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Wisconsin Teaching Fellows Directory
1984-85 to 2008-09

Listed By Campus
Eau Claire
Green Bay
La Crosse
River Falls
Stevens Point
On-Line Gallery of Project Snapshots
2007-08 WTF and WTS projects


UW Colleges 

Year Name Discipline Project Title / Abstract*
2008-09 John Pruitt - Rock County English NA
2007-08 Norlene Emerson - Richland Geography and Geology Project Snapshot
2006-07 Tracy White - Barron County Biological Sciences Abstract
2005-06 Martin D. Rudd - Fox Valley Chemistry Abstract
2004-05 Holly Hassel - Marathon County English NA
2003-04 Robin Roberts - Marshfield / Wood County
Communication & Theatre Arts NA
2002-03 Kimberly Dirlam-Schatz - Fox Valley Chemistry NA
2001-02 Nancy Chick - Barron County English NA
2000-01 Mark Beintema -
Fox Valley
Mathematics NA

Diana Henke - Sheboygan County

Business NA

Thomas Pleger - Fox Valley

Anthropology NA

Marnie Dresser - Richland

English Creativity Exercises for the Classroom

Sarah J. Rudolph - Marathon County

Communication Arts NA
1997-98 Cary Komoto - Barron County Geography Enhancing Student Learning with Personal Computers in the Geography Classroom
" Kim Kosta - Rock County Chemistry Reforming General Chemistry at UWC-Rock to Reflect Modern Student Needs
1996-97 Daniel Domin - Manitowoc County Chemistry Using the Chemistry Laboratory to Develop and Assess Higher-Order Cognitive Skills
" Sue Patrick -
Barron County
History Improving an Interdisciplinary Learning Cluster

Jeff Kleiman - Marshfield

History Linked Courses and Enhanced Student Comprehension
1993-94 Shirley-Anne Hensch - Marshfield / Wood County Psychology Evaluating the Antecedents of Critical Thinking Skills
" Catherine Leone - Manitowoc County Anthropology & Sociology Explore the Relationship between Research Experience & Student Learning in an Introductory Course in Cultural Anthropology
1992-93 Keith Montgomery - Marathon County Geography/Geology Develop Critical Thinking Skills in Laboratory Exercises in Introductory Physical Geography & Geology Courses
1991-92 William Ryland Drennan -
Baraboo/Sauk County
English Mainstreaming Freshman Remedial Composition Students
" Kenneth Hill** -
Fond du Lac
Communications Improving Teaching Through Theatre Techniques
1990-91 Michael J. Miller - Fox Valley Business Administration Explore Issue of Feedback in the Classroom and Feedback as a Learning Tool
1989-90 Michael P. Nofz - Fond du Lac Sociology Self-Assessment of Students
1988-89 James E. Betts** - Fond du Lac Music Review Computer-Assisted Instruction in Music
" Mark T. Brown - Marathon County Philosophy Feminist Pedagogy as an Approach to Teaching Value-Laden Courses in the Humanities
1987-88 Bruce Browne - Sheboygan County Communication Applications of Cooperative Learning to Arts Curriculum
" Eric Kraemer - Washington County
(Now at UW-La Crosse)
Philosophy Looking at Special Problems in Teaching Philosophy
1986-87 Susan Brodie - Washington County English Aid Students' Cognitive Growth by Exploring Current Theories of Teaching Composition
" Frank Gonzalez - Marathon County Engineering & Mathematics Techniques for Integrating Computer Graphics into the Math Curriculum
" David H. Kessel - Marinette County Sociology & Political Science "Learning Through Personal Response"; Statewide Survey of Teaching Techniques to Help Students Develop Critical Consciousness
1985-86 Michael Cahill - Washington County Physics Methods for Encouraging Axiomatic Thinking
" Jane Holbrook (Mentor) - Waukesha County Psychology Reflections on "Covering the Materials," Feminist Pedagogy
" Linda Reinhardt -
Rock County
Psychology Lecture/Presentation Styles
1983-85 Daniel Atwood - Rock County English NA
" Gary Britton (Mentor) - Washington County Mathematics NA
" Rotraut Cahill - Washington County Mathematics & Computer Science NA
" Dion Kempthorne (Mentor) - Washington County (Now at UW Center-Richland Center) English NA
" Roger Peterson - Washington County Mathematics NA
" Jane Oitzinger - Marinette County English & Philosophy NA


