Office of the President

Statement by UW System Board of Regents Vice President Regina Millner

July 30, 2013

Thank you, Regent President Falbo.  And thank you, President Reilly, for your leadership to UW System and its campuses these many years.

I would like to underscore a few key points that deserve our attention.

First, let there be no mistake… globally and nationally, UW System enjoys a reputation for excellence second to none. Here in Wisconsin, citizens from all walks of life are proud of their own “UW” and proud of other UW campuses throughout the state. They understand and appreciate the university’s economic impact and they value high-quality educational options available to their children and grandchildren.

We have high-performing public universities in Wisconsin.   Our annual accountability reports for UW campuses provide numerous detailed metrics, showing how each campus typically meets or exceeds benchmarks set by their national peers.  These reports, started at UW System in 1993, are another example of System’s innovative leadership in higher education, and during President Reilly’s tenure, these “dashboards” have been expanded, refined and improved.

Second, we should all be impressed by what is happening at each of our campuses across the state.  Over the past nine years we have seen expanded enrollment, improved transfer opportunities, developed creative educational offerings, boosted economic outreach, and grown research funding. That research funding is growing at our doctoral research universities – UW-Madison and UW-Milwaukee – and it is increasing at the four-year comprehensive universities.  All this success speaks to talented leadership here at UW System and at all our university campuses.

I believe President Reilly’s important role of putting in place talented leadership, our campus chancellors, is one of his greatest legacies.   All but two of the current UW chancellors were recruited and hired by President Reilly.  In addition, their skills have been leveraged through President Reilly’s collaborative style. We are all impressed by the way he interacts with campus leaders and how he engages them in shaping UW System’s strategic direction.  

Over the past year, I’ve had the great pleasure of visiting each of our 13 four-year campuses and I can tell you that these UW chancellors have proven themselves to be strong, effective leaders – powerful advocates for their students and their institutions.

Those UW leaders are in place as a result of President Reilly’s efforts. They represent an important and impressive legacy that will endure for many years.  

Thank you, Kevin, and our best wishes for you and Kate.