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The Faculty Developers Project

Supported by the UW System Office of Professional & Instructional Development (OPID), the Faculty Developers Project is intended to improve the quality of faculty development services offered at campuses across the UW system. In order to accomplish this, the project focuses on providing training, networking, communication, and resources for those faculty and staff (the "faculty developers") providing these services on their campuses.
The project currently involves 4 elements:

  1. Determining the needs of faculty developers;
  2. Creating & collecting of materials/resources for faculty developers;
  3. Holding meetings, trainings, and/or conferences for faculty developers; and
  4. Disseminating materials to, and facilitating ongoing communication among, faculty developers.

It endeavors to support a wide array of activities designed to assist faculty in performing their professional duties. In the UW system, faculty development activities have often focused on promoting the improvement of teaching and learning. However, these activities also include assistance with research and grants. In many cases, academic staff are also included in these activities.

The menu at left provides an extensive collection of faculty development programs, activities and other resources available to faculty developers within the UW System.

How do I contribute a resource?

Just send an email to:  Jim Robinson, Project Director
Please include either the full URL (web address) of the link you would like to see added, along with the category you think it fits best, or the full document which you would like to have posted (as an email attachment).
If you are contributing a document (or other resource in electronic form such as a powerpoint presentation), it should be one which you have authored or produced yourself. If you are not the author, we ask you to include permission for posting from the author(s) or ask them to email it to us themselves.
And thank you for your contribution to this web site and to your colleagues!

Who do I contact with questions?

Jim Robinson
Project Director

For additional assistance contact faculty developers in the UW System.  


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