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Wisconsin Teaching Fellows Directory
1984-85 to 2011-12

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UW Colleges 

Year Name Discipline Project Title / Abstract*


Jessica Lyn Van Slooten English  
2010-11 Kathy Immel - Fox Valley Psychology Changes in Students' Levels of Empathy and Attitudes Toward Mental Illness in an Abnormal Psychology Course
" Kirthi Premadasa - Marathon County Mathematics NA
2009-10 Karley Adney English Multigenre Paper
2008-09 John Pruitt - Rock County English How might removing instructor-imposed guidelines affect argument development and creative and critical thinking?
2007-08 Norlene Emerson - Richland Geography and Geology Will the use of concept sketches help to identify and improve entry-level geoscience students' conceptions of plate tectonics?
2006-07 Tracy White - Barron County Biological Sciences Abstract
2005-06 Martin D. Rudd - Fox Valley Chemistry Abstract
2004-05 Holly Hassel - Marathon County English NA
2003-04 Robin Roberts - Marshfield / Wood County
Communication & Theatre Arts NA
2002-03 Kimberly Dirlam-Schatz - Fox Valley Chemistry NA
2001-02 Nancy Chick - Barron County English NA
2000-01 Mark Beintema -
Fox Valley
Mathematics NA

Diana Henke - Sheboygan County

Business NA

Thomas Pleger - Fox Valley

Anthropology NA

Marnie Dresser - Richland

English Creativity Exercises for the Classroom

Sarah J. Rudolph - Marathon County

Communication Arts NA
1997-98 Cary Komoto - Barron County Geography Enhancing Student Learning with Personal Computers in the Geography Classroom
" Kim Kosta - Rock County Chemistry Reforming General Chemistry at UWC-Rock to Reflect Modern Student Needs
1996-97 Daniel Domin - Manitowoc County Chemistry Using the Chemistry Laboratory to Develop and Assess Higher-Order Cognitive Skills
" Sue Patrick -
Barron County
History Improving an Interdisciplinary Learning Cluster

Jeff Kleiman - Marshfield

History Linked Courses and Enhanced Student Comprehension
1993-94 Shirley-Anne Hensch - Marshfield / Wood County Psychology Evaluating the Antecedents of Critical Thinking Skills
" Catherine Leone - Manitowoc County Anthropology & Sociology Explore the Relationship between Research Experience & Student Learning in an Introductory Course in Cultural Anthropology
1992-93 Keith Montgomery - Marathon County Geography/Geology Develop Critical Thinking Skills in Laboratory Exercises in Introductory Physical Geography & Geology Courses
1991-92 William Ryland Drennan -
Baraboo/Sauk County
English Mainstreaming Freshman Remedial Composition Students
" Kenneth Hill** -
Fond du Lac
Communications Improving Teaching Through Theatre Techniques
1990-91 Michael J. Miller - Fox Valley Business Administration Explore Issue of Feedback in the Classroom and Feedback as a Learning Tool
1989-90 Michael P. Nofz - Fond du Lac Sociology Self-Assessment of Students
1988-89 James E. Betts** - Fond du Lac Music Review Computer-Assisted Instruction in Music
" Mark T. Brown - Marathon County Philosophy Feminist Pedagogy as an Approach to Teaching Value-Laden Courses in the Humanities
1987-88 Bruce Browne - Sheboygan County Communication Applications of Cooperative Learning to Arts Curriculum
" Eric Kraemer - Washington County
(Now at UW-La Crosse)
Philosophy Looking at Special Problems in Teaching Philosophy
1986-87 Susan Brodie - Washington County English Aid Students' Cognitive Growth by Exploring Current Theories of Teaching Composition
" Frank Gonzalez - Marathon County Engineering & Mathematics Techniques for Integrating Computer Graphics into the Math Curriculum
" David H. Kessel - Marinette County Sociology & Political Science "Learning Through Personal Response"; Statewide Survey of Teaching Techniques to Help Students Develop Critical Consciousness
1985-86 Michael Cahill - Washington County Physics Methods for Encouraging Axiomatic Thinking
" Jane Holbrook (Mentor) - Waukesha County Psychology Reflections on "Covering the Materials," Feminist Pedagogy
" Linda Reinhardt -
Rock County
Psychology Lecture/Presentation Styles
1983-85 Daniel Atwood - Rock County English NA
" Gary Britton (Mentor) - Washington County Mathematics NA
" Rotraut Cahill - Washington County Mathematics & Computer Science NA
" Dion Kempthorne (Mentor) - Washington County (Now at UW Center-Richland Center) English NA
" Roger Peterson - Washington County Mathematics NA
" Jane Oitzinger - Marinette County English & Philosophy NA


UW-Eau Claire 

Year Name Discipline Project Title / Abstract*
2011-12 Ruth Cronje English  
2010-11 Mary Beth Leibham Psychology The Relationship Between College Students' Instructional
Preferences and Epistemological Development
2009-10 Jessica S. Miller Foreign Languages Teaching Pronunciation in a Beginner French Course
2008-09 Christa Garvey Music and Theatre Arts Watching Chamber Music: Videotaping to investigate the teaching and learning process in student rehearsals
2007-08 Kristin Schaupp Philosophy & Religious Studies What are student perceptions of philosophy in introductory philosophy courses?
" Cornelia [lia] W. Johnson Art & Design What are the differences in affective belief change about art education and in content knowledge acquisition in the same course taught in two different time frames?
Mitra Sadeghpour
Music and Theatre Arts
Melissa Bonstead-Bruns Sociology Abstract
Simei Tong Mathematics NA
Ingrid Ulstad Accounting & Finance NA
Katherine Rhoades Foundations of Education NA
" Amy Krist Biology NA
Chisty Carello Biology NA
J.Erik Hendrickson Physics and Astronomy NA
" Kate Lang History NA
Paula Kleintjes Biology NA
" Donald Mowry Social Work Technology in the Social Work Classroom
Johannes Strohschank Foreign Languages Improving Student Performance Outside the Classroom
Robert Knight Music & Theatre Arts Teaching Strategies and Materials for Applied Voice Lessons
" Lee Anna Rasar Allied Health Professions Integration/Application of Knowledge Learned
Lisa LaSalle Communication Disorders Facilitation of Effective Discussions with Upper-level Undergraduates
Timothy Lane Music Research in the Field of Ethnomusicology to Prepare for a New Course and to Review the Music Department's Music History Sequence
Winifred Morse Nursing Develop Student Self-Assessment Skills
Margaret Gilkison Political Science How to Conduct Scientific Research
" CeCelia Zorn General Nursing Cooperative Learning
Linda Carpenter Communication Disorders Internationalizing the Curriculum Goal
Leonard Gibbs (Mentor) Social Work Critical Thinking Across Disciplines
" Robert R. Lieske (Mentor) Nursing Use of Media in Teaching (Mentor)
" Joan Stehle Werner Nursing Higher Order Learning
" Karen Woodward Foreign Languages Video as a Stimulus for Learning



