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WTF / WTS 2008-09 Program Details

The Wisconsin Teaching Fellows group will include outstanding early-career, untenured faculty and teaching academic staff who show exceptional promise as college teachers.  They should be interested in SoTL research and in examining the issues faced by early-career faculty. The Wisconsin Teaching Scholars group will include tenured faculty and teaching academic staff with at least 10 years of college teaching.  Candidates must be exceptional teachers who already contribute their expertise and leadership publicly.  They should be familiar with Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL) research.  Each Fellow and Scholar undertakes a significant SoTL project, records the project’s progress on an electronic poster tool, and disseminates the results in public forums.  Teaching Fellows and Scholars are expected to serve as leaders and mentors in UW System SoTL work. 

Each UW Institution may name one Fellow and one Scholar for the 2008-09 Program.  Each Fellow and Scholar will receive $4,000 in financial support from their institution and a $500 S&E grant from OPID.

The Call for Nominations for 2008-09 was sent out to the Provosts on September 28, 2007 with a response due date of November 16, 2007.

To Apply:  Contact your Provost's office for application forms and campus deadline.


2008-09 Program 

  • Attendance at four OPID-sponsored events throughout the year:
    • Faculty College, May 27-May 30, 2008, UW-Richland
    • Wisconsin Teaching Fellows and Scholars (WTF / WTS) Summer Institute, June 23-27, 2008, UW-Madison
    • WTF / WTS Fall Seminar (TBA)
    • OPID Spring 2009 Conference and final WTF / WTS meeting (TBA)
  • Completion of a SoTL project with public dissemination of results
  • Recording of SoTL project's progress in electronic poster tool throughout the Program year


Fellows Scholars
  • Full-time, untenured faculty or teaching academic staff with at least one year teaching at their current campus
  • Evidence of excellent teaching
  • Knowledge of and interest in the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning
  • Interest in early-career issues
  • Tenured faculty or teaching academic staff with at least ten years of teaching experience
  • Knowledge of and interest in the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning
  • Demonstrated success in implementing and disseminating teaching and learning innovations
  • A record of campus leadership on issues of teaching and learning

Value to 

The Wisconsin Teaching Fellows and Scholars Program benefits the institutions in the following ways:

  • Raises the profile of teaching on the campuses;
  • Calls campus attention to the importance of student learning and excellent teaching;
  • Identifies and rewards a cadre of quality teachers who model and publicly demonstrate outstanding teaching, share their knowledge and expertise, and become leaders at their institutions and throughout the System;
  • Invests in the creation of long-term, productive relationships between instructors and their institutions, thus helping to retain the best and the brightest;
  • Builds Scholarship of Teaching and Learning involvement on each campus; and
  • Responds to requests made over the years to OPID from administrators and faculty to find ways to reward and to address the needs of faculty and instructional staff who are at the mid-point of their careers.

Surveys reveal that a significant number of former Fellows have received outstanding teaching awards. Many have become leaders in faculty development efforts on their own campuses, and have been instrumental in connecting their institutions to national efforts to support excellent teaching and the national SOTL initiative.



Fellows Scholars

Jane Ewens, former Chair of the University of Wisconsin Colleges Psychology Department and frequent presenter for OPID events, directs the program, with additional staff and program support from OPID.

Nancy Chick, Associate Professor of English, UW-Barron County and member of the OPID Executive Committee, is directing this program with additional staff and program support from OPID.

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