Brittingham Art Invitational
UW System

Red-work: Pink Roses

Red-work: Pink Roses, 2001, mixed media on textile, 23 x 24 inches, $1,500

Marna Goldstein Brauner

Marna Goldstein Brauner is a professor of art at UW-Milwaukee. She received her B.F.A. in fine arts from the School of The Art Institute of Chicago and her M.F.A. in textiles from California College of Arts and Crafts. She modifies handcrafted textiles to create objects that often concern the inevitability of death.
the Brittingham House

Red-work: Purple Mums

Red-work: Purple Mums, 2001, textile, 22 x 15 inches, $1,000

  2002-2003 Brittingham Art Invitational - Featured Artists