Year Name Discipline Project Title / Abstract*
2009-10 Terry Tao Continuing Education, Outreach & E-Learning Explore the relationship between students' online discussion and academic performance in an online course
2008-09 Art Lersch Community, Natural Resources, Economic Development Project Snapshot
2007-08 Nicole Marcisz Learning Innovations What factors affect a student's ability to perform critical thinking in an online course?
Penny Ralston-Berg
Learning Innovations
Examining Online Course Quality Design Features: What Student’s Find Most and Least Valuable
Molly Immendorf Technology Services Abstract


UW-Green Bay 

Year Name Discipline Project Title / Abstract*
2011-12 Timothy Dale Social Change and Development  
2010-11 Kimberly Baker Human Biology The Impact of Clicker Case Studies on Student Learning and Engagement in Introductory Biology
2009-10 Lucy Arendt Business Administration (Management)

Reflections – Seminar in Leadership Course

2008-09 Ryan C. Martin Human Development and Psychology Can role-plays be used to enhance students' understanding of mental illness?
2007-08 Kristin M. Vespia Psychology & Women's Studies What is the relationship between problem-based learning and changes in attitudes, knowledge, and skills in an undergraduate diversity course?
David Voelker
Humanistic Studies and History
For and Against: Assessing Student Understanding in Large Introductory Courses
2005-06 Denise Bartell Human Development Abstract
2004-05 Dean VonDras Human Development and Psychology Influence of Individualism-Collectivism on Learning Barriers and Self-Efficacy of Performance Ratings in an Introductory Life-Span Development Course
2003-04 Andrew Fiala Humanistic Studies NA
2002-03 Angela Bauer-Dantoin Human Biology NA
2001-02 Regan Gurung Human Development NA
" Aeron Haynie English NA
1999-00 Patricia A. Terry Natural and Applied Science NA
" Alla L. Wilson Management NA
1998-99 Adam Butler Public & Environmental Affairs NA
1997-98 Gregory Aldrete Humanistic Studies Making Ancient History Come Alive in a Contemporary Classroom
" Daniel Paul Schwartz Education Evaluating College Materials That Purport to Address the Issues of Multiculturalism
1996-97 Ed de St. Aubin Human Development & Psychology Cultivating Creative Scientific Minds Through an Integration of Student Experience and Empirical Rigor
1995-96 Denise Scheberle Public and Environmental Affairs Promoting a Sense of Citizenship, Involvement and Civic Responsibility in American Government Courses
1993-94 Jeffrey C. Aaron Education & Communication & Arts Interdisciplinary Approaches to Teaching Pre-Service Teachers
" Melissa Hickman Barlow Social Change & Development Strategies for Introducing Cultural Diversity into Classroom Teaching
1992-93 Francine M. Tompkins Education Develop and Implement Non-traditional Teaching and Assessment Activities into Educating Courses
1991-92 Jennifer Ham German & Humanistic Studies Develop New Strategies to Support Development of Linguistic Proficiency and Analytical Skills
" Hugh Miller
(Now at UW-Oshkosh)
Political Science/Urban & Public Affairs How Can Ethics Be Taught?
1990-91 Forrest Baulieu Mathematics Problem Solving Techniques in a Calculus Courses
" Harriet Wichowski Nursing Develop Senior Seminar: Health Viewed from a Global Perspective
1989-90 Julia Cruz Spanish Controversy in the Classroom
1986-87 Mark Fonder** Music Foundations of Aesthetics; An Interdisciplinary Course
" Joyce Salisbury History/Humanistic Studies Women's Occupations in the Middle Ages: A Slide Presentation
1983-85 Marge Engleman Outreach Program NA
" Gary Greif (Mentor) Philosophy NA
" Walter B. Groves** Social Change & Development NA
" Gerritt Knaap** Urban Studies NA
" Dean Rodeheaver Human Development NA
" Larry Smith (Mentor) Social Change & Development NA