UW-Eau Claire 

Year Name Discipline Project Title / Abstract*
2008-09 Christa Garvey Music and Theatre Arts NA
2007-08 Kristin Schaupp Philosophy & Religious Studies Project Snapshot
" Cornelia [lia] W. Johnson Art & Design Project Snapshot
Mitra Sadeghpour
Music and Theatre Arts
Melissa Bonstead-Bruns Sociology Abstract
Simei Tong Mathematics NA
Ingrid Ulstad Accounting & Finance NA
Katherine Rhoades Foundations of Education NA
" Amy Krist Biology NA
Chisty Carello Biology NA
J.Erik Hendrickson Physics and Astronomy NA
" Kate Lang History NA
Paula Kleintjes Biology NA
" Donald Mowry Social Work Technology in the Social Work Classroom
Johannes Strohschank Foreign Languages Improving Student Performance Outside the Classroom
Robert Knight Music & Theatre Arts Teaching Strategies and Materials for Applied Voice Lessons
" Lee Anna Rasar Allied Health Professions Integration/Application of Knowledge Learned
Lisa LaSalle Communication Disorders Facilitation of Effective Discussions with Upper-level Undergraduates
Timothy Lane Music Research in the Field of Ethnomusicology to Prepare for a New Course and to Review the Music Department's Music History Sequence
Winifred Morse Nursing Develop Student Self-Assessment Skills
Margaret Gilkison Political Science How to Conduct Scientific Research
" CeCelia Zorn General Nursing Cooperative Learning
Linda Carpenter Communication Disorders Internationalizing the Curriculum Goal
Leonard Gibbs (Mentor) Social Work Critical Thinking Across Disciplines
" Robert R. Lieske (Mentor) Nursing Use of Media in Teaching (Mentor)
" Joan Stehle Werner Nursing Higher Order Learning
" Karen Woodward Foreign Languages Video as a Stimulus for Learning



Year Name Discipline Project Title / Abstract*
2008-09 Art Lersch Community, Natural Resources, Economic Development NA
2007-08 Nicole Marcisz Learning Innovations Project Snapshot
Penny Ralston-Berg
Learning Innovations
Examining Online Course Quality Design Features: What Student’s Find Most and Least Valuable
Molly Immendorf Technology Services Abstract


UW-Green Bay 

Year Name Discipline Project Title / Abstract*
2008-09 Ryan C. Martin Human Development and Psychology NA
2007-08 Kristin M. Vespia Psychology & Women's Studies Project Snapshot
David Voelker
Humanistic Studies and History
For and Against: Assessing Student Understanding in Large Introductory Courses
2005-06 Denise Bartell Human Development Abstract
2004-05 Dean VonDras Human Development and Psychology Influence of Individualism-Collectivism on Learning Barriers and Self-Efficacy of Performance Ratings in an Introductory Life-Span Development Course
2003-04 Andrew Fiala Humanistic Studies NA
2002-03 Angela Bauer-Dantoin Human Biology NA
2001-02 Regan Gurung Human Development NA
" Aeron Haynie English NA
1999-00 Patricia A. Terry Natural and Applied Science NA
" Alla L. Wilson Management NA
1998-99 Adam Butler Public & Environmental Affairs NA
1997-98 Gregory Aldrete Humanistic Studies Making Ancient History Come Alive in a Contemporary Classroom
" Daniel Paul Schwartz Education Evaluating College Materials That Purport to Address the Issues of Multiculturalism
1996-97 Ed de St. Aubin Human Development & Psychology Cultivating Creative Scientific Minds Through an Integration of Student Experience and Empirical Rigor
1995-96 Denise Scheberle Public and Environmental Affairs Promoting a Sense of Citizenship, Involvement and Civic Responsibility in American Government Courses
1993-94 Jeffrey C. Aaron Education & Communication & Arts Interdisciplinary Approaches to Teaching Pre-Service Teachers
" Melissa Hickman Barlow Social Change & Development Strategies for Introducing Cultural Diversity into Classroom Teaching
1992-93 Francine M. Tompkins Education Develop and Implement Non-traditional Teaching and Assessment Activities into Educating Courses
1991-92 Jennifer Ham German & Humanistic Studies Develop New Strategies to Support Development of Linguistic Proficiency and Analytical Skills
" Hugh Miller
(Now at UW-Oshkosh)
Political Science/Urban & Public Affairs How Can Ethics Be Taught?
1990-91 Forrest Baulieu Mathematics Problem Solving Techniques in a Calculus Courses
" Harriet Wichowski Nursing Develop Senior Seminar: Health Viewed from a Global Perspective
1989-90 Julia Cruz Spanish Controversy in the Classroom
1986-87 Mark Fonder** Music Foundations of Aesthetics; An Interdisciplinary Course
" Joyce Salisbury History/Humanistic Studies Women's Occupations in the Middle Ages: A Slide Presentation
1983-85 Marge Engleman Outreach Program NA
" Gary Greif (Mentor) Philosophy NA
" Walter B. Groves** Social Change & Development NA
" Gerritt Knaap** Urban Studies NA
" Dean Rodeheaver Human Development NA
" Larry Smith (Mentor) Social Change & Development NA


