Making Teaching and Learning Visible:  Integrating Scholarly Inquiry
into Campus and System Culture


Office of Professional and Instructional Development

UW System Leadership Site for the Scholarship of Teaching & Learning


Concourse Hotel

1 West Dayton Street

Madison, Wisconsin


April 13-14, 2004


Tuesday, April 13


8:30-2:30         Registration                                                                  Madison Ballroom Foyer


1:00-2:30         Opening Plenary                                                        Madison Ballroom

Progress on the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning:  A National Perspective

 - Barbara Cambridge, Vice President, AAHE

 - Pat Hutchings, Vice President, Carnegie Foundation


2:30-2:45         Break                                                                           Madison Ballroom Foyer


2:45-4:00         Concurrent Sessions

A-1      Faculty Development Strategies                   Madison Ballroom

             - Barbara Cambridge, Vice President, AAHE


A-2      Involving Students in SoTL Projects            Conference Room 4

             - Jude Rathburn, UW-Milwaukee

             - Linda Carpenter, UW-Eau Claire


A-3      Turning Teaching Improvement into the Scholarship of
            Teaching and Learning                                 
University Room AB

             - Bill Cerbin, UW-La Crosse


A-4      Strategies for Working with Faculty Seminars

                                                                                    Conference Room 3

             - Fergus Hughes, UW-Green Bay

             - Tony Ciccone, UW-Milwaukee

             - Greg Valde, UW-Whitewater

             - Marshall Toman, UW-River Falls


A-5      Promotion and Tenure Issues – Creating a New Campus

            Definition of Scholarship                               University Room CD

             - Doug Johnson, UW-River Falls

             - Antonia Schleicher, UW-Madison

             - Frances Kavenik, UW-Parkside

             - E. Andrew Kapp, UW-Whitewater

4:15-5:15         Examples of Work in Progress

                        B-1      Examples of Work in Progress                     University Room AB

Combining Art and Geography to Enhance Student Understanding in Both Disciplines

 - Cathy Helgeland, UW-Manitowoc

 - Diane Bywaters, UW-Stevens Point

Moderator:  Donna Silver, OPID


                        B-2      Examples of Work in Progress                     Madison Ballroom

                                    Monopoly®:  Playing to Learn

                                     - Ingrid Ulstad, UW-Eau Claire

                                    Using Guided Inquiry Worksheets During Introductory Physics


                                     - Brad Hinaus, UW-Stevens Point

                                    Problem Solving Bottlenecks Using GIS Software

                                     - Charlie Rader, UW-River Falls

                                                Moderator:  Marty Loy, UW-Stevens Point


                        B-3      Examples of Work in Progress                     University Room CD

                                    Music Arranging: What can/can't be taught, and how to teach it?

                                     - George Ferencz, UW-Whitewater

                                    Using a Contract to Enhance Group Performance

                                     - Barbara Mihm, UW-Stevens Point

                                            Moderator:  Tony Ciccone, UW-Milwaukee


                        B-4      Examples of Work in Progress                     Conference Room 1

                                    Developing Students’ Understanding of Professional

                                    Identity in an Electronic Portfolio

                                     - Boon Murray, UW-La Crosse

                                    Can Critical Thinking Be Taught?

                                     - Jerry Kapus, UW-Stout

                                    Exploring Extemporaneous Delivery

                                     - Robin Roberts, UW-Marshfield

                                                Moderator:  Jane Ewens, UW-Waukesha


                        B-5      Examples of Work in Progress                     Conference Room 2

                                    The New Quant Project: Units & Projects in Quantitative Analysis

                                     - Bob Eierman, UW-Eau Claire

                                    The ACTFL Proficiency Guidelines and the Teaching of a German

                                    Conversation and Conversation Course at UW-Platteville

                                     - Patrick Hagen, UW-Platteville

                                    Making Student Thinking Visible Through Group Exams

                                     - Theresa Castor, UW-Parkside

                                                Moderator:  Lisa Kornetsky, OPID


                        B-6      Examples of Work in Progress                     Conference Room 3

                                    Does Topic Importance Affect Motivation To Learn?

