Office of Risk Management

Part 2 Property Programs

Subject: Commercial Pollution Legal Liability Policy

  1. Purpose:

    This page explains the Commercial Pollution Legal Liability Policy of the University of Wisconsin System and the procedures that institution risk managers should follow to receive the benefits of this coverage.

  2. Background:

    UW System Risk Management obtained the policy through Chartis Specialty Insurance Company.

  3. Policy Details:

    Carrier: Chartis Specialty Insurance Company

    Policy Date: May 3, 2013 to July 1, 2018

    Policy Limits: $15,000,000 each incident; $15,000,000 policy aggregate;
    Emergency response: $1,000,000 each incident without prior written consent.



    Coverages A) On-site cleanup of pollution conditions
      B) Legal liability for pollution conditions
      C) Emergency response costs
  4. Exclusions:
    Criminal fines, penalties and assessments
      Contractual liability
      Prior waste disposal activities
      Intentional noncompliance
      Internal expenses
      Insured vs. insured
      Asbestos and lead
      Employer liability
      Prior knowledge/Non-disclosure
      Identified underground storage tank
      Acquired properties
      Divested property
      Damage to insured's products and work
      Insured's professional services
      Products liability
      Property damage to conveyance

    TO REPORT A LOSS: Contact UWSA Office of Risk Management

    For more detail on policy coverage please contact UWSA Office of Risk Management.

  5. Procedures:

    1. Loss Reporting

      In the event of a loss or discovery of a pollution condition, immediately notify the UWSA Office of Risk Management so Chartis Specialty Insurance Company may be contacted. Initial notice must be given by phone immediately upon discovery of the loss. Give immediate notice to UWSA Office of Risk Management at work or home if you interpret the loss as serious in nature. Initial notice should include the following details:

      • Description of pollution condition, claim or emergency response cost (spill, discovery of contamination, receipt of Notice of Claim, etc.)
      • Time of occurrence of the pollution condition
      • Location of occurrence of the pollution condition
      • Cause of the pollution condition
      • Other relevant circumstances
      • Name, phone number and email address of the institution contact person

      As soon as possible, but within three calendar days of the loss, written notification should be sent to UWSA Office of Risk Management providing the above information plus any other details of the loss, status of the loss inspection and settlement procedures.

      When emergency response costs have been incurred, written notification must also include technical reports, laboratory data, field notes, expert reports, investigations, data collection, regulatory correspondence and any other documents related to the emergency response costs.

    2. Change in underground storage tank status

      Any change in underground storage tank status on your campus, especially installation of a new tank or acquisition of an existing tank must be reported to UWSA Office of Risk Management immediately. To report installation, acquisition or change in status of an underground storage tank, you may use the form below, call 608-263-4419 or email

      UST Status Change Notification

    3. Property lease or acquisition

      If your campus purchases or leases a new property, please notify UWSA Office of Risk Management so the property can be listed on the policy.

      Request to Add New Facility (leased)

      Request to Add New Facility (owned)


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Updated 9/13