UW-La Crosse 

Year Name Discipline Project Title / Abstract*
2008-09 Shauna Sallmen Physics NA
" Barbara Bennie Mathematics NA
2007-08 James Peirce Mathematics Project Snapshot
John Colton
2005-06 Brian Udermann Exercise and Sport Science NA
2004-05 Gwen Achenreiner Marketing NA
2003-04 Jasmine E. Saros
Biology NA
2002-03 Rhonda Knox Communication Studies NA
2001-02 Judy Beck Educational Studies NA
2000-01 Delores E. Heiden Curriculum & Instruction NA
" Leticia Peña Management NA
1999-00 Donna Anderson Economics NA
" Robert Hoar Mathematics NA
" Cambid J. Choy Art NA
1998-99 Susan Kelly Mathematics Writing-in-the-Major
" Rebecca Lewin LeDocq Mathematics Writing-in-the-Major
1996-97 Mark W. Chavalas History Using Primary & Secondary Sources Concerning Women in the Ancient World
1995-96 Cecilia Manrique Political Science/Women's Studies Using the Internet to Improve and Enhance Teaching
" Steven V. Simpson Recreation Management & Therapeutic Recreation Education Philosophy for Environmental Education
1994-95 Deborah D. Buffton History Introducing Critical Thinking into Classes with Large Enrollments
" Mary B. Hampton Economics Team Project-oriented College Course and Learning Communities
" Pamela H. Rogers Political Science & Public Administration Advising/Teaching Portfolios in a Learning Community
1993-94 James Finch Marketing & Business Administration Interactive Learning and Facilitating Critical Thinking
" Sharon Jessee English Develop Classroom Practices for an Introductory Literature Course Which Would Enrich Students' Responses and Analyses of Literary Texts
1992-93 Patricia M. Radecki English Write an Inquiry-based Textbook for an Upper Level Writing Class
1991-92 Dorothy Zeisler-Vralstad History Develop a Package of Primary Sources to be Used in a One-Year History Sequence
1990-91 Charles Lee History Critical Thinking: Theory and Practice in World History Survey Courses
" Sharon Scherwitz Philosophy Discussion in Large Classes Laura L. Nelson Speech & Theatre 1989-90 Critical Thinking
1989-90 Dean Garrett Stroud Foreign Language Cooperative Learning
1988-89 Laura Nelson Speech & Theatre Critical Thinking
1986-87 Alan Bigel Political Science Increasing Student Classroom Participation (Project also reviewed technological developments as they apply in instructional settings)
" William Cerbin Psychology Strategies for Improving Thinking Skills
1985-86 Jay V. Schindler Health Education Role Playing and Stress Management
" Lonny B. Winrich Computer Science Integrated Software for Computer-Assisted Instruction



Year Name Discipline Project Title / Abstract*
2008-09 Nick Balster Soil Science NA
" Thomas J.D. Armbrecht French NA
2007-08 Teri Balser Soil Science Project Snapshot
Katarzyna Olga Beilin
Spanish and Portuguese
2005-06 Jeffery B. Henriques Psychology NA
2004-05 Madeline Wong Geography NA
2002-03 Michel Wattiaux Dairy Science NA
1998-99 Antonia Schleicher African Languages & Literature NA
1997-98 James LaGro Landscape Architechture Defensible Design: Toward Scholarly Professional Education in a Normative Context
1996-97 Sheena Rogers Psychology Evaluating and Improving Student Writing in Psychology
1995-96 Richard W. Hartel Food Science Accommodating Different Learning Styles in Food Engineering
1994-95 Susan A. Nitzke Nutritional Sciences Critical Thinking Skills and Consumer Education
1993-94 Sundaram Gunasekaran Agricultural Engineering Learn Effective Teaching Skills to Develop New Courses which Focus More on the Biological Sciences
" Dianne McAfee Hopkins Library & Information Studies Student Evaluation and Teaching Methodology
1991-92 Nadine Nehls Nursing Explore Models of Clinical Instruction Being Used in University Schools of Nursing
1990-91 Diane Mason Veterinary Medicine Ethical Issues in Higher Education and Veterinary Medicine
1986-87 Robert Rosenthal** Veterinary Medicine Problem-Based Learning to Enhance the Higher-Level Thinking and Problem-Solving Skills of Veterinary Students
" Howard Stone** (Mentor) Medical Education Research & Development NA



