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Brittingham House
Brittingham House

Curator's Statement

The Brittingham Art Invitational has grown! Now in its second year, the current Invitational highlights the works of 44 artist/educators from throughout the UW System who together form an eclectic approach to art making. The visions these artists seek to communicate are diverse, while the works themselves are united by a high standard of technical skill and a refreshing and honest approach to subject matter.

Art, by its very nature, reflects the culture and times in which it is created. The diverse issues that clamor for attention in the United States today are reflected in the pieces shown here. The wide range of themes is characteristic of the present day art world: social and political issues, nature and the environment, individualism, technology, beauty and fantasy are all represented here. The best art has the power to grab the attention of its audience and introduce new ways of seeing. The viewer who takes the time to study and reflect on the works presented here will be richly rewarded.

Grateful acknowledgement is due to UW System President Katharine C. Lyall for making this exhibition possible. Special thanks goes to University Relations Vice President Linda Weimer, Special Assistant Laurie Dies and Administrative Program Specialist Lorraine Cadwallader for their hard work in organizing this exhibition. A final acknowledgement goes to Kate Kail, Associate University Relations Specialist, and the staff at UW-Madison University Communications for their help in the promotion of this project.

Christie Charbonneau Wells

Brittingham Art Invitational Selection Committee

Lorraine Cadwallader
Administrative Program Specialist
University Relations, UW System

Laurie Dies
Special Assistant to the Vice President
University Relations, UW System

Director, Women's Studies Consortium, UW System
Artist and Former Art Faculty member, Lawrence University

Charbonneau Wells
Guest Curator
Artist and Former Curator, Indiana State University Permanent Collection
  2002-2003 Brittingham Art Invitational - Featured Artists