UW-La Crosse 

Year Name Discipline Project Title / Abstract*
2011-12 Ray Block, Jr. Political Science and Public Administration  
2010-11 Jo Arney Political Science and Public Administration Does Active Learning in the Online Classroom Lead to Better Integration Skills for Students?
" Meredith Thomsen Biology Can a science writing assignment improve biology students' scientific self-efficacy?
2009-10 Sheryl Tuttle Ross Philosophy NA
2008-09 Shauna Sallmen Physics What aspects of astronomy (if any) do students view as relevant to them before class begins?
" Barbara Bennie Mathematics To what extent is the sampling distribution a threshold concept in Elementary Statistics?
2007-08 James Peirce Mathematics Does an introductory biomathematics course increase the ability to connect biological scenarios and mathematical models?
John Colton
2005-06 Brian Udermann Exercise and Sport Science NA
2004-05 Gwen Achenreiner Marketing NA
2003-04 Jasmine E. Saros
Biology NA
2002-03 Rhonda Knox Communication Studies NA
2001-02 Judy Beck Educational Studies NA
2000-01 Delores E. Heiden Curriculum & Instruction NA
" Leticia Peña Management NA
1999-00 Donna Anderson Economics NA
" Robert Hoar Mathematics NA
" Cambid J. Choy Art NA
1998-99 Susan Kelly Mathematics Writing-in-the-Major
" Rebecca Lewin LeDocq Mathematics Writing-in-the-Major
1996-97 Mark W. Chavalas History Using Primary & Secondary Sources Concerning Women in the Ancient World
1995-96 Cecilia Manrique Political Science/Women's Studies Using the Internet to Improve and Enhance Teaching
" Steven V. Simpson Recreation Management & Therapeutic Recreation Education Philosophy for Environmental Education
1994-95 Deborah D. Buffton History Introducing Critical Thinking into Classes with Large Enrollments
" Mary B. Hampton Economics Team Project-oriented College Course and Learning Communities
" Pamela H. Rogers Political Science & Public Administration Advising/Teaching Portfolios in a Learning Community
1993-94 James Finch Marketing & Business Administration Interactive Learning and Facilitating Critical Thinking
" Sharon Jessee English Develop Classroom Practices for an Introductory Literature Course Which Would Enrich Students' Responses and Analyses of Literary Texts
1992-93 Patricia M. Radecki English Write an Inquiry-based Textbook for an Upper Level Writing Class
1991-92 Dorothy Zeisler-Vralstad History Develop a Package of Primary Sources to be Used in a One-Year History Sequence
1990-91 Charles Lee History Critical Thinking: Theory and Practice in World History Survey Courses
" Sharon Scherwitz Philosophy Discussion in Large Classes Laura L. Nelson Speech & Theatre 1989-90 Critical Thinking
1989-90 Dean Garrett Stroud Foreign Language Cooperative Learning
1988-89 Laura Nelson Speech & Theatre Critical Thinking
1986-87 Alan Bigel Political Science Increasing Student Classroom Participation (Project also reviewed technological developments as they apply in instructional settings)
" William Cerbin Psychology Strategies for Improving Thinking Skills
1985-86 Jay V. Schindler Health Education Role Playing and Stress Management
" Lonny B. Winrich Computer Science Integrated Software for Computer-Assisted Instruction



Year Name Discipline Project Title / Abstract*
2011-12 Melanie Jones Psychology  
2009-10 Yedong (Terry) Tao Continuing Education, Outreach & E-Learning NA
2008-09 Nick Balster Soil Science Does past experience with the outdoors influence performance in environmental science courses at UW-Madison?
" Thomas J.D. Armbrecht French

Developing Signature Pedagogies For Graduate Student Seminars

2007-08 Teri Balser Soil Science Student attitude and awareness of environmental issues in a large introductory undergraduate environmental studies class
Katarzyna Olga Beilin
Spanish and Portuguese
2005-06 Jeffery B. Henriques Psychology NA
2004-05 Madeline Wong Geography NA
2002-03 Michel Wattiaux Dairy Science NA
1998-99 Antonia Schleicher African Languages & Literature NA
1997-98 James LaGro Landscape Architechture Defensible Design: Toward Scholarly Professional Education in a Normative Context
1996-97 Sheena Rogers Psychology Evaluating and Improving Student Writing in Psychology
1995-96 Richard W. Hartel Food Science Accommodating Different Learning Styles in Food Engineering
1994-95 Susan A. Nitzke Nutritional Sciences Critical Thinking Skills and Consumer Education
1993-94 Sundaram Gunasekaran Agricultural Engineering Learn Effective Teaching Skills to Develop New Courses which Focus More on the Biological Sciences
" Dianne McAfee Hopkins Library & Information Studies Student Evaluation and Teaching Methodology
1991-92 Nadine Nehls Nursing Explore Models of Clinical Instruction Being Used in University Schools of Nursing
1990-91 Diane Mason Veterinary Medicine Ethical Issues in Higher Education and Veterinary Medicine
1986-87 Robert Rosenthal** Veterinary Medicine Problem-Based Learning to Enhance the Higher-Level Thinking and Problem-Solving Skills of Veterinary Students
" Howard Stone** (Mentor) Medical Education Research & Development NA



Year Name Discipline Project Title / Abstract*
2011-12 Kathleen Farrell Whitworth French, Italian and Comparative Literature  
2010-11 Amy Mangrich Learning Technology Center Through a new lens: Using digital reflections to document student learning outcomes
2009-10 Kirk E. Harris Urban Planning Understanding the Predisposition of Master of Urban Planning (MUP) Students to Themes of Social Justice and Equity as a Strategy for Curriculum Enrichment and Student Development
2008-09 Thandeka K. Chapman Curriculum and Instruction Cultivating Qualitative Researchers to Conduct Relevant, Trustworthy Research
2007-08 Mesut Akdere Administrative Leadership Role of Learning Styles in Student Learning
Michelle Bolduc
French, Italian and Comparative Literature
Performing the Middle Ages and Student Learning
" Tania Mertzman Curriculum and Instruction NA
2005-06 Jeanne Schueller Foreign Languages and Linguistics Investigating an International E-Mail Exchange
2004-05 Linda Chesky English NA
2003-04 Nancy Rice Exceptional Education NA
2002-03 Grace La Architecture NA
2001-02 Janice Miller Business Administration NA
2000-01 Theresa Johnson Nursing NA
" Lawrence Kuiper French NA
1999-00 Judith T. Kenny Geography NA
1998-99 Peter Sands English NA
" Mike Allan Communications NA
1997-98 Claudia Barreto Biological Sciences Development of Effective Introductory Level Laboratory Science Courses
" Maureen Keyes Exceptional Education Transforming the Professional Teaching Behaviors of an Exceptional K-12 Educator: The Making of an Accomplished Professor
1996-97 Margaret Duncan Human Kinetics Storytelling as a Vehicle for Cultural Awareness
" Lee E. Ross Social Welfare Incorporating Multicultural Perspectives into the Criminal Justice Curriculum
1995-96 Kathryn Olson Communication Rethinking Approaches to Controversy & Communication in the Classroom
1994-95 A. Robert Lauer** Spanish & Portuguese Use of Multimedia to Enhance Student Interest and Measure Student Retention of Language Material
" Mark A. Mone Business Administration Exploring Strategies that Enable Students to Become Better Learners
" Virginia Carroll Stoffel Health Sciences Evaluating Student Learning in Psychosocial Occupational Therapy Courses
1993-94 Kathy Lassila Business Administration Computers Meet the Classroom: The Role of Information Technology in Education and Training
" Judith Winn Exceptional Education Explore Effective Ways of Developing Conceptions of Teacher as Mediator in Training Pre-Service Teacher Education Students
1992-93 Alice Gillam English/Comparative Literature Develop a Tutor Preparation Writing Cause for Undergraduates in Various Disciplines
" Ruth McShane Nursing Increasing Critical Thinking on the Classroom Through the Use of Interactive Video
" Paula M. Rhyner Communications Sciences & Disorders Fostering Critical Thinking in Undergraduate Courses on Child Language Development and Disorders
1991-92 Deborah Voltz Education Develop & Implement Teaching Procedures to Strengthen and Interface with Teacher Preparation Programs & K-12 Public Schools
" Nancey Green Leigh Architecture & Urban Planning Explore Teaching
Strategies as Well as Look at Issues of Racism and Sexism
1990-91 Terry D. Plater Urban Planning Global Education of Urban Planners
" William Van Pelt English Writing Instruction Across the Curriculum
1989-90 Carol Leonardelli Health Sciences Problem Solving & Professional Reasoning: Teaching for the Real World
" Cathy D. Meade Nursing Using Video
" Josef Stagg Architecture & Urban Planning Case Method
" Joan Wilk Nursing Use of Journals
1988-89 Joseph Patrick Gray Anthropology Integrating Computerized Databases in Large Lecture Courses
1987-88 Pamela Zwehl-Burke** Fine Arts Feminist Pedagogy in Designing a Course on Artist-Made Books
1986-87 Mary Mundt Nursing Use of Debate as a Teaching-Learning Strategy
" Thomas Smith** Social Welfare Peer-Evaluation Procedures for Skill-Development Courses
1983-85 Penelope Court** Theatre NA
" Diane Duffy** Nursing NA
" Gerard McKenna (Mentor)
(Now at UW-Stevens Point)
Fine Arts-Music NA
" Donna VanWynsberghe (Mentor) Biological Sciences NA
" Peter Wejksnora Biological Sciences NA



Year Name Discipline Project Title / Abstract*
2011-12 James Frey History  
" Jaehan Bae Art  
2010-11 Tracy Slagter Political Science Exploring Departmental Cultures
" Paul Van Auken Sociology and Environmental Studies Program Increasing Student Engagement: Is it Enough?
2009-10 Jennifer Considine Communication

What Do Students Really Do in Learning Groups? Using Audio Recording to Assess Student Learning


2005-06 Carol E. Seaman Mathematics Abstract
" Carmen Heider Communication Abstract
2004-05 Denise M. Clark Special Education NA
2003-04 Miles Maguire Journalism NA
2002-03 Andrezej Dziedzic Foreign Languages and Literatures NA
2001-02 Richard Paxton Educational Psychology NA
2000-01 Nancy Burnett Economics NA
" Mark Lattery Physics NA
1999-00 David Horner Psychology NA
" John Koker Mathematics NA
" Julie K. Henderson Journalism NA
1998-99 Jennifer Szydlik Mathematics Case Studies
" Dennis Rioux Physics/Astronomy Student Motivation
1997-98 Joan Mars Public Affairs Minorities & the Criminal Justice System
1996-97 Michael A. Burayidi Urban Studies Group Dynamics: Learning Skills for Promoting Effective Group Work Among Students
" Michael A. Eierman Management Information Interactive Case Studies for MI Systems
1994-95 Sandra K. Neuendorf Chemistry Examine Ideas for Improving Teaching Methods & Classroom Climate
1993-94 James Gross Operations Management Experiential Learning Methods in Production/Operation Management
1992-93 Lori J. Carrell Communication Communication in the UW College Classroom-Development of Resource Guide
1991-92 Mark Moilanen Art Research on Art History Instruction
" Nancy Schlapman Nursing Problem-Solving/ Creative Teaching Strategies
" JoAnna Spruill Education Explore Issues in Teaching Students with Disabilities
1990-91 Edward J. Gumz Social Work Develop Innovative Ways of Teaching Social Justice to Undergraduates
" Jeff W. Totten Marketing, Management & Human Resources How to Use, Guide & Grade Client-Sponsored Projects in the Undergraduate Marketing Research Course Manual
1989-90 Stephen J. Havlovic** Business Administration Alternative Methods of Evaluation
" Lisa K. Mayer Business Administration Experiential Learning
" Jayalakshmi Jambunathan Nursing Teaching/Learning Styles
" William E. Powell Social Work Humor & Play in the Classroom
1988-89 B.S. Sridhar Business Administration Relation of Case Analysis Technique to Other Pedagogical Approaches
" Jane P. Ward Social Work Conceptual Learning
1987-88 Lindle Hatton Business Administration Case Study Method in Teaching Management Principles
" Joan Johnson Nursing Writing Across the Curriculum
1986-87 Margaret Colucciello Nursing Intellectual Development as Related to Learning Environment
" Jerald Stark Sociology & Anthropology Develop a Proposal for a Demonstration Project in Curricular Reform
1985-86 Francis J. Timmers** Chemistry Computers in Freshman Chemistry Labs
1983-85 David Iaquinta Sociology & Anthropology NA
" Donald Martin (Mentor) Sociology & Anthropology NA
" Robert Moore Chemistry NA
" James Paulson Biochemical Science- Chemistry NA
" Gladys Perry** Business Administration- Finance NA
" David Ward (Mentor) (now in UW System Administration) Finance NA



Year Name Discipline Project Title / Abstract*
2011-12 Teresa Coronado English  
2010-11 Adrienne Viramontes Communications A Phenomenology of Teaching Communication:
Assessing Alternative Pedagogies
2009-10 Joe Bergeron Political Science & Law Student Understanding of Government Action and Identity Construction
2008-09 Dana M. Oswald English Reflective Writing and Metacognition in Literary Analysis
2007-08 Cathleen Folker Business How does a community-based-learning project impact learning and MBA student perceptions in an advanced strategic management course?
Sandy Moats
Learning American History through Visual Images
2005-06 Seif Da'Na Sociology Instructor's characteristics and students evaluations
2004-05 Pamala L. Handrow Interdisciplinary Studies Establishing an Effective Senior Seminar Program
2003-04 Theresa Castor Communication Making Student Thinking Visible Through Discussion
2002-03 Patrick Goldsmith Sociology NA
2001-02 Herbert Colston Psychology NA
2000-01 Fay Yokomizo Akindes Communication NA
1999-00 Alan Goldsmith Art NA
" Jonathan Olsen Political Science NA
1996-97 Thomas Quayle Molecular Genetics Restructuring of a Laboratory Course in DNA & RNA Molecular Biology
1995-96 Ngure wa Mwachofi Communication Writing Across the Curriculum, Cooperative Learning, Peer Teaching
1994-95 Nedra Cobb Music Implement Multicultural Concepts into Courses
" Helen Rosenberg Sociology Cooperative Learning and Independent Learning Strategies
1993-94 Monika Strom Communication Workbook Learning in Theory Overview Courses
" Dale Wheeler Chemistry Chemistry 101/102: Improving the Learning Experience
1992-93 Tomas Lopez-Pumarejo** Communication Develop Course on the Golden Era of Mexican Film
" Mian Yusuf Education Removal of Computer Anxiety Among Pre-ServiceTeachers
1991-92 Cynthia Tompkins Spanish Revise Course by Researching Ethnicity, Social Psychology, Cultural Studies, Feminist Epistemology & Pedagogy
1990-91 James Benjamin Kinchen, Jr. Music Review Literature on Music Learning from a Psychological & Sociological Perspective
" Mary Kay Schleiter Sociology / Anthropology Prepare to Teach New Course on Africans in American Society Process
1989-90 Lana F. Rakow** Communications Diversity in the Classroom
1988-89 Anne Austin Marketing Writing in the Classroom
" Constanz Hartney Education Stress & Anxiety in the College Classroom
1987-88 Benjamin Harris Psychology Develop a Course on "The History of Applied Psychology"
" Lisa Kornetsky Dramatic Arts Explore Techniques in Teaching Voice for the Actor
1986-87 Wendy Leeds-Hurwitz Communications Mechanics of Peer Teaching
1985-86 Walter Graffin English Students as Peer Tutors
" David S. Levin Philosophy Case Studies for Critical Thinking & Values Analysis
" Jeanne Lynn Thomas Psychology Evaluating Teaching
1983-85 Laura Gellott History NA
" Michael B. Gurtman Psychology NA
" Thomas Reeves (Mentor) History NA
" Donald Walter (Mentor) Psychology NA



Year Name Discipline Project Title / Abstract*
2011-12 Charles Steiner Agriculture  
2010-11 Irfan Ul-Haq Mathematics Do students learn from their mistakes? Can we help?
2009-10 Dale N. Buechler Electrical Engineering

Can Pen Tablets be Used to Improve the Access of Place-Bound Engineering Students?

" Kory Wein Humanities NA
2008-09 Sang Um Nam Communication Technologies How To Promote Creative and Critical Thinking in Graphical Software Application Classes
2007-08 Annie Kinwa-Muzinga Agriculture 1. Can the use of minute paper significantly improve student's learning in Introductory Class in Agribusiness? 2. Will it be possible to associate the investigated impact of minute paper with student's learning style?
Kristopher Wright
Improving Student Learning by Teaching Note-Taking and Study Skills
2005-06 John Tembei Animal Science Effect of Instant Feedback on Student Learning in Introduction to Animal Science
2004-05 Avuthu Rami Reddy Agriculture NA
2003-04 Patrick Glenn Hagen Humanities/German NA
2002-03 Esther Ofulue Biology NA
2001-02 Michael Compton Agriculture NA
1999-00 James P. Hamilton Chemistry & Engineering Physics NA
1997-98 Barry Ellis Fine Arts (Music) Examining Ensemble Rehearsal Procedures and Applying Them to the Undergraduate Conducting Class
" Virginia L. Snyder Biology Improving Pre-professional Education Through Service-Learning Curricula
1996-97 Sheela N. Yadav-Olney Industrial Engineering Connected Learning In the Classroom
1994-95 P.B. Ravikumar Engineering Development of Multimedia Based Instruction
" Mark G. Zidon Agricultural Sciences Explore Gender Bias Issues
1993-94 Abulkhair M. Masoon General Engineering Introduce Cooperative Learning Instructional Approaches in Mechanics Courses
" Susan Price Agriculture Science Train Faculty in the Use of Student Management Teams
1992-93 Sherrie Nicol Mathematics Extreme Mathematical Experiences & Teaching Strategies
1991-92 Stephanie Branson English Select Materials which Provide a Context for Student Compositions
1990-91 Ronald Eric Landrum Psychology Methods & Techniques of Improving Academic Instruction in Large Classroom Settings (Also, Critical Thinking & Writing Skills)
1989-90 Joyce F. Miller Chemistry Diversity in the Physical Science Classroom
1987-88 Jamie Doerge** Communication Assessment & Testing of Students
" Terrence Liska Economics Relative Effectiveness of In-Class Writing in Economic Classes
1986-87 Larry Holt** Education Administration Develop a Series of Guided Discovery & Small-Group Exercises to Enhance the Foundations of American Education Course
" Charles Schilling Business Administration Use of the Case Study Method for Teaching
1985-86 Ronald Capps Communication Small Group Leadership
" Barbara Parsons (Mentor) Philosophy Educating Human Values


