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Office of Risk Management

Appendix A

HFS 175.03 Definitions

5 d) tournaments, competitions, visitation/recruitment, campus conferences. Open for additions.

HFS 175.13 Safety and supervision (1) Camper Supervision. One staff member, 18 years of age or older, excluding kitchen and maintenance staff, shall be provided, for non-instructional periods, for every 24 campers under age 18, except that for campers 6 years of age and under there shall be one staff member for every 4 campers or fraction thereof.

HFS 175.14 Health (1) Health Services. (a) Before the opening of camp, or at least annually, the camp operator shall provide written protocols for medical care by a local health care professional and for emergency admission to a medical care facility.

Note under (2) Health History is changed to:
Except in family camping programs, each camper under 18 years of age shall, upon arrival at the camp, present a completed Health History Questionnaire, that describes any physical condition, medications or allergies requiring special consideration.

Note: It is recommended that each camper, upon arrival at the camp, also present a written report of a physical examination performed within the preceding 24 months by a physician, a physician assistant or a registered nurse.

(5) Health Care.
(b) Health services staff qualifications...the on-site health services staff shall include at least one of the following:

  • a physician licensed in Wisconsin, or
  • a registered nurse licensed in Wisconsin, or
  • a nurse practitioner licensed in Wisconsin, or
  • a physician's assistant licensed in Wisconsin, or
  • a National Athletic Trainers Association certified trainer, or
  • a person possessing a certificate indicating the completion of the American Red Cross Responding to Emergencies course or equivalent, and a current certificate from the American Red Cross for CPR for the Professional Rescuer or the American Heart Association for Health Care Provider CPR or equivalent age appropriate cardiopulmonary resuscitation.

5(c) Persons holding a current certificate for the completion of the Red Cross Community First-aid and Safety Course or equivalent and a current certificate for the completion of a course for adult, child, and infant cardiopulmonary resuscitation may serve as health services staff.

5(d) Health services staff as designated by the campus health care provider.

5(e) A local health care professional as listed in sub.(5)(b) shall be accessible at all times while the camp is in operation.

(6)(b) Prescription medications brought to camp by a camper under 14 years of age shall be kept in a locked unit and shall be administered as established by a written protocol. Exceptions would be for a limited amount of medication for life-threatening conditions carried by a camper (e.g. bee sting, medication inhaler). Non - prescription medications or devices may be carried by the camper, provided a Medication Consent Form has been signed by a parent or guardian.

(7)(a) The institution within its protocol, shall keep available the health history required under sub. (2) for each camper.