UPS Recommendations (April/May 2012)


During the 2011 fall semester, each institution (not including UW-Madison) completed a current state assessment. Each individual report was reviewed, and duplicate and extraneous comments were deleted. The assessments were then combined into a single report that categorized current state problems, symptoms, and limitations.

Chaired by members of the UPS Project Team, six work groups were formed with membership from across the UW System. The current state assessment findings has served as the foundation of each work group focus. Each work group was charged with the responsibility of reviewing issues identified in the current state assessment, assessing the priority of when each issue should be addressed in the new personnel systems and making recommendations on what solutions should be pursued. The work groups were to make their initial recommendations no later than Friday, March 16, 2012.


Each work group devoted a great deal of time and effort in formulating the initial work group recommendations. The review process that will occur at each institution over the next several weeks will help further refine these recommendations. No doubt some recommendations will stay as they are written, some will be modified, and some will not be used at this time. The work group recommendations are linked below:

Benefits Work Group Recommendations 
Compensation Work Group Recommendations
Employee Categories Work Group Recommendations
Employee Environment Work Group Recommendations
Employee Movement Work Group Recommendations
Recruitment and Assessment Work Group Recommendations

JUNE 1, 2012 UPDATE: The feedback survey is now closed.  Thank you to all who participated.

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Next Steps After Stakeholder Review

Over the summer, the recommendations and all feedback will undergo an intensive review resulting in a more detailed University Personnel System that will undergo another round of stakeholder review in fall with the final recommendations going to the Board of Regents in December, 2012 and the Legislature’s Joint Committee on Employment Relations early in 2013.  For a complete timeline overview, click here.