Office of Risk Management

Staff listing: Office of Risk Management

University of Wisconsin System Administration
Office of Risk Management
780 Regent Street, Suite 105
Madison, WI 53715-1233

The Office of Risk Management staff is available from 7:45 to 4:30 Monday through Friday. If your browser supports e-mail functions, you may send e-mail to any of the persons listed below by selecting their name.

Dave Pulda, Director (608) 263-4381

Dorothy Cotillier, Risk Management Specialist (608) 263-4377

Dawn Hass, WC Claims Examiner (608) 262-9004

Dawn Holt, Risk Mgmt. Spec./ Ergonomic Specialist (608) 265-4658

Donna Iverson, WC Claims Examiner (608) 265-3575

Tom Joestgen, Risk and Worker's Comp. Manager (608) 890-4792 (office)

Daniel Karamanski, Occupational Safety and Health Manager (608) 262-4792

Alisa Kemnitz, WC Claims Examiner (608) 263-1174

Eileen Norby, Waste Minimization Manager (608) 262-8252

Ralph North, Environmental Specialist (608) 263-4419