Year Name Discipline Project Title / Abstract*
2008-09 Thandeka K. Chapman Curriculum and Instruction NA
2007-08 Mesut Akdere Administrative Leadership Project Snapshot
Michelle Bolduc
French, Italian and Comparative Literature
Performing the Middle Ages and Student Learning
" Tania Mertzman Curriculum and Instruction NA
2005-06 Jeanne Schueller Foreign Languages and Linguistics Investigating an International E-Mail Exchange
2004-05 Linda Chesky English NA
2003-04 Nancy Rice Exceptional Education NA
2002-03 Grace La Architecture NA
2001-02 Janice Miller Business Administration NA
2000-01 Theresa Johnson Nursing NA
" Lawrence Kuiper French NA
1999-00 Judith T. Kenny Geography NA
1998-99 Peter Sands English NA
" Mike Allan Communications NA
1997-98 Claudia Barreto Biological Sciences Development of Effective Introductory Level Laboratory Science Courses
" Maureen Keyes Exceptional Education Transforming the Professional Teaching Behaviors of an Exceptional K-12 Educator: The Making of an Accomplished Professor
1996-97 Margaret Duncan Human Kinetics Storytelling as a Vehicle for Cultural Awareness
" Lee E. Ross Social Welfare Incorporating Multicultural Perspectives into the Criminal Justice Curriculum
1995-96 Kathryn Olson Communication Rethinking Approaches to Controversy & Communication in the Classroom
1994-95 A. Robert Lauer** Spanish & Portuguese Use of Multimedia to Enhance Student Interest and Measure Student Retention of Language Material
" Mark A. Mone Business Administration Exploring Strategies that Enable Students to Become Better Learners
" Virginia Carroll Stoffel Health Sciences Evaluating Student Learning in Psychosocial Occupational Therapy Courses
1993-94 Kathy Lassila Business Administration Computers Meet the Classroom: The Role of Information Technology in Education and Training
" Judith Winn Exceptional Education Explore Effective Ways of Developing Conceptions of Teacher as Mediator in Training Pre-Service Teacher Education Students
1992-93 Alice Gillam English/Comparative Literature Develop a Tutor Preparation Writing Cause for Undergraduates in Various Disciplines
" Ruth McShane Nursing Increasing Critical Thinking on the Classroom Through the Use of Interactive Video
" Paula M. Rhyner Communications Sciences & Disorders Fostering Critical Thinking in Undergraduate Courses on Child Language Development and Disorders
1991-92 Deborah Voltz Education Develop & Implement Teaching Procedures to Strengthen and Interface with Teacher Preparation Programs & K-12 Public Schools
" Nancey Green Leigh Architecture & Urban Planning Explore Teaching
Strategies as Well as Look at Issues of Racism and Sexism
1990-91 Terry D. Plater Urban Planning Global Education of Urban Planners
" William Van Pelt English Writing Instruction Across the Curriculum
1989-90 Carol Leonardelli Health Sciences Problem Solving & Professional Reasoning: Teaching for the Real World
" Cathy D. Meade Nursing Using Video
" Josef Stagg Architecture & Urban Planning Case Method
" Joan Wilk Nursing Use of Journals
1988-89 Joseph Patrick Gray Anthropology Integrating Computerized Databases in Large Lecture Courses
1987-88 Pamela Zwehl-Burke** Fine Arts Feminist Pedagogy in Designing a Course on Artist-Made Books
1986-87 Mary Mundt Nursing Use of Debate as a Teaching-Learning Strategy
" Thomas Smith** Social Welfare Peer-Evaluation Procedures for Skill-Development Courses
1983-85 Penelope Court** Theatre NA
" Diane Duffy** Nursing NA
" Gerard McKenna (Mentor)
(Now at UW-Stevens Point)
Fine Arts-Music NA
" Donna VanWynsberghe (Mentor) Biological Sciences NA
" Peter Wejksnora Biological Sciences NA



Year Name Discipline Project Title / Abstract*

2005-06 Carol E. Seaman Mathematics Abstract
" Carmen Heider Communication Abstract
2004-05 Denise M. Clark Special Education NA
2003-04 Miles Maguire Journalism NA
2002-03 Andrezej Dziedzic Foreign Languages and Literatures NA
2001-02 Richard Paxton Educational Psychology NA
2000-01 Nancy Burnett Economics NA
" Mark Lattery Physics NA
1999-00 David Horner Psychology NA
" John Koker Mathematics NA
" Julie K. Henderson Journalism NA
1998-99 Jennifer Szydlik Mathematics Case Studies
" Dennis Rioux Physics/Astronomy Student Motivation
1997-98 Joan Mars Public Affairs Minorities & the Criminal Justice System
1996-97 Michael A. Burayidi Urban Studies Group Dynamics: Learning Skills for Promoting Effective Group Work Among Students
" Michael A. Eierman Management Information Interactive Case Studies for MI Systems
1994-95 Sandra K. Neuendorf Chemistry Examine Ideas for Improving Teaching Methods & Classroom Climate
1993-94 James Gross Operations Management Experiential Learning Methods in Production/Operation Management
1992-93 Lori J. Carrell Communication Communication in the UW College Classroom-Development of Resource Guide
1991-92 Mark Moilanen Art Research on Art History Instruction
" Nancy Schlapman Nursing Problem-Solving/ Creative Teaching Strategies
" JoAnna Spruill Education Explore Issues in Teaching Students with Disabilities
1990-91 Edward J. Gumz Social Work Develop Innovative Ways of Teaching Social Justice to Undergraduates
" Jeff W. Totten Marketing, Management & Human Resources How to Use, Guide & Grade Client-Sponsored Projects in the Undergraduate Marketing Research Course Manual
1989-90 Stephen J. Havlovic** Business Administration Alternative Methods of Evaluation
" Lisa K. Mayer Business Administration Experiential Learning
" Jayalakshmi Jambunathan Nursing Teaching/Learning Styles
" William E. Powell Social Work Humor & Play in the Classroom
1988-89 B.S. Sridhar Business Administration Relation of Case Analysis Technique to Other Pedagogical Approaches
" Jane P. Ward Social Work Conceptual Learning
1987-88 Lindle Hatton Business Administration Case Study Method in Teaching Management Principles
" Joan Johnson Nursing Writing Across the Curriculum
1986-87 Margaret Colucciello Nursing Intellectual Development as Related to Learning Environment
" Jerald Stark Sociology & Anthropology Develop a Proposal for a Demonstration Project in Curricular Reform
1985-86 Francis J. Timmers** Chemistry Computers in Freshman Chemistry Labs
1983-85 David Iaquinta Sociology & Anthropology NA
" Donald Martin (Mentor) Sociology & Anthropology NA
" Robert Moore Chemistry NA
" James Paulson Biochemical Science- Chemistry NA
" Gladys Perry** Business Administration- Finance NA
" David Ward (Mentor) (now in UW System Administration) Finance NA