                                     - Donna Perkins, UW-Platteville

                                    College Motivation to Learn and the Influence on the Classroom

                                    Environment and Learning Outcomes

                                     - Andrew Kapp, UW-Whitewater

                                    The Comma Project

                                     - Miles Maguire, UW-Oshkosh

                                                Moderator:  Doug Johnson, UW-River Falls

                        B-7      Examples of Work in Progress                     Conference Room 4

                                    Teaching Ethics by Using Dialogical Interviews

                                     - Andrew Fiala, UW-Green Bay

                                    Establishing, Maintaining and Improving Student Internships

                                    with Industry

                                     - Richard Stewart, UW-Superior

                                    Comparing the Effectiveness of Active vs. Passive Learning in an

                                    Introductory Ecology Course

                                     - Jasmine Saros, UW-La Crosse

                                    Moderator:  Kay Taube, UW-Extension


5:15-6:15         Poster Session for OPID Funded Institutional Initiatives

                        and Reception with cash bar                                         Capitol Ballroom


6:15                 a.  Conference Participants: Dinner on your own

b.  2003-04 Wisconsin Teaching Fellows Dinner           Solitaire Room

                        c.  Advisory Board Dinner                                            Senate Room A


Wednesday, April 14th


7:00-9:00         Registration                                                                  Capitol Foyer


7:00-8:00         Continental Breakfast                                                    Capitol Ballroom


8:00-9:15         Concurrent Sessions

C-1      Ethical Issues in the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning

                                                                                    Senate Room A

                                     - Pat Hutchings, Vice President, Carnegie Foundation


C-2      General Education: SoTL Laboratory for Liberal Arts Education

                                                                                    Conference Room 1

             - Rebecca Karoff, UW System

             - Emily Johnson, UW-La Crosse

             - Susan Halle, UW-Parkside


C-3      Discussion Regarding the Role of the Cluster/Future

            of the SoTL Initiative                                    Conference Room 2

             - Barbara Cambridge, Vice President, AAHE

             - Lisa Kornetsky, Director OPID

             - Renee Meyers, Coordinator, UW System Leadership Site

                        for the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning


C-4      Lesson Study as Scholarly Inquiry into Student Learning

                                                                                    Senate Room B

             - Bill Cerbin, UW-La Crosse

             - Bryan Kopp, UW-La Crosse


9:15-9:30         Break

9:30-11:00       Concurrent Sessions: Examples of SoTL in the Disciplines

                        D-1      Humanities                                                     Conference Room 1

                                     - Kathryn Olson, UW-Milwaukee

                                     - Terry Beck, UW-La Crosse

                                    Moderator:  Jane Ewens, UW-Waukesha

                        D-2      Fine Arts                                                         Conference Room 3

                                     - David Hastings, UW-Stevens Point

                                    Moderator:  Lisa Kornetsky, OPID


                        D-3      Science                                                           Conference Room 2

                                     - Cary Komoto, UW-Baron County

                                     - Steven Wright, UW-Stevens Point

                                    Moderator:  Cathy Helgeland. UW-Manitowoc


                        D-4      Science                                                           Senate Room A

                                     - Deborah Hanmer, UW-La Crosse

                                     - Paul Roebber, UW-Milwaukee

                                    Moderator: Bob Eierman, UW-Eau Claire     


                        D-5      Social Sciences                                               Senate Room B

                                     - Regan Gurung, UW-Green Bay

                                     - Richard Paxton, UW-Oshkosh

                                    Moderator:  Fergus Hughes, UW-Green Bay


                        D-6      Interdisciplinary Courses                              Conference Room 5

                                     - Nancy Chick, UW-Baron County

                                     - Pat Goldsmith, UW-Parkside

                                    Moderator:  Connie Schroeder, UW-Milwaukee


11:00-1:00       Lunch and Closing Session                                            University Room

                        Where Do We Go From Here?  Sustaining and Expanding our Work

 - Pat Hutchings Vice President, Carnegie Foundation

 - Barbara Cambridge, Vice President, AAHE


1:00-2:30         2003-04 Wisconsin Teaching Scholars Meeting            Conference Room 1