UW-River Falls 

Year Name Discipline Project Title / Abstract*
2010-11 Melanie Ayres Psychology Does Use of "For and Against" Enhance Student's Critical Thinking in Developmental Psychology?
2009-10 Erick Hofacker Mathematics SoTL Study on Podcasting, Digital Ink, and Communication in Business Calculus
2008-09 Lissa Schneider-Rebozo English Performance and Contemporary World Poetry: Designing A New Environment for Student Learning in the Literature Classroom
2007-08 Evan Johnson Speech Communication &  Theatre Arts How effective are we at teaching the "mindset" shared by media production professionals?
Jude Rathburn
Strategic Management
(Business Administration)

Using Argument Mapping to Develop Critical Thinking Skills in Business Students

2005-06 Tim Buttles Agricultural Education Personal SWOT Analysis: A Tool to Facilitate Student Reflection
2004-05 Lisa Kroutil Chemistry NA
2002-03 Tricia Davis Sociology NA
2001-02 Cyndi Kernahan Psychology NA
2000-01 Bonnie Walters Food Science NA
1998-99 Jennifer Brantley English Invention and Revision Exercises for Creative Writing
1997-98 Jennifer E. Borup Social Work Teaching Diversity Content: Beyond Political Correctness
" Charles P. Corcoran Business Administration Improving Student Success in Business Courses
1996-97 Lynn M. Jermal Art/Art Education Art Education Leadership Materials for Preservice Education Programs
1995-96 Ruth A. Wood English Helping Freshmen Acclimate to College by Using Portfolio Assessment
1994-95 Steven R. Luebke English Exploring Strategies for Teaching College Writing Courses
" Qun Wang English Study Issues Revolving Around the Student-Centered Classroom
1993-94 Kelly Cain Plant & Earth Science Teaching Cultural Diversity: One White Male's Perspective
" Teri Crotty Educational Psychology Distance Learning for Teacher Education
1992-93 Teresa M. Brown English Teaching Gay and Lesbian Issues in the Undergraduate Classroom
1991-92 Kenneth W. Stofferahn Theatre Arts Incorporate Creative Discipline Methodologies into Teaching Technical Theatre Courses
1990-91 Robin E. Murray Speech Communication & Theatre Arts Will Incorporate Multi-Cultural Perspective into Theatre Courses
" Timothy E. Nissen Sociology & Social Work Develop a Comprehensive Understanding of Learning Styles
1989-90 Larry D. Harred English Political Implications of Competency Testing
" Karla Pfeiffer Zhe Health, Physical Education & Recreation Right Brain Creativity
1988-89 Africanus Okokon** Economics Student Evaluation
1987-88 Patricia Curtis** Food Science Develop Lab Manual for Food Analysis Class
" Ledda Moraga-Hope** Mathematics & Computer Systems Develop Computer Information System
1986-87 Mary-Alice Muraski Mathematics & Computer Systems "Metaphor and Analogy in Teaching" Systems Restructure Internship Program for Math & Computer
" John Phillips Chemistry Improving Student Perception of the Relationship Between Qualitative Predictions & Quantitative Outcomes in Teaching Chemistry
" Thomas Holleran Education Using Group Exercises for Self Evaluation: A Cooperative Supervision Seminar for Students
1985-86 Joseph Conrad (Mentor) Chemistry N.A.
" Nicholas Karolides (Mentor) English Techniques for Evaluating Student Performance
" Don Leake Mathematics & Computer Systems Mathematics & Higher-Order Thinking Skills, "Teaching Problem Solving: the Heuristic Approach"
" Laura Quinn** English Grading in a Cooperative Learning Situation
" David Rainville Chemistry Computer-Assisted Instruction and Lecture Style
" James Senft (Mentor) Mathematics & Computer Systems Reflections on Teaching



Year Name Discipline Project Title / Abstract*
2011-12 Pamela Terrell Communicative Disorders  
2010-11 Tobias Barske Foreign Languages NA
2009-10 Karin Bodensteiner Professor Biology

Emergency Contraception and RU486: Does discussion of bioethics increase content retention?

" Jody Lewis Psychology What factors correlate with a student's theory of intelligence?
2008-09 Debbie Palmer Psychology Parental Involvement In College Students' Academic Activities Across Time
" Sarah Pogell English "Social Networking" Outside of Cyberspace: Re-engaging Students in Writing Through Service-Learning Partnerships
Jia Lu
Geography / Geology
" Jeana Magyar-Moe Psychology NA
2004-05 Rhonda Sprague Communication NA
2003-04 Brad Hinaus Physics & Astronomy
" Barbara Mihm Business and Economics NA
2002-03 Mary Bowman English NA
2001-02 M. Wade Mahon English NA
2000-01 Clive David Forestry NA
" Susan Sherwin Theatre & Dance NA
1999-00 Paula Horner Communicative Disorders NA
1998-99 Patricia C. Kluetz Interior Architecture & Retail Studies Developing Productive Studio Critique Techniques for Entry Level Design Students
" William A. Deering Communications NA
1997-98 Charles R. Young Music A Model for Integrative Music Teaching & Learning
" David F. Henry Communicative Disorders Communication Technical/Scientific Information Effectively and Efficiently
1995-96 Min Deng Statistics & Actuarial Learning Together: Getting Them to Like Statistics Science
" Mary T. Whalen Mathematics Active Mathematics Learning
1994-95 Jin Wang Business & Economics Develop Lectures & Case Studies for Teaching Japanese Economics
1993-94 Norman Curet Operations Research Using the Community as a Living Laboratory
" Chris Sadler Communication Creative Ways to Teach Large Lecture Courses
1992-93 Gerard Ring Paper Science Develop Alternative Methods of Student Assessment
1991-92 Barbara Dixson English Supplement Basal Readers with Materials That Reflect Cultural Diversity & Positive Images of Women
1990-91 Mark Plonsky Psychology Develop Computer Presentations to Replace Overhead Transparencies in an Introduction to Psychology Course
" Judith Rusciolelli** Foreign Languages Improve Course on "Hispanics in the US: Identification and Identity"
1989-90 Gary Alexander Philosophy Controversy in the Classroom
1983-85 Diane Gillo Business & Finance NA
" John Holmes Psychology NA
" George Kung (Mentor) Mathematics NA
" Janet L. Malone Home Economics - Child Development NA
" Donald Pattow (Mentor) English Writing Across the Curriculum
" Paul Schwieger** (Mentor) Psychology NA
" Padmanabhan Sudevan Psychology NA
" Ergun Yener (Mentor) Business Administration NA



