Wisconsin Teaching Fellows
1998 Summer Institute

July 27 - August 7, 1998
Sessions from 9:00am - 12:30pm daily
at the J.F. Friedrick Center, Madison, WI

Monday July 27, 1998


"How and Why Students Learn or Do Not Learn What We Try to Teach Them"
Bill Cerbin

Reading: "When Good Teaching Leads to Bad Results: The Disasters of ‘Well-Taught’ Mathematics Courses," Alan Schoenfeld

Also Recommended: "The Difficulties Posed by School: Misconceptions in the Sciences" and "More Difficulties Posed by School: Stereotypes in the Social Sciences and Humanities," Howard Gardner (Chapters 8 and 9 from "The Unschooled Mind")


Tuesday July 28, 1998

What Do We Know About Our Students? Discussion of "What We Know About Today’s College Students," Levine and Cureton, and "The Misrepresentation of Generation X," Haworth Jennifer Brantley, Mike Allen & Jennifer Szydlik

Responding to the "Student as Consumer" Notion  Sarah Rudolph

"Assessing Learning and Grading Students"  Melissa Nelson

"Grade Inflation" Marnie Dresser

"Why Are Students So Grade-oriented?"  Bill Cerbin

Wednesday July 29, 1998

"Engaging Students: A Freshman Seminar Model"   Tony Ciccone

Readings: Articles on using video and freshman seminars, to be distributed at Summer Institute.

"Active Learning in Linked Courses"  Brian Fitch

Thursday July 30, 1998


Thinking About Race in the Classroom  Rebecca Karoff

"Diversity: Voices of the Other "   Mary Ann Emery

"Service Learning"  Don Mowry, Paula Kleintjes & Jerry Kapus

"WILD OATES" - American Players Theatre

Friday July 31, 1998

"Political Correctness"  Mike Allen

"Student Evaluation of Instruction / Student Learning as a Criterion for Evaluation Instruction"  Adam Butler

Recommended Reading: "Embracing Accountability," Wiggins

"Discussion of "Organizing for Learning" Ewell, and "From Teaching to Learning," Barr & Tagg  Jerry Kapus & Brian Fitch

Monday August 3, 1998

Discussion of "But Is It Working" (Chapter 4 from Pat Cross’s Classroom Research: Implementing the Scholarship of Teaching) & "What Do We Know About Students’ Learning and How Do We Know It," Pat Cross (Article Enclosed) Bill Cerbin

"Learning a Hard Concept in Logic"  Becky LeDocq

Best Practices -- Peer Instruction  Dennis Rioux, Jennifer Szydlik

& Myung-Hee Chung

Tuesday August 4, 1998



"Writing Skills Across the Curriculum"  Peter Sands

"Asynchronous Learning and Web-Based Courses"  Bill Deering & Jerry Kapus

"Impact of New Technologies on Student Learning"  Antonia Schleicher

Afternoon Optional Session: "The End of Education" a video of a talk by Neil Postman and Discussion led by George Savage

Wednesday August 5, 1998


Active Lecturing Patricia Kluetz, Paula Kleintjes

Writing in the Mathematics Major  Sue Kelly & Jennifer Szydlik

Incorporating Student Feedback  Sarah Rudolph

Making Draft Workshops Work for the Student  Jennifer Brantley

Project Consultation/Brainstorming

Thursday August 6, 1998


Informal Letter Writing Assignment  Peter Sands

Goal-Based Approach  Antonia Schleicher

Self-Reflective Learning  Patricia Kluetz

Studio Critique Methodology  Patricia Kluetz

Project Consultation/Brainstorming


Friday August 7, 1998

Project Consultation/Brainstorming

Closing session

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