Office of Risk Management

UW Approved Pilot Program Cover Letter



Re: UW Approved Pilot Program

The State of Wisconsin provides excess liability protection for approved pilots flying a private aircraft on University business. To determine eligibility for this protection, you must submit the enclosed forms attesting to your pilot history, experience, certificates, and ratings. Only approved pilots will receive travel reimbursement for their trips

Please provide us with the following:

  1. A completed Pilot History Data form. (Although you may have completed one in the past, we're asking for additional information this year, so please complete the form again.)

  2. A completed UW Pilot Questionnaire.

For initial and annual approval under this program the following requirements are currently in effect:

  1. Possess a private or more advanced pilot certificate and a valid FAA medical certificate. In addition, the pilot must have logged the following minimal hours of pilot-in-command (PIC) time: 50 hours beyond the private certificate; at least 50 hours in cross country flights (each flight with a landing at a point more than 50 nm from the original departure point); and a minimum of 36 hours during the past 12 months (pilots with at least 400 hours total time may substitute a Biennial Flight Review endorsement for up to 12 of the 36 hours).

  2. Submit completed copies of the Pilot Questionnaire and a Pilot History Data form (initially and annually).

  3. Primary insurance requirements for all private aircraft to be flown on University business:

    1. Owned or club aircraft: Submit a certificate of liability insurance or a photocopy of the policy's declarations page (initially and whenever policy terms change, a new policy is obtained, or an existing policy is reissued).

    2. Rental aircraft: Submit a certificate of renter's liability insurance (initially and whenever policy terms change, a new policy is obtained, or an existing policy is reissued.)

    3. Institution approved flights to and from proposed destinations within or outside the boundaries of the State of Wisconsin requires the following insurance coverage.

      • Minimum primary insurance required is $5 million in limits for propped aircraft and $25 million for jet aircraft.

  4. Comply with one of the flight check requirements listed below during the preceding 12 months (note that all of the flight checks listed must be completed by a certified flight instructor).

    1. Have passed a biennial flight review (BFR) or an equivalent Wings Phase, as appropriate.

    2. Have passed a flight check (other than an aircraft check-out) or an instrument competency check.

    3. Have passed a flight test for a more advanced certificate or rating (airplane).

  5. Attend a minimum of 2 three-hour safety seminars during the 12 months preceding application (a seminar which includes 6 or more hours of instruction satisfies this requirement).

    1. Examples of acceptable seminars are: DOT/FAA sponsored safety seminars; pilot controller seminars; a factory ground school if specific to an aircraft type; a formal CFI refresher.

    2. Examples of activities that do not satisfy this requirement are: BFR; flight checks; instrument competency checks; aircraft checkouts; flight check rides for a new rating or certificate; ground or flight instruction for an additional rating or certificate.

For pilots currently on the University's approved list, this request goes out annually at the beginning of the calendar year. However, pilots can be approved or reinstated anytime during the year provided they meet the above requirements.

A copy of the Operational and Flight Rules, governing flights by university employees utilizing private aircraft for university business is enclosed. Please keep this copy for reference.

Upon receipt of the completed application, your forms will be reviewed by the *University aviation consultant who will forward them to System Risk Management with a recommendation. After review and approval, System Risk Management will provide the institution risk manager, preaudit supervisors and travel auditors with a list of approved pilots.

*The University aviation consultant is Daniel G. Dudley, P.E., Phone (608) 263-2359. Electronic mail: Feel free to contact him with your questions regarding the technical requirements.

All approval procedural questions should be directed to David Pulda, System Risk Manager, (608) 263-4381 or via e-mail: