Wisconsin Teaching Scholars

2005 Summer Institute


June 20 – June 24, 2005

Pyle Center, Madison, WI


Summer Institute is designed to provide a forum for Wisconsin Teaching Scholars to deepen their understanding of the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning. Scholars will make significant progress on an individual project that advances our understanding of what works in the classroom to improve student learning as they improve our understanding of how SoTL work can be done most effectively.  The Scholarship of Teaching and Learning can be defined as work that advances the practice of teaching through scholarly inquiry into student learning. The essential characteristics of this work are:




Summer Institute is structured so that the mornings and some afternoons are spent examining in detail how to formulate good questions about student learning and design systematic inquiry. There are also opportunities to work on projects in small groups by discipline or type of inquiry to refine these questions and the inquiry process. There will also be sessions on disseminating your results in appropriate forums and in serving a leadership role on your campus and in the UW System for advancing SoTL work.




Monday, June 20


Joint meetings with Wisconsin Teaching Fellows (morning)


8:30 - 10:15     Asking Good Questions about Student Learning


                        **Bass, Scholarship of Teaching: What’s the Problem?

                        **Hutchings, Introduction to Opening Lines


10:30-12:00     Continued work on questions:  What is/isn’t a learning question?


1:30-3:30         Designing systematic inquiry: small group work by disciplinary groups


3:30 -               Free time to work on projects, etc.


6:30                 Dinner at Donna and George’s



Tuesday, June 21


8:30-10:00       Designing Systematic Inquiry – Our Questions


10:15-12:00     Designing Systematic Inquiry (continued)


1:30-3:30         What does student learning look like? Discussion of Shulman, Making Differences: A Table of Learning


3:30                 Free time to work on projects, etc.


                        Dinner on your own


Wednesday, June 22


8:30-10:00       Designing systematic inquiry: research methods and evidence gathering


10:15-12:00     Designing systematic inquiry  (Continued)


1:30-3:30         Individual or small group work on project design


3:30                 Free time to work on projects, etc.


                        Dinner on your own



Thursday, June 23  


 8:30-10:00      What Does SoTL Work Look Like?


                        Presentation by LaVonne Cornell Swanson, WTS 2004-05


10:15-12:00     Assessing Student Learning


Presentation by Professor Barbara Walvoord, Notre Dame University


1:30-3:30         Assessing Student Learning. (further discussion of SoTL implications)


6:00                 Pizza Party at Lisa Kornetsky’s house



Friday, June 24


8:30-9:30         Public communication and dissemination of results and products

                                    Group discussion of Shulman, Taking Learning Seriously

                                    Linking your work to campus and system initiatives


9:30-10:30       Summary discussion:  What makes your work SoTL work?  How

                        does your project differ from the traditional teaching improvement

project? What are the big questions about student learning that we’ve made some progress on?


11:00-12:00     Beyond Summer Institute: communication, meetings, projects,

                        expectations, and recommendations for the coming year.