Trust Funds

Trust Fund Overdraft Coverage Policy

UW Trust Funds verifies all expenditures on a “post-audit” monthly basis.  All Trust Fund expenditures are executed through the 161 (income cash) account.  In the event a payment is greater than the balance in the 161 account, this will result in an overdraft position in the 161 account.  The transaction will be paid, as long as there are sufficient balances in 162 (IT or LT) Quasi-Endowment funds and sufficient balances in the 162 (IT) Endowment funds. Trust Funds staff will transfer the sufficient funds during the next quarter end closing, i.e. March, June, September, December.  If there are insufficient funds in the 162 account, Trust Funds staff will immediately block the account to future expenditures and contact your office.  Your office will need to transfer expenditures totaling the amount of the overdraft to another funding source.  The transfers must be completed as soon as possible, because the account will remain blocked until the overdraft is cleared up.  Your office should contact Trust Funds staff upon completion so we can unblock the account.


If you are expecting receipt of a gift/deposit of money from another resource to cover the overdraft, you do not have to transfer the expenditures to another funding source, however, the account will remain blocked until the money has been received by our office.  If you choose to resolve the overdraft in this manner, it is your responsibility to include special instructions with the deposit that will inform Trust Funds to deposit the check into the  “income cash fund” to be used to clear an overdraft, otherwise all deposits will be deposited and invested in either the IT or LT fund.

If it is standard procedure for your office to request money from a third party to help cover expenditures in 161, please make your requests in a timely manner and take into consideration the amount of time that is needed for the third party transaction to occur. This will cut down on the amount of overdrafts that occur.

As of June 30th, each fiscal year, Trust Fund accounts can not have a negative income cash balance, thus your help in monitoring the balances in fund 161/162 throughout the year is greatly appreciated.   

Questions about this policy can be directed to the Trust Funds accountant.