Year Name Discipline Project Title / Abstract*
2008-09 Dana M. Oswald English NA
2007-08 Cathleen Folker Business Project Snapshot
Sandy Moats
Learning American History through Visual Images
2005-06 Seif Da'Na Sociology Instructor's characteristics and students evaluations
2004-05 Pamala L. Handrow Interdisciplinary Studies Establishing an Effective Senior Seminar Program
2003-04 Theresa Castor Communication Making Student Thinking Visible Through Discussion
2002-03 Patrick Goldsmith Sociology NA
2001-02 Herbert Colston Psychology NA
2000-01 Fay Yokomizo Akindes Communication NA
1999-00 Alan Goldsmith Art NA
" Jonathan Olsen Political Science NA
1996-97 Thomas Quayle Molecular Genetics Restructuring of a Laboratory Course in DNA & RNA Molecular Biology
1995-96 Ngure wa Mwachofi Communication Writing Across the Curriculum, Cooperative Learning, Peer Teaching
1994-95 Nedra Cobb Music Implement Multicultural Concepts into Courses
" Helen Rosenberg Sociology Cooperative Learning and Independent Learning Strategies
1993-94 Monika Strom Communication Workbook Learning in Theory Overview Courses
" Dale Wheeler Chemistry Chemistry 101/102: Improving the Learning Experience
1992-93 Tomas Lopez-Pumarejo** Communication Develop Course on the Golden Era of Mexican Film
" Mian Yusuf Education Removal of Computer Anxiety Among Pre-ServiceTeachers
1991-92 Cynthia Tompkins Spanish Revise Course by Researching Ethnicity, Social Psychology, Cultural Studies, Feminist Epistemology & Pedagogy
1990-91 James Benjamin Kinchen, Jr. Music Review Literature on Music Learning from a Psychological & Sociological Perspective
" Mary Kay Schleiter Sociology / Anthropology Prepare to Teach New Course on Africans in American Society Process
1989-90 Lana F. Rakow** Communications Diversity in the Classroom
1988-89 Anne Austin Marketing Writing in the Classroom
" Constanz Hartney Education Stress & Anxiety in the College Classroom
1987-88 Benjamin Harris Psychology Develop a Course on "The History of Applied Psychology"
" Lisa Kornetsky Dramatic Arts Explore Techniques in Teaching Voice for the Actor
1986-87 Wendy Leeds-Hurwitz Communications Mechanics of Peer Teaching
1985-86 Walter Graffin English Students as Peer Tutors
" David S. Levin Philosophy Case Studies for Critical Thinking & Values Analysis
" Jeanne Lynn Thomas Psychology Evaluating Teaching
1983-85 Laura Gellott History NA
" Michael B. Gurtman Psychology NA
" Thomas Reeves (Mentor) History NA
" Donald Walter (Mentor) Psychology NA



Year Name Discipline Project Title / Abstract*
2008-09 Sang Um Nam Communication Technologies NA
2007-08 Annie Kinwa-Muzinga Agriculture Project Snapshot
Kristopher Wright
Improving Student Learning by Teaching Note-Taking and Study Skills
2005-06 John Tembei Animal Science Effect of Instant Feedback on Student Learning in Introduction to Animal Science
2004-05 Avuthu Rami Reddy Agriculture NA
2003-04 Patrick Glenn Hagen Humanities/German NA
2002-03 Esther Ofulue Biology NA
2001-02 Michael Compton Agriculture NA
1999-00 James P. Hamilton Chemistry & Engineering Physics NA
1997-98 Barry Ellis Fine Arts (Music) Examining Ensemble Rehearsal Procedures and Applying Them to the Undergraduate Conducting Class
" Virginia L. Snyder Biology Improving Pre-professional Education Through Service-Learning Curricula
1996-97 Sheela N. Yadav-Olney Industrial Engineering Connected Learning In the Classroom
1994-95 P.B. Ravikumar Engineering Development of Multimedia Based Instruction
" Mark G. Zidon Agricultural Sciences Explore Gender Bias Issues
1993-94 Abulkhair M. Masoon General Engineering Introduce Cooperative Learning Instructional Approaches in Mechanics Courses
" Susan Price Agriculture Science Train Faculty in the Use of Student Management Teams
1992-93 Sherrie Nicol Mathematics Extreme Mathematical Experiences & Teaching Strategies
1991-92 Stephanie Branson English Select Materials which Provide a Context for Student Compositions
1990-91 Ronald Eric Landrum Psychology Methods & Techniques of Improving Academic Instruction in Large Classroom Settings (Also, Critical Thinking & Writing Skills)
1989-90 Joyce F. Miller Chemistry Diversity in the Physical Science Classroom
1987-88 Jamie Doerge** Communication Assessment & Testing of Students
" Terrence Liska Economics Relative Effectiveness of In-Class Writing in Economic Classes
1986-87 Larry Holt** Education Administration Develop a Series of Guided Discovery & Small-Group Exercises to Enhance the Foundations of American Education Course
" Charles Schilling Business Administration Use of the Case Study Method for Teaching
1985-86 Ronald Capps Communication Small Group Leadership
" Barbara Parsons (Mentor) Philosophy Educating Human Values


UW-River Falls 

Year Name Discipline Project Title / Abstract*
2008-09 Lissa Schneider-Rebozo English NA
2007-08 Evan Johnson Speech Communication &  Theatre Arts Project Snapshot
Jude Rathburn
Strategic Management
(Business Administration)

Using Argument Mapping to Develop Critical Thinking Skills in Business Students

2005-06 Tim Buttles Agricultural Education Personal SWOT Analysis: A Tool to Facilitate Student Reflection
2004-05 Lisa Kroutil Chemistry NA
2002-03 Tricia Davis Sociology NA
2001-02 Cyndi Kernahan Psychology NA
2000-01 Bonnie Walters Food Science NA
1998-99 Jennifer Brantley English Invention and Revision Exercises for Creative Writing
1997-98 Jennifer E. Borup Social Work Teaching Diversity Content: Beyond Political Correctness
" Charles P. Corcoran Business Administration Improving Student Success in Business Courses
1996-97 Lynn M. Jermal Art/Art Education Art Education Leadership Materials for Preservice Education Programs
1995-96 Ruth A. Wood English Helping Freshmen Acclimate to College by Using Portfolio Assessment
1994-95 Steven R. Luebke English Exploring Strategies for Teaching College Writing Courses
" Qun Wang English Study Issues Revolving Around the Student-Centered Classroom
1993-94 Kelly Cain Plant & Earth Science Teaching Cultural Diversity: One White Male's Perspective
" Teri Crotty Educational Psychology Distance Learning for Teacher Education
1992-93 Teresa M. Brown English Teaching Gay and Lesbian Issues in the Undergraduate Classroom
1991-92 Kenneth W. Stofferahn Theatre Arts Incorporate Creative Discipline Methodologies into Teaching Technical Theatre Courses
1990-91 Robin E. Murray Speech Communication & Theatre Arts Will Incorporate Multi-Cultural Perspective into Theatre Courses
" Timothy E. Nissen Sociology & Social Work Develop a Comprehensive Understanding of Learning Styles
1989-90 Larry D. Harred English Political Implications of Competency Testing
" Karla Pfeiffer Zhe Health, Physical Education & Recreation Right Brain Creativity
1988-89 Africanus Okokon** Economics Student Evaluation
1987-88 Patricia Curtis** Food Science Develop Lab Manual for Food Analysis Class
" Ledda Moraga-Hope** Mathematics & Computer Systems Develop Computer Information System
1986-87 Mary-Alice Muraski Mathematics & Computer Systems "Metaphor and Analogy in Teaching" Systems Restructure Internship Program for Math & Computer
" John Phillips Chemistry Improving Student Perception of the Relationship Between Qualitative Predictions & Quantitative Outcomes in Teaching Chemistry
" Thomas Holleran Education Using Group Exercises for Self Evaluation: A Cooperative Supervision Seminar for Students
1985-86 Joseph Conrad (Mentor) Chemistry N.A.
" Nicholas Karolides (Mentor) English Techniques for Evaluating Student Performance
" Don Leake Mathematics & Computer Systems Mathematics & Higher-Order Thinking Skills, "Teaching Problem Solving: the Heuristic Approach"
" Laura Quinn** English Grading in a Cooperative Learning Situation
" David Rainville Chemistry Computer-Assisted Instruction and Lecture Style
" James Senft (Mentor) Mathematics & Computer Systems Reflections on Teaching



Year Name Discipline Project Title / Abstract*
2008-09 Debbie Palmer Psychology NA
" Sarah Pogell English NA
Jia Lu
Geography / Geology
" Jeana Magyar-Moe Psychology NA
2004-05 Rhonda Sprague Communication NA
2003-04 Brad Hinaus Physics & Astronomy
" Barbara Mihm Business and Economics NA
2002-03 Mary Bowman English NA
2001-02 M. Wade Mahon English NA
2000-01 Clive David Forestry NA
" Susan Sherwin Theatre & Dance NA
1999-00 Paula Horner Communicative Disorders NA
1998-99 Patricia C. Kluetz Interior Architecture & Retail Studies Developing Productive Studio Critique Techniques for Entry Level Design Students
" William A. Deering Communications NA
1997-98 Charles R. Young Music A Model for Integrative Music Teaching & Learning
" David F. Henry Communicative Disorders Communication Technical/Scientific Information Effectively and Efficiently
1995-96 Min Deng Statistics & Actuarial Learning Together: Getting Them to Like Statistics Science
" Mary T. Whalen Mathematics Active Mathematics Learning
1994-95 Jin Wang Business & Economics Develop Lectures & Case Studies for Teaching Japanese Economics
1993-94 Norman Curet Operations Research Using the Community as a Living Laboratory
" Chris Sadler Communication Creative Ways to Teach Large Lecture Courses
1992-93 Gerard Ring Paper Science Develop Alternative Methods of Student Assessment
1991-92 Barbara Dixson English Supplement Basal Readers with Materials That Reflect Cultural Diversity & Positive Images of Women
1990-91 Mark Plonsky Psychology Develop Computer Presentations to Replace Overhead Transparencies in an Introduction to Psychology Course
" Judith Rusciolelli** Foreign Languages Improve Course on "Hispanics in the US: Identification and Identity"
1989-90 Gary Alexander Philosophy Controversy in the Classroom
1983-85 Diane Gillo Business & Finance NA
" John Holmes Psychology NA
" George Kung (Mentor) Mathematics NA
" Janet L. Malone Home Economics - Child Development NA
" Donald Pattow (Mentor) English Writing Across the Curriculum
" Paul Schwieger** (Mentor) Psychology NA
" Padmanabhan Sudevan Psychology NA
" Ergun Yener (Mentor) Business Administration NA



