Wisconsin Teaching Scholars

2001 Summer Institute

June 24 – June 29, 2001

Pyle Center, Madison, WI

Final Agenda




Summer Institute is designed to provide a forum and a frame in which the Wisconsin Teaching Scholars may begin to conceptualize and work on their course redesign in terms of the scholarship of teaching and learning.  The Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SOT&L) means understanding, explaining and valuing teaching and attention to student learning as scholarly, intellectual work.  Advancing this perspective requires an academic culture that encourages the following principles:




Summer Institute is structured so that the mornings will be spent engaging the eight principles of the SOT&L listed above, and the afternoons will be spent in both individual and collaborative work on Scholar projects.  Some of the Scholars will have the opportunity to present their nascent projects; all of the Scholars will have the opportunity to engage in and practice peer review.


The Wisconsin Teaching Scholars Program has three over-arching goals:


1)     to provide Scholars with the opportunity to develop their individual projects;

2)     to enable Scholars to make themselves available as resources and to collaborate with others; and

3)     to advance the scholarship of teaching and learning.


Each of these goals will be put into practice throughout Summer Institute.







Sunday, June 24


3:00 - 5:00       Opening Program for Wisconsin Teaching Scholars and Fellows

1)      Re-Introductions

2)      Pivotal Moments in Teaching and Learning (second iteration of mapping exercise)

3)      Brief Review of Summer Institute Agenda

4)      Campus Tour


7:00                 Dinner at Donna and George's



Monday, June 25


8:30 - 10:00     Discussion Topic: What is systematic inquiry into teaching and learning?


10:30-12:00     Discussion Topic: Critical reflection on strategies, techniques, possibilities


Readings:  Articles by Randy Bass and Lee Shulman (in notebook); Introduction by Pat Hutchings to Opening Lines


2:00-4:00         Joint Film Viewing and Discussion of “A Private Universe” video with the Wisconsin Teaching Fellows


                        Discussion of Case Studies from Barbara Walvoord (to be distributed)


Readings:  Two chapters from Grant Wiggins’ Understanding by Design (in notebook)



Tuesday, June 26


8:30-10:00       Discussion Topic: Application of results of reflection to practice


10:30-12:00     Presentation on Peer Review by Bill Cerbin, UW-La Crosse


Reading: “But Is It Working” by Patricia Cross (in notebook)


2:00-4:00         Individual work on projects


5:00-6:00         Blackboard Tutorial in Pyle Center Computer Lab led by Alan Aycock


6:00                 Dinner Together at a Restaurant (location to be announced)



Wednesday, June 27


8:30-10:00       Discussion Topics: Self-reflection and Assessment


10:30-12:00     Presentation by Barb Daley, UW-Milwaukee: “Facilitating Adult Learning in Higher Education: a Scholarship of Teaching and Learning Project”


2:00-4:00         Scholar Presentations and quasi-formal peer review by remaining Scholars and Wisconsin Teaching Fellows

Thursday, June 28


8:30-10:00       Discussion Topic: Public communication/dissemination of reflection and results


10:30-12:00     Discussion Topic: Demonstrable “products” including publication, student work, measures of student learning, course portfolios, etc.


2:00-4:00         Scholar Presentations and quasi-formal peer review by remaining Scholars and Wisconsin Teaching Fellows


6:00                 Pizza Party (chez Lisa Kornetsky)



Friday, June 29


8:30-10:00       Imagining the Future

1)      What you become through your project

2)      What might the future look like for us as part of an academic or institutional community?

3)      What might the future look like for us as part of a higher education movement?



10:30-12:00     Beyond Summer Institute: Communication, meetings, projects,

expectations and recommendations for the coming year




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