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Electronic Journals & Newsletters

The Chronicle of Higher Education
A preview and outline of this week's issue of The Chronicle, along with Chronicle Careers, job listings from more than 1,100 institutions of higher education, is freely available on line. Full text of The Chronicle is available to individual, paid subscribers.

Feminist Collections
A quarterly of Women's Studies resources, Feminist Collections contains news of the latest print and audiovisual resources for research and teaching in women's studies. Recent book reviews have treated such subjects as African American women writers, lesbians in popular culture, and women in the international marketplace. There are guides to new bibliographies and reference works, film and video critiques, computer updates, and news of out-of-the-way materials -- pamphlets, reports, rare book dealers' catalogs, microforms, and more.

An electronic journal dedicated to the scholarship of teaching and learning.
MountainRise is an open, peer-reviewed, international electronic journal published twice a year.

The College Quarterly
An academic journal devoted to the improvement of college education and the professional development of college educators.

Journal of American Indian Education
A research journal aimed at informing educators of Indian students about the unique needs and potential of Indian youth. It seeks to present solutions or suggest alternate strategies for addressing particular needs of specific Indian communities rather than present historical or narrative explorations of problems. Published three times yearly by the Center for Indian Education of the College of Education at Arizona State University, the journal is refereed by Native educators and experts in various academic disciplines.

The Journal of Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (JoSoTL)
Designed to encourage all instructors to engage in the discussion of the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL) and to become involved in the sharing of knowledge and learning about the teaching-learning process. Published irregularly.

The National Teaching & Learning Forum
Offers a thoughtful mix of perspectives on teaching and learning at the college level. Essays range from research-based pieces on learning to summary overviews of on-going problems. The underlying tone is one of informed, practical thoughfulness about teaching. NTLF is published six times yearly.

The Times Educational Supplement
The United Kingdom's weekly educational newspaper, which is "the uk's leading publication covering primary, secondary and further education, as well as the market leader for teaching job vacancies."

Information Technology and Disabilities (ITD)
An electronic journal devoted to the practical and theoretical issues surrounding the development and effective use of new and emerging technologies by computer users with disabilities.