Year Name Discipline Project Title / Abstract*
2008-09 Phillip Motley Art & Design NA
" Laura Schmidt Mathematics, Statistics & Computer Science NA
2007-08 Matthew J. Livesey English and Philosophy Project Snapshot
" Jill Klefstad Early Childhood Education Project Snapshot
Kitrina Carlson
Service Learning in the S.T.E.M. Classroom
" Bryan Beamer** Dept of Operations,
Construction & Management
2005-06 Terri Karis Psychology How Do White Students Learn About Race? A SOTL Investigation of What's Going on When Students Move from Emotional Reactivity to Racial Understanding
2004-05 Kat Lui Communication NA
" Peter Burkholder History NA
2003-04 Jonna Gjevre
English and Philosophy NA
2002-03 Kathleen Deery Rehabilitation NA
2001-02 Sally Hage Rehabilitation / Counseling NA
2000-01 Diane Christie Mathematics / Computer Science NA
" James Maxwell Business NA
1999-00 Steve Deckelman Mathematics NA
1998-99 Jerry Kapus English & Philosophy Designing a Critical Thinking Course for the Web
" Brian Fitch English Case Studies and Linked Courses
1997-98 Margret Kothmann Math, Statistics, & Computer Science Effective Use of Study Groups in Entry-Level, Non-Homogeneous Courses in Mathematics
" Carol Dean Seaborn Food & Nutrition Using Multimedia to Teach Nutrition Concepts
1996-97 Abel Femi Adelkola Business Cultural Influences in the Practice of Business Management
" Julie A. Furst-Bowe Human Resources Using Multimedia to Teach Training & Development Concepts Development
" Stuart Hansen Computer Science Mentoring & Tutoring in Lower Division Computer Science Courses
" J. Mark Pruett Music Exploring Advanced Midi Technology in the Piano Classroom & the Private Piano Studio
1995-96 Barbara Bayard Nutritional Sciences Summative Evaluation of an Online Format for a Basic Nutrition Course
1994-95 Keith J. Johansen Communications Design a Learning Activity that Features "On-line Conferencing" Education & Training
" Randall S. Upchurch Hospitality & Tourism Develop Instructional Techniques that Foster Critical Thinking Skills in Students
1993-94 Mary R. DeMaine Art History Research the Use of Memorization in Art History Courses & Create a Progressive Method of Assessment
" Timothy Schiell English / Philosophy Critical & Creative Thinking
1992-93 Richard J. Tafalla Psychology Develop a Practical Methodology for Teaching Psychology Students to Employ Critical, Non-biased Thinking
1991-92 Susan Nurrenbern Chemistry Revise Laboratory Program
1990-91 Stowe N. (Tony) Badenoch Apparel, Textiles & Design Link Experiential Learning with Course Content
1986-87 John Hunt Mathematics Developing & Running a Computerized Lab
" Bruce Johnston Mathematics Unavailable
" Marian Marion Child Development & Childhood Ed. Develop Course & Manual on Child Guidance Practicum
" Virginia Peter Education & Psychology Unavailable
" William Reynolds Education Develop Course on Comparative Education
1985-86 Beatrice Bigony (Mentor) Social Science Culture of the Classroom
" Bruce Pamperin Social Science Case Study & Small Groups



Year Name Discipline Project Title / Abstract*
2008-09 Shin-Ping Tucker Math and Computer Science NA
2007-08 Keith Berry Communicating Arts Project Snapshot
Eri Fujieda
Sociology Program
(Dept of Social Inquiry)
What do students learn from an interview/analysis assignment?
2005-06 Maureen Salzer English NA
2004-05 Shaun Lynch Business and Economics NA
2002-03 Nicholas Sloboda Language and Literature NA
2001-02 Timothy Crow Language and Literature NA
2000-01 Marshall Johnson Sociology NA


