Increases to Airline Fees - Impact of Changes on University Travelers

Published Fri 05/10/13 02:47 PM

United Airlines Change Fee Increase - Customer Notification

April 18, 2013

Today, United Airlines updated programming of some airfares to reflect significant changes in their fees for changing reservations.  Effective immediately, the fees for changes to domestic tickets have increased from $150 to $200, and from the United States and Canada to South America from $250 to $300.

We hope to receive complete and formal communication from the airline soon and will forward details as they become available.

US Airways Change Fee Increase

April 24, 2013

Effective April 24, US Airways has increased the applicable change fee by $50 for customers who purchase non-refundable tickets, yet find the need to adjust their travel plans. The transatlantic change fee remains unchanged. This applies to new ticket purchases only.

New fees

Domestic and Canada: $200Caribbean: $200Mexico: $200Central America: $200Puerto Rico/Virgin Islands: $200Transatlantic: No change ($250)Brazil: $300

Delta Air Lines Change Fee Increase

May 1, 2013

Effective April 30, Delta Air Lines raised by $50 to $200 the change fee for domestic flights, following a similar move by United Airlines and US Airways.  Delta indicated its international change fee now "is typically $250, but can vary based on location and type of fare," according to the carrier's website.

American Airlines Change Fee Increase

May 2, 2013

American Airlines joined its largest competitors in upping domestic U.S. change fees to $200 from $150.  The American fee increases for domestic, Canada, Puerto Rico and Virgin Islands reservations went into effect on May 1.  For Mexico, the Caribbean and Central America reservations, the increase goes into effect today.

While the new policy impacts North American and Caribbean travel, AA did not adjust change fees for flights to and from Latin America, Europe and Asia. The carrier continues to waive change fees for select fare bundles. United Airlines, US Airways and Delta Air Lines in the past two weeks also have increased change fees on some tickets.

Explanation of Frontier Airlines Fee Changes

May 6, 2013

First and foremost:  Booking through Concur and Fox World Travel will continue to provide travelers the lowest available fares and the same benefits as booking through the Frontier website.

Here are the upcoming changes:

1st Bag Fee will increase to $25 for tickets booked after June 1st, for travel after July 11th, 2013.  For passengers checking in online and paying for baggage at, the fee will remain the current $20.  Summit and Ascent elite status members and Classic and Classic Plus fares continue to receive two free checked bags.

Mileage accrual rate for Basic Fare passengers will go from the current 50% to 25% for tickets flown on/after July 1st, 2013.  This change will not affect travelers booking through Fox World Travel because we do not ticket Basic Fares.

Carry-on Bag fees slated to begin this summer will not affect your travelers.  Summit and Ascent members and Classic Plus, Classic, and Economy passengers will NOT be charged this fee.

Onboard Beverages – Again, Summit and Ascent members, and travelers purchasing a Classic Plus or Classic ticket will continue to receive coffee, tea, soda, and juice free of charge.  There will be a charge of $1.99 for other passengers, effective July 1st, 2013.