Wisconsin Teaching Fellows

2005 Summer Institute


June 20 - June 24, 2005

Pyle Center, Madison, WI


Summer Institute is designed to provide an opportunity for intensive discussion and inquiry into teaching and learning.  We will work together to understand our teaching/learning histories and possibilities, the worlds of our students, and early-career faculty dilemmas.  Working within the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning perspective, each fellow will plan a project to be completed by the end of the Spring 2006 semester.


The Scholarship of Teaching and Learning can be defined as work that advances the practice of teaching through scholarly inquiry into student learning. The essential characteristics of this work are:



We expect that you will come prepared to discuss the readings, play with new ideas, and work with each other to find creative approaches to teaching, learning, and career dilemmas.


Monday, June 20


Joint meeting with Wisconsin Teaching Scholars


8:30-10:15       Asking Good Questions about Student Learning


                        **Bass, Scholarship of Teaching: What’s the Problem?

                        **Hutchings, Introduction to Opening Lines


10:30-12:00     Continued work on questions:  What is/isn’t a learning question?


1:30-3:00         Overview/Plans for the Week and Continuation of Morning Discussions


3:00                 Free time to work on presentations and projects


6:30                 Dinner at Donna and George’s



Tuesday, June 21

8:30-10:30       Discussion of Best Practices #1


          8:30 – 9:15        What Do You Do the First Day of Class?


          9:30 – 10:30      Group #1 (Jeff, Martin, Denise, John)

            ** New Faculty – A Practical Guide, Chapter 3, Teaching:  Lectures ….


11:00-12:00     Teaching as Performance Lisa Kornetsky, Director OPID  

                        **On Entrances, Fisch


1:30-3:30         Panel/Project Presentations by past Teaching Fellows


                        Dinner on your own


Wednesday, June 22

8:30-10:15       Discussion of Best Practices #2


      8:30 – 9:15            Jellybeans and Turkle, How Computers Change the Way We Think          


       9:15 – 10:15         Group #2 (Molly, Carmen, Carol, Melissa)

            **“Active Learning and Other Instructional Management Issues”     (Chapter 4 to p.86)                                               


10:30-12:00     Project Brainstorming #1


1:30-2:30         Group # 4 (Pete Terri, Seif)  Discussion of early-career issues                                            **“Institutional Environment and the Academic Community” (Chapter 1)                             and Boice materials


           2:45–3:45         Discussion of Best Practices #3

                                    **How Do You Manage Classroom Incivilities/ Troublesome Interactions?


                                    Group #5 (Brian and Tim)

                                    **“Troublesome Students” (p.99 – 103, Lucas and Murray)


                        Dinner on your own


Thursday, June 23  

 8:30-10:00      Discussion of Best Practices #3


10:15-12:00     Barbara Walvoord, Presentation/Discussion “Assessing Student Learning”


1:30–2:30        Discussion of Walvoord Presentation

                        Group #3 (Jeanne)

                         **“Assessment” (Chapter 4, p. 86 – 95)                   


2:45 – 3:45      Project Brainstorming #2


6:00                 Pizza Party at Lisa Kornetsky’s house


Friday, June 24

8:30-11:30       Project Brainstorming #3


11:30-12:00     Evaluations, Expectations, Plans for the Year