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Technology in Graphic Design Education: New Tools for Familiar Needs

by Jennifer Smith, TTT Editor

Like many other fields, graphic design has been changed dramatically by technology. Where does this leave the designer and the design educator at the turn of the century? Has the designer's task been fundamentally altered? Design instructors Jeffrey Morin and Hillary Warren of UW-Stevens Point and John Rieben of UW-Madison shed light on this topic. (Dec. 99)

Integrating Technology into a Problem-Solving Curriculum
by Jeffrey Morin, UW-Stevens Point

In a Teaching Scholars Forum contribution, Morin, a graphic designer for over twenty years, describes the pedagogical issues facing design educators today and makes a compelling appeal for letting aesthetics drive technical choices, not vice-versa. (Dec. 99)

Fusing the Arts with New Technologies: UW-Madison's Interarts and Technology Program
by Jennifer Smith, TTT Editor

Never heard of UW-Madison's Interarts and Technology program? Here's your chance. Read about how this innovative program founded in 1990 combines technological experimentation with dance, music, art, theater, and aesthetic theory. (Dec. 99) (Also, see article below.)

I, a Tech: A Graduate's Reflection on the Interarts and Technology Program
by Jeffrey Gray Miller

Read one IATECH alum's personal and creative reflection on the Interarts curriculum, the role of the arts in a high-tech society, and the challenge of keeping a human face on technological advancement. Writes Miller, "Technology does not create itself yet. Somewhere, behind every blinking light and noisome beep and smooth metal casing, there is a flesh-and-blood hand much like your own. That is the task of IATECH: to find the human face of technology..." (Dec. 99) (Also, see article above.)

New LTDC Logo Designed by UW-Stevens Point Students
by Jennifer Smith, TTT Editor

See the Learning Technology Development Council's newly redesigned logo! This fun design is the work of three graphic design students, Theresa Krause, Jon Tereba, and Jessie Zinda, all from Asst. Prof. Hillary Warren's class. Read about how the logo was selected and what students learned in the process. (Dec. 99)

Printmaking On Line
Lisa A. Moline, UW-Milwaukee

Three members of the UWM art department faculty are developing "Printmaking on-line" (POL), a "virtual texbook" of printmaking techniques on the Web. Detailed information in multimedia format (text, video, images) of techniques and demonstrations that are presented in class but not readily available in traditional textbooks, would be made easily accessible to students outside of class.

The Teaching with Technology Today project consists of a web-based NEWSLETTER and WISLRNTEC, a companion listserv where members discuss technology, pedagogy, and student learning. TTT was instigated by the UW Learning Technology Development Council; it receives significant support from UW-Extension's Division of Continuing Education.