Year Name Discipline Project Title / Abstract*
2010-11 Amanda Little Biology Student academic development and gains in loosely-structured service-learning projects: A tale of two sections
" Julie Peterson Art and Design Do Think AloudsFoster Critical Thinking Skills for Interior Designers?
2009-10 Damian S. Hanft Hospitality & Tourism Exploring Workforce Diversity through Photovoice Technique
" Quan Zhou English & Philosophy Organized Writing: Using QuickScan in the Technical Writing Classroom
2008-09 Phillip Motley Art & Design Fostering student ownership of technical learning components in digital media design education
" Laura Schmidt Mathematics, Statistics & Computer Science Student Motivation in a General Education Mathematics Course
2007-08 Matthew J. Livesey English and Philosophy Can use of a wiki help Freshman English students constructively engage with each other's research, creating a knowledge artifact growing out of a collaborative, critical conversation?
" Jill Klefstad Early Childhood Education What impact do Critical Incident Questionnaires (CIQ) have on student's ability to think critically and construct critical questions?
Kitrina Carlson
Service Learning in the S.T.E.M. Classroom
" Bryan Beamer** Dept of Operations,
Construction & Management
2005-06 Terri Karis Psychology How Do White Students Learn About Race? A SOTL Investigation of What's Going on When Students Move from Emotional Reactivity to Racial Understanding
2004-05 Kat Lui Communication NA
" Peter Burkholder History NA
2003-04 Jonna Gjevre
English and Philosophy NA
2002-03 Kathleen Deery Rehabilitation NA
2001-02 Sally Hage Rehabilitation / Counseling NA
2000-01 Diane Christie Mathematics / Computer Science NA
" James Maxwell Business NA
1999-00 Steve Deckelman Mathematics NA
1998-99 Jerry Kapus English & Philosophy Designing a Critical Thinking Course for the Web
" Brian Fitch English Case Studies and Linked Courses
1997-98 Margret Kothmann Math, Statistics, & Computer Science Effective Use of Study Groups in Entry-Level, Non-Homogeneous Courses in Mathematics
" Carol Dean Seaborn Food & Nutrition Using Multimedia to Teach Nutrition Concepts
1996-97 Abel Femi Adelkola Business Cultural Influences in the Practice of Business Management
" Julie A. Furst-Bowe Human Resources Using Multimedia to Teach Training & Development Concepts Development
" Stuart Hansen Computer Science Mentoring & Tutoring in Lower Division Computer Science Courses
" J. Mark Pruett Music Exploring Advanced Midi Technology in the Piano Classroom & the Private Piano Studio
1995-96 Barbara Bayard Nutritional Sciences Summative Evaluation of an Online Format for a Basic Nutrition Course
1994-95 Keith J. Johansen Communications Design a Learning Activity that Features "On-line Conferencing" Education & Training
" Randall S. Upchurch Hospitality & Tourism Develop Instructional Techniques that Foster Critical Thinking Skills in Students
1993-94 Mary R. DeMaine Art History Research the Use of Memorization in Art History Courses & Create a Progressive Method of Assessment
" Timothy Schiell English / Philosophy Critical & Creative Thinking
1992-93 Richard J. Tafalla Psychology Develop a Practical Methodology for Teaching Psychology Students to Employ Critical, Non-biased Thinking
1991-92 Susan Nurrenbern Chemistry Revise Laboratory Program
1990-91 Stowe N. (Tony) Badenoch Apparel, Textiles & Design Link Experiential Learning with Course Content
1986-87 John Hunt Mathematics Developing & Running a Computerized Lab
" Bruce Johnston Mathematics Unavailable
" Marian Marion Child Development & Childhood Ed. Develop Course & Manual on Child Guidance Practicum
" Virginia Peter Education & Psychology Unavailable
" William Reynolds Education Develop Course on Comparative Education
1985-86 Beatrice Bigony (Mentor) Social Science Culture of the Classroom
" Bruce Pamperin Social Science Case Study & Small Groups



Year Name Discipline Project Title / Abstract*
2011-12 Shevaun Stocker Human Behavior, Justice and Diversity  
2010-11 Hilary Fezzey World Languages, Literatures, and Cultures Aiding Student Literary Analysis through Poem Mapping
2009-10 Deborah J. Augsburger Social Inquiry (Anthropology Program) Structured Reflection and Reflexive Thinking in Anthropology 101
2008-09 Shin-Ping Tucker Math and Computer Science Modeling the Perceptions of Richness, Usefulness and Ease of use on Student Acceptance of Course Management Systems (CMS)
2007-08 Keith Berry Communicating Arts 1) How are students of Intercutlural Communication experiencing the task of contributing to class participation and, more particularly, self-disclosure, and how does this essential process shape the subjectivities of these persons? 2) How might these discoveries enable me to be a better teacher who helps students in more comfortably exploring their dis-ease in this process?
Eri Fujieda
Sociology Program
(Dept of Social Inquiry)
What do students learn from an interview/analysis assignment?
2005-06 Maureen Salzer English NA
2004-05 Shaun Lynch Business and Economics NA
2002-03 Nicholas Sloboda Language and Literature NA
2001-02 Timothy Crow Language and Literature NA
2000-01 Marshall Johnson Sociology NA


