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Autodesk, Landcadd and Cadsoft Software, 09-2011

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CONTRACT NO. 09-2011


DATE: July 26, 2007

SERVICE: AUTODESK, ADI PROGRAM for the University of Wisconsin – System-wide

The ADI (Autodesk Design Institute) will allow unlimited software usage across the UW System to provide unlimited use of the ADI software (which is listed on the next page) to all campuses and non

it UW System facilities (classrooms, libraries, and dorms).  This leased software would be installed only on UW-owned PCs and servers.

The software is available on Windows 2000, XP Home and Professional Version and Vista  Operating Systems.

CONTRACT PERIOD: August 1, 2008 through August 17, 2011

Autodesk License Agreements

P.O. Box 259508
Madison, WI   53725-9508

Scott Mullenberg
Phone: 800-873-7238, Ext. 2729
Fax: 608-210-2810

FEE: The UW System will pay an annual fee of $166,500 per year for a total cost of $499,500 for unlimited usage.

ORDERING: Campus will contact Point of Contact on their campus or, if not known, contact MasterGraphics.

DEPLOYMENT: Autodesk will deploy the software and offer installation instructions to the Points of Contact on Campus where desired.

TRACKING: MasterGraphics will track the software.

MEDIA SETS: Autodesk will provide 1 media set to each UW campus with copying rights.  New media sets will be issued each update.  Old media sets do not need to be returned.  Additional sets are available at $100.00/package.  Software may also be updated from Autodesk’s web site from time to time.

POINTS OF CONTACT: Autodesk will provide 40 Points of Contact (POC) which the UW System will divide between the campuses.

TRAINING: Training will be provided by MasterGraphics for the primary products in the ADI suite.

Training sessions may be purchased for $950.00/session.

The training sessions should be limited to 20 people per session and may be held on campus or at a regional site although some campuses may wish to utilize distance learning facilities to save time and cost for training.  Each session will last approximately 8 hours.  In cases where Autodesk is providing training, the length and number of sessions may vary. 

Facilities for training must provide suitable CAD labs running the approximate/current Autodesk software products.  The host facility must be provided at no cost to MasterGraphics Technologies.

MasterGraphics offers training at their locations at a price of $150.00/day with a maximum price of $350.00,e.g, if you have a 3 or 4-day training class the cost will only be $350.00.

SUPPORT: Campus may contact MasterGraphics as a first contact for support at 800/873-7238.  If they cannot help you, the can help you locate the correct person at Autodesk.
Technical support is available Monday-Friday from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM Central Time to the 40 Points of Contact (to be distributed throughout the campuses) via a toll free number that will be provided to them.  These POC’s may place an unlimited number of calls to the 800 number provided.  Only Points of Contact may call for technical support.


PROCUREMENT CARDS: Procurement Cards may be used for this contract.

PRODUCT LISTING: The products listed below are primary to the ADI product make-up and would be considered the most useful and desired products in the educational design market.


Architecture and Engineering:
AutoCAD Architecture
Revit Architecture
Revit Structure
AutoCAD Revit MEP Suite
Revit Architecture Education Curriculum
Revit Architecture Sustainable Design Curriculum
Revit Architecture Visualization supplemental Curriculum
Revit Structure and Revit Architecture BIM Curricula

Mechanical Engineering

Autodesk Inventor Professional
AutoCAD Electrical
Autodesk Inventor Education Curriculum

Civil and Structural Engineering and Geospatial                                                    

AutoCAD Civil 3D
AutoCAD Raster Design
AutoCAD Map 3D
AutoCAD Civil 3D Education Curriculum

Industrial Design

Autodesk AutoStudio
Autodesk AliasStudio Education Curriculum

 Additional Products and Curricula

Autodesk 3ds Max Design (includes VIZ)
Autodesk 3ds Max for Design Visualization Curriculum
Autodesk SketchBook Professional
Autodesk Impression
Autodesk Design Review

System Solution

USAGE: Faculty and staff have the ability to load software on their school-owned PC in their office, classroom and lab.  This is outlined further in the Installation Guide.

Students will access the software in labs and classrooms via the institution’s network server managed by institution personnel.

Graduate students who are using a campus-owned PC or laptop will be able to have a copy of the software on their computer

HOME USE RIGHTS: Full time instructors of courses utilizing the Autodesk Educational Subscription Program Software are permitted to install one (1) copy on instructor’s  personal computer.  This is for learning/planning and curriculum development.  The home use option does not apply to students; additional student programs are available.

SUPPORT AND INSTALLATION: You may contact MasterGraphics initially at 800/873-7238.   
Please see installation guidelines before installing the software.  The Autodesk web address is below and the keyword is “install”.

For assistance in installation, contact MasterGraphics at 800-377-6364 or e-mail at

For further information contact:

Melissa Viken
UW System Purchasing
Telephone: 608-263-4380