Schwanke, Bhagwant Sindhu, and Roger Smith, UW-Milwaukee
UW-Madison Joins Nationwide DO-IT Prof Project, Pursues Other Avenues for Accessibility and Accommodation by Alice Anderson, UW-Madison
Access for Everyone, Everywhere: The Web Accessibility Initiative of the World Wide Web Consortium by Lisa Jansen, UW-Madison
Managing Graduate School with a Learning Disability: A Profile of Judy Risch, UW-Madison by Jennifer Smith, TTT Editor
March 2000 - Vol. 5, No. 6
TEACHING SCHOLARS FORUM Computer-Mediated Communication (CMC) and the Traditional Classroom, by April T. Reed, UW-Green Bay
FOREIGN LANUAGES Collaborative Distance Learning for Oral Proficiency in Professional Contexts: French 524: Expression ecrite et orale en situations professionelles, by Jodi Samuels, Professional French Master's Program
COMMUNICATIVE DISORDERS Web-Based Audio and Video, by Scott Bradley, UW-Whitewater
February 2000 - Vol. 5, No. 5
TEACHING SCHOLARS FORUM First Contact: The Use of Schemas by Students Taking their First Online Course, by AnnMarie Paulukonis, UW-Oshkosh
SPECIAL TOPICS UW System, Technical Colleges, and Department of Defense Create New Partnership for Web-based Learning, by Jennifer Smith, TTT Editor

Patrolling the Information Superhighway: UW-Madison's BadgIRT, by Jennifer Smith, TTT Editor

January 2000 - Vol. 5, No. 4
TEACHING SCHOLARS FORUM Faculty Ownership and Control of Digital Course Materials, by Glenda Morgan, UW System
SPECIAL TOPICS The Wisconsin Web-Based Learning System: What's New and How to Get Involved, by Hal Schlais, UW System
CHEMISTRY Reinventing the Basics: Madison Chemistry Department Receives Pew Grant for Course Redesign, by Jennifer Smith, TTT Editor
HISTORY / POLITICAL SCIENCE Expanding the Graduate Seminar through Compressed Video: Linking Students and Scholars, by Jennifer Smith, TTT Editor
HOSPITALITY & TOURISM Forging On-Line, International Partnerships: UW-Stout's New Global Hospitality Management Concentration, by Joseph Holland, Christine Clements, and James Buergermeister, UW -Stout
December 1999 - Vol. 5, No. 3


Technology in Graphic Design Education: New Tools for Familiar Needs, by Jennifer Smith
Integrating Technology into a Problem-Solving Curriculum, by Jeffrey Morin, UW-Stevens Point
Fusing the Arts with New Technologies: UW-Madison's Interarts and Technology Program, by Jennifer Smith
I, a Tech: A Graduate's Reflection on the Interarts and Technology Program, by Jeffrey Gray Miller
New LTDC Logo Designed by UW-Stevens Point Students
November 1999 - Vol. 5, No. 2
SPECIAL TOPICS Green Bay's Extended Degree Program broadens Online Course Offerings, by Jennifer Smith, TTT Editor

Exploring an Effective and Efficient Online Course Management Model, by Xiaoxing Han, UW- Green Bay

SPECIAL TOPICS The TLT Flashlight Focus Workshop on Making Better Use of Money and Time, by Glenda Morgan, UW System

Staying Afloat in the Insurance Game: UW-Whitewater Professor's Simulation Gives Students Taste of a Competitive Market, by Jennifer Smith , TTT Editor

October 1999 - Vol. 5, No. 1
COMPUTER SCIENCE Students in Charge: Milwaukee's Student Technology Services, by Jennifer Smith, TTT Editor
GEOSCIENCES Online Weather Studies: A Unique Introductory Course in Atmospheric Science Delivered via the World Wide Web, by James Brey, UW-Fox Valley, & Joseph Moran, UW-Green Bay
SPECIAL TOPICS New Faculty Development Center Fosters "Superior" Education, by M. Kayt Sunwood, UW-Superior
Spring 1999 - Volume 4
EDUCATION Scott Frazier, Health Education Science & Athletics (HESA), Helps Tomorrow’s Teachers, by Caroline Heibler, UW-Stevens Point
MUSIC Using Distance Education Technology to Teach Music in Film, by Kate Yarbro, UW-Stevens Point
NATURAL RESOURCES Expanding GIS Training in the College of Natural Resources, by Tom Miller, UW-Stevens Point
LIBRARY & INFORMATION SCIENCE Virtual Collection Development, by Jane Pearlmutter, UW-Madison
INDUSTRIAL MANAGEMENT WONDER: Fairy Tale or Virtual Reality?, by Donna Stewart, UW-Stout
INTERIOR ARCHITECTURE Prof. Lynn Gilles, Interior Architecture, Gives UW-Stevens Point New Vision of the Future by Jesse Messerschmidt, UW-Stevens Point
Fall 1998 - Volume 3
FOREIGN LANGUAGES Advanced French and Learning Intéractive by Nelly Halzen, UW-Madison
COMMUNICATIVE DISORDERS Occupational Hearing Conservation: The Evolution of A Course Using Multimedia Materials and the WWW by Scott Bradley, UW-Whitewater
GEOGRAPHY Freshman Seminar WWW Resources at UW-Marathon County by Keith Montgomery, UW-Marathon County
SPECIAL TOPICS The University of Wisconsin Web-Based Learning System by Hal Schlais, UW System
FINE ARTS Printmaking On-Line by Lisa Moline, UW-Milwaukee
MATHEMATICS COOL: Calculus Offered On-Line by Don Piele, UW-Parkside
GEOSCIENCES Interactive Learning on the Web: AOS 101 by Steve Ackerman, UW-Madison
EDUCATION Using Technology to Build A Gateway to Diversity, Rea Kirk et al., UW-Platteville
Spring 1998 -Volume 2  
PREVIEW EDITION Opening Comments, by Renata Wilk, TTT Editor,
HISTORY &   BIOLOGY UW Student History Network and BioWeb
CHEMISTRY CHIME Based Term Papers on the Web by S. C. Hartsel, UW-Eau Claire
GEOLOGY/GEOGRAPHY Virtual Field Trips:  Just Like Being There by Michael Ritter, UW-Stevens Point
ANTHROPOLOGY Varieties of World Culture Through a Website by Anthony Galt, UW-Green Bay
FOREIGN LANGUAGES Wisconsin's French Connection Project
GEOLOGY/GEOGRAPHY Hyptertext for Geography and Geology by Keith Montgomery, UW-Marathon County
MATHEMATICS Virtual Textbook for College Math by M. Maheswaran, UW-Marathon County
SPACE SCIENCE & ENGINEERING Student Opportunities at the Space Science and Engineering Center
ART HISTORY Teaching Art History as Distance Education by Patricia Briggs, UW-Stout
ART HISTORY Interactive Technology, Image Databases and Art History by Nick Cahill, UW-Madison
EDUCATION Technology in Pedagogical Strategies by Mary Lundeberg et al., UW-River Falls
1997 - VOLUME 1
MUSIC It Takes More than Two to Tango in Music Technology
FOREIGN LANGUAGES Beginning Norwegian via Distance Education
ENGLISH English in the Computer Classroom
PHYSICS Physics for Poets
BIOLOGY Biology and Webpages, by Laura Hansen, TTT Editor
ENGLISH Writing and Literature, by Laura Hansen, TTT Editor

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