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Public Broadcasting at UW System

The UW System Board of Regents holds the broadcast licenses for 14 noncommercial educational broadcast stations located on UW Campuses throughout Wisconsin-13 radio and one television. (Seven of the radio stations are Wisconsin Public Radio affiliates, and WHA-TV is affiliated with Wisconsin Public Television .) UW stations are staffed with faculty, academic staff, and students. The stations not only produce and broadcast programs of educational and public service value to their listening and viewing communities, but they also serve as academic learning laboratories for UW journalism and mass communication students.

As the licensee, the Board of Regents is accountable to the FCC for compliance with all statutory and regulatory requirements. The Office of the Senior Vice President for Administration and Fiscal Affairs oversees regulatory compliance for the Board of Regents.

Table of Board of Regents-Licensed Stations

Station Campus Station Director Phone Type
WUEC U W-Eau Claire Dean Kallenbach 715 839-2936 WPR Affiliate
WHID U W-Green Bay Lisa Nalbandian

920 465-2444

WPR Affiliate
WLSU U W-La Crosse John Gaddo 608 785-8984 WPR Affiliate
WHA-TV U W-Extension James Steinbach 608 263-9598 WPT Affiliate
WHA-AM U W-Extension

Phil Corriveau

608 263-4199 WPR Affiliate
WUWM U W-Milwaukee Dave Edwards 414 227-3355 Milwaukee Public Radio - NPR Affiliate
WRST U W-Oshkosh Ben Jarman 920 424-7427 WPR Affiliate
WSUP U W-Platteville Art Ranney 608 342-1627 Student Station
WRFW U W-River Falls Richard Burgsteiner 715 425-3169 Student Station
WWSP U W-Stevens Point John Gosz 715 346-3920 Student Station
WVSS U W-Stout Dean Kallenbach 715 839-2936 WPR Affiliate
KUWS U W-Superior John Munson 715 394-8530 WPR Affiliate
WSUW U W-Whitewater Brian Lucas 262 472-1312 Student Station
WSUM U W-Madison Dave Black 608 262-1864 Student Station
SRI U W-Eau Claire ** J. Erik Hendrickson 715 836-5834 Student Station

** SRI solely streams broadcasts on the Internet, so it is not necessary to have an FCC license with the Board of Regents.

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