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Welcome to the SFS Operations Website!


As a part of our upgrade of the Shared Financial System (SFS) to PeopleSoft 9.1, we have also created a new SFS Operations website to provide you with all of the SFS business process documentation, forms, and news that you need in one easy-to-navigate location.  We have attempted to refresh and migrate all of the documentation from the previous Operations site, but if something is missing, or you're not sure where something is located, please contact us at  For any Financial procedures / policies that you can't find on this site, please visit

SFS is the Financial System of the University of Wisconsin System and is on PeopleSoft version 9.1.  The goal of SFS, and of the people who support it, is to provide a single integrated financial system that enables each institution to execute their core business processes in a streamlined and flexible environment that meets users' needs.


Calling all WISDM Users!!

We are currently working on a redesign of WISDM, called WISER. WISER has a sleek, modern interface and new or improved functionality. But we need your input to make it even better!

To provide feedback for what you'd like to see changed or to provide suggestions for new items, simply click the "Comment" button at the top of the page in which you have a suggestion and send us your feedback on the form provided. Please include "WISER" in the subject line and provide as much detail as you can, to help us. We appreciate it!!

WISDM Input needed

Activity Feed

We would also like to know what information you would like to see on an Activity Feed at the bottom of each page in WISDM. The activity feed would give you notifications of certain actions that occur on items you are interested in. Please let us know what sort of things you’d like to see here. To let us know, simply use the comment function in WISDM and add “Activity Feed” as your subject. Thanks!

Activity Feed for WISER


Tips and Tricks

Occasionally, when code or security changes are put into SFS, a user’s browser cache needs to be cleared in order to delete any previous “history” and force the browser to use the most current security or code. If an SFS support team member recommends that you “clear your cache”, the steps in the following link detail that process. Clearing Browser Cache (PDF; 2 pages)


Known Issues

The below section outlines any known issues in SFS and resolutions to the issues.

SFS Freeze with File Upload

Symptoms: When attempting to upload a file in SFS, the system will freeze up.

Fix:  Microsoft has just released the following patch: Please see your local help desk or computer support staff to implement this patch.


Run Controls on Queries Which Contain Prompts

Symptoms: When scheduling a query that contains prompts, if an existing run control is used that was also being used by another query with prompts, the run control becomes unusable. The query and all subsequent queries will fail with the error ""First operand of . is NULL, so cannot access member Criteria (180,236) PSQUERY.MAIN.GBL.default 190 0-01-01 ExecQry.OnExecute Name.ExecQuery PCPC:3354 Statement 74 Called from PSQUERY.MAIN.GBL.default 190 0-01-01 ExecQry.OnExecute Name.ExecQuery Statement 138"

Fix: Until this PS bug is resolved, users should create a new run control for that query or rename the query before scheduling it.