Joel Sipress
History, Politics & Society NA
" Patricia C. Thomas Spanish Language & Literature NA
1998-99 Melissa Nelson Chemistry Developing a Chemistry Course for Non-majors
1997-98 Khalil Dokhanchi Political Science Alternative Teaching Methods in International Studies
1994-95 Mohamed Habibullah Mathematical Science Teaching & Learning Strategies for the Classroom
1992-93 James A. Holter Counseling Education Develop Techniques to Aid Students in Exploring Possible Graduate Work in Guidance & Counseling Programs
1991-92 John Marden Communication Arts Explore New Ways & Methods to Teach Journalism Classes
1990-91 Anthony Bukoski English How to Generate Enthusiasm for English 101 Through Writing Short Stories vs. Narrative or Descriptive Essays
1989-90 Kathleen Maury-Berwanger Teacher Education Computers in the Classroom
" Gregory P. Trudeau Accounting Alternatives to Lecturing
1985-86 Robert D. Beam Business & Economics Reflections on Teaching
" Jerry Hembd Business & Economics Computer-Assisted Instruction in the Social Sciences



Year Name Discipline Project Title / Abstract*
2011-12 Scott Peters Educational Foundations  
" Andrew Ciganek Information Technology/Business Education  
2010-11 Molly Patterson History

Understanding The Arab / Israeli Crisis Through Oxford-Style Debates

2009-10 James Hartwick Curriculum & Instruction Listening Closely: Enhancing Supervision of Student Teachers
by Incorporating Wireless Microphone / Earpiece Technology
2008-09 Linda Reid Finance /
Business Law
The Efficacy of Using Self-Directed Learning Extra-Credit Assignments to Influence Students' Perceptions and Attitudes about the Relevance of Course Content to Their Personal Lives and Professional Careers
2007-08 Simone DeVore Special Education To What Extent Does a Dual Certification Early Childhood Education Program Prepare Quality Teachers as Measured by the Classroom Assessment Scoring System (CLASS)?
Leda Nath
Examining Online Course Quality Design Features: What Student’s Find Most and Least Valuable
2005-06 Peter M. Smudde Communication Abstract
2004-05 Carol Normand Accounting NA
2003-04 E. Andrew Kapp
Safety and Health NA
2002-03 Paul Adogamhe Political Science NA
2001-02 Claudia Rinaldi Special Education NA
2000-01 Nikki Mandell History NA
" Sally Vogl-Bauer Communication NA
1999-00 Pamela R. Clinkenbeard Educational Foundations NA
" Michael Longrie Languages & Literatures NA
1998-99 Mary Ann Emery Languages & Literature NA
" Myung-Lee Chung Music Collaborative Learning
1997-98 Mark Leddy Communicative Disorders A Model Program for Using Distance Education to Teach Undergraduates in Communicative Disorders
" Geetha Samaranayake Math & Computer Science Technology in Teaching Mathematics
1996-97 Stephen J. Friedman Educational Foundations From Theory to the Practice of Sound Educational Measurement Principles
" Susan Huss-Lederman Modern Languages & Literature Service Learning in the TESL Minor Program
" John Webb Music Investing Collaborative Strategies to Promote Active Learning in General Studies/Diversity Courses
1995-96 Raymond Baus Communication Reframing Life Stories: A Pedagogical Investigation
" Gregory A. Valde Educational Psychology & Foundations Using Reading Reactions to Foster Student Autonomy, Participation, & Thinking
1994-95 Marilyn Durham English Participatory Learning in the Classroom
" Robert Gruber Accounting Assessment of Students
1993-94 Wade Dazey Philosophy & Religious Studies Study a Range of Models (i.e. Case Studies, Group Projects, and Critical Thinking/Discussion Skills) for Interreligious Understanding and Dialogue
" Andrew Gillham Art Explore New Methods of Visual Communication (i.e. Instructional Video, Instructional Animation, Interactive Computers, etc.) of Graphic Design Processes to Art Department Students
1992-93 John Stone Communication Examining the Pedagogical Value of Case Studies in Organizational Communication
" Lauren E. Wentz Biology Improving the Non-majors Introduction to Biology Course
1991-92 L. Brenda Clayton Health, Physical Education & Recreation Develop Critical Thinking Skills in Teacher Education Courses
" Frank Hanson Music Create a Model Set of Teaching Materials
1990-91 Betty Diamond English Methods of Teaching Dramatic Literature to Help Reconcile the Artificial Separation Between Literature and Theatre
" Ruth M. Grubel Political Science Develop a Seminar With Justice for All: An International Studies Seminar
1989-90 DeWitt Clinton English Creativity Research
" Richard J. Telfer Curriculum & Instruction Alternatives to Lecturing
1988-89 Paul Rybski Physics Study Available Computer-Managed Instruction Packages & Evaluate Their Pedagogical Strengths & Weaknesses in Order to Adapt them to Dept Courses
" George E. Savage English Teaching Different World Views Through Literature
1987-88 James Molloy Finance & Business Law Exploring Teaching Techniques to Advance Teaching Skills
" Mary Pinkerton English Using Reader Response Theory and Bakhtin's Theory to Make the Novels More Accessible to Students
1986-87 Mary Blake Huer Communication Simplify the Content of an Intensive Study Course: Speech-Spectrogram Reading
" Robert Mertens Art Research Potential for Creating a Series of Programs on Visual Communication in Video Form
" Lawrence Neuman Sociology Test Construction: Develop Program to Help Students Improve Their Term Papers in Social Science Courses
1985-86 Eugene Grigsby Sociology Designing a Course on Poverty: Reaching Students
" Amy E. Marein** Art Computer Graphics in Teaching
1983-85 Ashok Bhargava (Mentor) Economics NA
" Patricia Casey (Mentor) Communication NA
" Larry Davis (Mentor) Graduate Studies NA
" Bennette Harris Math & Computer Science NA
" Susan Parks Economics NA
" Elsa Schwarz** Communication NA


Year Name Discipline Project Title / Abstract*
Richard Zevitz Social and Cultural Sciences Replication of Dr. Jeanne Curran's Undergraduate Moot Court Model Marquette University
  * NA=Not (yet) Available.  We are in the process of adding abstracts of each Scholar's SoTL project in pdf form.
** No longer in UW System