University Relations


Mailing address:
1700 Van Hise Hall
1220 Linden Drive
Madison, WI  53706

Tel: 608-263-5512
Toll-free: 800-442-6461
Fax: 608-262-3985

Photo of James Villa

  • James Villa
    Vice President for University Relations
    1760 Van Hise Hall
  • Provide overall team leadership
  • Advise the President and other UW System officials

Photo of Kristine Andrews

  • Kris Andrews
    Associate Vice President for Federal and Corporate Relations
    1764 Van Hise Hall
  • Oversee UW System’s federal and corporate relations
  • Liaison to federal delegation and UW System grant administrators

  • Amanda Berry
    Digital Content Manager
    1654 Van Hise Hall
  • Manage overall digital content and strategy
  • Web team supervisor

Photo of David Brukardt

  • David Brukardt
    Associate Vice President for Economic Development
    1660 Van Hise Hall
  • Strengthen relationships between university system and businesses statewide
  • Partner between UW System and Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation (WEDC)

Photo of Jeff Buhrandt

  • Jeff Buhrandt
    Special Assistant for State Relations
    1740 Van Hise Hall
  • Legislative Liaison to the Wisconsin State Legislature
  • Legislative Communications

Photo of John N. Diamond

  • John N. Diamond
    Interim Associate Vice President for External Relations and Strategic Communications
    1762 Van Hise Hall
  • Assist in coordinating strategic communications

  • James Hughes
    Principal Web Systems Engineer
    780 Regent St., Suite 246
  • Lead developement of web systems and applications
  • Lead systems analyst and architect

Photo of Rachel Klingler

  • Rachel Klingler
    Web Trainer
    780 Regent St., Suite 246
  • Leads web training

Photo of Heather LaRoi

  • Heather LaRoi
    Strategic Communications Manager
    1748 Van Hise Hall
  • External communications
  • Media relations

Photo of Jennifer Moore

  • Jennifer Moore
    Web Writer/Editor
    1608 Van Hise Hall
  • Communications, web, and publication support
  • Editor for staff and systemwide newsletters
  • Internal communications

Photo of Kristie Nielson

  • Kristie Nielson Corning
    Executive Staff Assistant
    1700 Van Hise Hall
  • Administrative support for the vice president and University Relations staff
  • Back-up support to Office of the President

Photo of Nick Probst

  • Nicholas Probst
    Special Assistant for State Relations
    1744 Van Hise Hall
  • Legislative Liaison to the Wisconsin State Legislature
  • Legislative Communications

  • Monica Rice
    Program Assistant-Confidential
    780 Regent St; Suite 224
  • Administrative support for Economic Development, Federal and Corporate Relations

Photo of Karin Wrzesinski

  • Karin Wrzesinski
    Graphic Designer
    780 Regent St., Suite 246
  • Print design, brand and identity development
  • Front-end web design and development