Joel Sipress
History, Politics & Society NA
" Patricia C. Thomas Spanish Language & Literature NA
1998-99 Melissa Nelson Chemistry Developing a Chemistry Course for Non-majors
1997-98 Khalil Dokhanchi Political Science Alternative Teaching Methods in International Studies
1994-95 Mohamed Habibullah Mathematical Science Teaching & Learning Strategies for the Classroom
1992-93 James A. Holter Counseling Education Develop Techniques to Aid Students in Exploring Possible Graduate Work in Guidance & Counseling Programs
1991-92 John Marden Communication Arts Explore New Ways & Methods to Teach Journalism Classes
1990-91 Anthony Bukoski English How to Generate Enthusiasm for English 101 Through Writing Short Stories vs. Narrative or Descriptive Essays
1989-90 Kathleen Maury-Berwanger Teacher Education Computers in the Classroom
" Gregory P. Trudeau Accounting Alternatives to Lecturing
1985-86 Robert D. Beam Business & Economics Reflections on Teaching
" Jerry Hembd Business & Economics Computer-Assisted Instruction in the Social Sciences



Year Name Discipline Project Title / Abstract*
2008-09 Linda Reid Finance /
Business Law
2007-08 Simone DeVore Special Education Project Snapshot
Leda Nath
Examining Online Course Quality Design Features: What Student’s Find Most and Least Valuable
2005-06 Peter M. Smudde Communication Abstract
2004-05 Carol Normand Accounting NA
2003-04 E. Andrew Kapp
Safety and Health NA
2002-03 Paul Adogamhe Political Science NA
2001-02 Claudia Rinaldi Special Education NA
2000-01 Nikki Mandell History NA
" Sally Vogl-Bauer Communication NA
1999-00 Pamela R. Clinkenbeard Educational Foundations NA
" Michael Longrie Languages & Literatures NA
1998-99 Mary Ann Emery Languages & Literature NA
" Myung-Lee Chung Music Collaborative Learning
1997-98 Mark Leddy Communicative Disorders A Model Program for Using Distance Education to Teach Undergraduates in Communicative Disorders
" Geetha Samaranayake Math & Computer Science Technology in Teaching Mathematics
1996-97 Stephen J. Friedman Educational Foundations From Theory to the Practice of Sound Educational Measurement Principles
" Susan Huss-Lederman Modern Languages & Literature Service Learning in the TESL Minor Program
" John Webb Music Investing Collaborative Strategies to Promote Active Learning in General Studies/Diversity Courses
1995-96 Raymond Baus Communication Reframing Life Stories: A Pedagogical Investigation
" Gregory A. Valde Educational Psychology & Foundations Using Reading Reactions to Foster Student Autonomy, Participation, & Thinking
1994-95 Marilyn Durham English Participatory Learning in the Classroom
" Robert Gruber Accounting Assessment of Students
1993-94 Wade Dazey Philosophy & Religious Studies Study a Range of Models (i.e. Case Studies, Group Projects, and Critical Thinking/Discussion Skills) for Interreligious Understanding and Dialogue
" Andrew Gillham Art Explore New Methods of Visual Communication (i.e. Instructional Video, Instructional Animation, Interactive Computers, etc.) of Graphic Design Processes to Art Department Students
1992-93 John Stone Communication Examining the Pedagogical Value of Case Studies in Organizational Communication
" Lauren E. Wentz Biology Improving the Non-majors Introduction to Biology Course
1991-92 L. Brenda Clayton Health, Physical Education & Recreation Develop Critical Thinking Skills in Teacher Education Courses
" Frank Hanson Music Create a Model Set of Teaching Materials
1990-91 Betty Diamond English Methods of Teaching Dramatic Literature to Help Reconcile the Artificial Separation Between Literature and Theatre
" Ruth M. Grubel Political Science Develop a Seminar With Justice for All: An International Studies Seminar
1989-90 DeWitt Clinton English Creativity Research
" Richard J. Telfer Curriculum & Instruction Alternatives to Lecturing
1988-89 Paul Rybski Physics Study Available Computer-Managed Instruction Packages & Evaluate Their Pedagogical Strengths & Weaknesses in Order to Adapt them to Dept Courses
" George E. Savage English Teaching Different World Views Through Literature
1987-88 James Molloy Finance & Business Law Exploring Teaching Techniques to Advance Teaching Skills
" Mary Pinkerton English Using Reader Response Theory and Bakhtin's Theory to Make the Novels More Accessible to Students
1986-87 Mary Blake Huer Communication Simplify the Content of an Intensive Study Course: Speech-Spectrogram Reading
" Robert Mertens Art Research Potential for Creating a Series of Programs on Visual Communication in Video Form
" Lawrence Neuman Sociology Test Construction: Develop Program to Help Students Improve Their Term Papers in Social Science Courses
1985-86 Eugene Grigsby Sociology Designing a Course on Poverty: Reaching Students
" Amy E. Marein** Art Computer Graphics in Teaching
1983-85 Ashok Bhargava (Mentor) Economics NA
" Patricia Casey (Mentor) Communication NA
" Larry Davis (Mentor) Graduate Studies NA
" Bennette Harris Math & Computer Science NA
" Susan Parks Economics NA
" Elsa Schwarz** Communication NA


Year Name Discipline Project Title / Abstract*
Richard Zevitz Social and Cultural Sciences Replication of Dr. Jeanne Curran's Undergraduate Moot Court Model Marquette University
  * NA=Not (yet) Available.  We are in the process of adding abstracts of each Scholar's SoTL project in pdf form.
** No longer in UW System
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