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Lessons from Corporations Past: Madison History Professor Develops Database of 19th-C. Corporate Charters
by Jennifer Smith

Business and technology historians, legal scholars, and history buffs will be excited to learn about a new website created by UW-Madison history professor Colleen Dunlavy. Dr. Dunlavy, who specializes in business history, has created a "Business and Technology" website that includes as its main component a database of nineteenth century corporate charters. Analyzing these charters reveals interesting discoveries about the history of corporations in the U.S. and Europe -- and provokes questions about how corporations operate today. (June 2000)

Staying Afloat in the Insurance Game: UW-Whitewater Professor's Simulation Gives Students Taste of a Competitive Market
Professor Ronald Crabb
Article by Jennifer Smith

Whitewater professor Dr. Ronald Crabb has developed an innovative game to help his business students understand how the insurance industry functions. Read about how he developed the game and find links to an overview of this computer simulation.

WONDER: Fairy Tale or Virtual Reality?
Donna Stewart
Chair, Industrial Management Department, UW-Stout

Through the WONDER system, UW-Stout, the technical colleges, and the UW Colleges have found new avenues of delivery for a bachelor's degree program in Industrial Technology.

Essential Web Aspects for Course Administration
Professor Ceil Pillsbury
Department of Business Administration, UW-Milwaukee

ABSTRACT (with no feature article)
Professor Pillsbury uses the Web to provide students with class notes, syllabi, project instructions, and interactive sample exams. She has a class listserv for class announcements, discussion of current issues, reports from the Wall Street Journal and other business press sources, and for distributing grades. Her students do evaluations of accounting and business Web sites and develop their own Web pages on topics relevant to the class. Professor Pillsbury also uses computer animations and Power Point to illustrate various class concepts.  Professor Pillsbury's home page is at   You can reach Professor Pillsbury at

The Teaching with Technology Today project consists of a web-based NEWSLETTER and WISLRNTEC, a companion listserv where members discuss technology, pedagogy, and student learning. TTT was instigated by the UW Learning Technology Development Council; it receives significant support from UW-Extension's Division of Continuing Education.